Chapter 182: Midnight Snack

The sky was dark and the soldiers patrolled the walls and yards. Luna was on her bed under the covers but she wasn't sleeping. She laid on her bed thinking about the soldiers she had visited. She had never seen so may soldiers or ponies in one spot. She thought about them going to battle, she thought about her father fighting in battle. She had so many thoughts about it that it kept her awake. Luna sat up in bed, a single tear fell from her cheek as she thought about losing her father in the battle.
She climbed out of bed and quietly left her room. She went to Stardust room and quietly walked in. She could see he was sound asleep under him blankets. Luna walked up to his bed. She hesitated at first, not sure if she should wake him. She put her hoof on him and shook him, "Dad?"
Stardust half opened his eyes feeling very tired and half asleep, "Go back to bed," Stardust closed his eyes and continued sleeping.
"I...I can't...Dad!" Luna shook him again.
Stardust opened his eyes and yawned, "Why? What's the matter?"
"I can't stop thinking about those soldiers. Dad, are you really going to battle?" Luna asked.
"Oh, so that's why you can't sleep. Luna, we have to get Dream Castle back. Ponyland has stopped growing, ponies are leaving. I must get our home back before there's no one in the land left."
"But your going to battle...have you ever fought in battle? will..." Luna paused looking sadly at her father, "I don't want to loose you."
Stardust smiled, he took the covers off and took Luna in him arms then he nuzzled her, "I'll be fine, please don't worry."
"Um..." a voice muttered.
Stardust and Luna looked at the balcony and saw Skyview standing there.
"I'm sorry, I didn't...know," Skyview muttered feeling embarrassed.
"What is it?" Stardust asked him.
"I heard a noise in your room and I decided to check it out."
Stardust set Luna down, "Luna couldn't sleep," Stardust yawned, "now that we are up, why don't we go to the kitchen and get something to eat?"
"Sure," Skyview replied.
"Eat what?" Luna asked.
"What would you like?" Stardust asked them.
"ummm," Luna began thinking.
"Soup is fine with me," Skyview replied.
"Spaghetti?" Luna asked.
"I can't make both. Skyview get Starfire up and see if he wants to eat with us," Stardust told him.
"Sure," skyview winked out. It took him a while to get Starfire to wake up but he eventually got up. Skyview winked back to Stardust's room, "He's coming."
A few minutes later Starfire walked in the room with his wings hanging down and eyes half closed. he stood and yawned several times, "What are we eating?"
"Do you want Soup or Spaghetti?" Stardust asked him.
"Spaghetti is fine with me," Starfire answered.
Luna looked curiously at Starfire, he looked very tired. Starfire noticed Luna looking at him, "I'm just tired, Luna."
Skyview walked up next to her, "Give him a few minutes to wake up."
Stardust climbed off his bed and left his room with Luna and his brothers behind him. Bye the time they reached the Kitchen Starfire looked more awake. His eyes were wide open and his wings no longer hung down.
Skyview, Luna and Starfire sat down at the table while Stardust got a couple of pots and began making Spaghetti.
"You'll love Stardust's cooking," Starfire commented to Luna.
"He's a great cook," Skyview added.
"Stop it you two," Stardust smiled.
Luna looked at Stardust wondering if he was mad.
Skyview leaned down to Luna, "He's just embarrassed."
"Oh," Luna smiled.
When the Spaghetti was done, Stardust filled Luna's bowl and handed it to her then he filled his own bowl and sat down at the table. Skyview and Starfire filled their bowls and sat down.
Luna couldn't believe how good the spaghetti was, "This is good, where did you learn to cook?"
Stardust chuckled, "So you like my spaghetti?"
"Yes, I love it."
"Well I learned to cook from Royal Heart."
Luna and his brothers looked up at him surprisingly.
"You two knew that already," Stardust remarked.
"Oh, we do?" Starfire asked.
"When Royal Heart was little she often went to the kitchen for a midnight snack but since all the servants were asleep she had to learn to cook for herself. She made a big mess doing so but she eventually learned to cook. After we got married she took me to the kitchen for a midnight snack and that's when she taught me to cook," Stardust answered.
"I can't wait to see her," Luna exclaimed.
"You will someday," Stardust replied smiling.
They became quiet as they eat. The halls were quiet, not a sound could be heard except for the crickets.
Luna smiled to herself as she suddenly thought of something. Then she giggled quietly.
"What?" Starfire asked.
"Oh I was just thinking. I would never have thought I'd be eating with you three."
"We never thought we would eating with you," Skyview agreed.
Starfire began to chuck at a thought he had, "I remember the first time I saw you. I was totally surprised."
Luna thought back at the time She had left Starlight's party and went through the forest. That was when Starfire appeared, they both had looked at each other surprisingly.
"So was I. I didn't expect you to be there. I think I saw you once before near the gate during the day," Luna replied.
"That was probably when I first arrived in Ponyland from another gate far from there," Starfire replied.
"I saw you in the concert, what were you doing there?" Luna asked.
"Looking for you. I didn't like it there so I left and that's when I ran into you but you winked out before I could get to you."
"Well, you had it rather easy, I got hit in the face a number of times," Skyview added.
"I'm really sorry," Luna exclaimed.
"No need to be, I probably deserved it," Skyview replied with a smile.
"I heard you kidnaped my friend's Cousin. She's an author," Luna remarked.
"Oh yes, her. She loves to talk but her book wasn't to bad. I don't think I saw you then but...the first time I saw you was at a track N Field or so it used to look like one," Skyview replied.
Luna laughed, "I saw playing with a soccer ball when you showed up."
Skyview smiled at her, "I remember."
"Remember what?" Stardust asked.
"She hit me in the face with the ball then she disappeared."
Luna continued to laugh, "Oh and the pies you kept stealing."
"Apples pies?" Skyview asked.
"I was hungry and those pies were very good," Skyview paused, "You sure let me have it that night."
Luna laughed, "Yeah, I gave you the pie and all the apples."
"Oh?" Stardust asked wondering what she was talking about.
"She threw a pie in my face and made all the apples in the tree fall on me," Skyview explained.
Starfire and Stardust began laughing.
"I remember when I first saw Luna. She was playing with Buster, I saw surprised to see she was in deed a winged unicorn. I spent all night thinking about it too," Stardust commented.
"I remember when I first saw you. You scared me to death," Luna replied.
"I know, at the time I did it on purpose. I remember how scared you were at the new track N field. It was a full moon to and I chased you all over."
Luna looked up at him, she hadn't forgotten it or how scared she was that night.
"I had to fight Buster and Charades before I could get you. I broke Buster's leg and caught you in the air. Luna, I'm so sorry about that," Stardust replied feeling sad as he remembered that night.
Luna didn't know how to answer him, she felt a bit scared just thinking about that night, "Well...ummm, Buster's Leg wasn't broken but came very close though."
"That's good," Stardust replied trying to smile.
"I know how it feels to be caught in the air when your trying to fly away," Starfire replied.
"I remember that, Stardust was not himself," Skyview exclaimed.
"I sure wasn't. I was lost and didn't know who I really was. It was like I was fighting myself and the things around me just got in the way," Stardust explained.
"He was like...Star Cluster and got mad every time we mentioned his name or messed up on a mission," Skyview explained.
Starfire began to laugh,"I remember that time we went and searched for Luna."
Skyview glared at him, "That was your idea. I should have stayed at the shack."
"What happened?" Luna asked.
Skyview laughed at the thought of Starfire looking wet, "Starfire was in a tree and fell from it. He went right into the pool."
"I scared everyone at the pool too," Starfire looked at Skyview and smiled, "Oh Skyview got clobbered with baby ponies and their mothers," he began to laugh, "he was a complete mess too."
Skyview just stared at him till he stopped laughing.
"I heard about what you two did in town. Quite a few ponies thought it was me," Stardust replied.
"Luna, I've been meaning to ask you something," Skyview remarked.
"What?" Luna asked as she finished her bowl.
"What did you do during the day? How did you meet your friends?" Skyview asked.
"Oh," Luna muttered looking a bit nervous and staring at the table, "I've been meaning to tell you that."
"Tell us what?" Starfire asked.
"Well, I..." Luna paused, she had been waiting for the day she could tell her uncles her big secret but now that she has a chance to, she was to nervous to tell them.
"Luna, go on and tell them," Stardust said to her with a smile.
"You know?" Skyview and Starfire asked.
"What is it, Luna?" Starfire asked.
"You'll be quite surprise," Luna replied.
Stardust laughed, "Boy was I surprised when I found out."
"What?" his brothers impatiently asked.
"Well...why don't I show you?" Luna got off the chair and stood at the end of the table where Skyview and Starfire can see her clearly.
Luna's horn began to glow, He hair changed from white to purple, then her horn and wings disappeared.
Skyview and Starfire gasped.
"I know you!" They exclaimed.
"I...I can't believe it. You were with Stardust in town that one day," Skyview command.
"I...think I saw you at the concert," Starfire remarked.
"You were at the park too and in the cave as well," Skyview added, "We were always close to you."
Luna felt something touch her wings, she turned her head and saw Starfire touching her invisible wings.
"I can still feel your wings though," Starfire commented.
"Yes, well, They're invisible like my horn. It's a bit hard to explain," Luna took a deep breath and hope she could explain it clearly, "I can change my appearance in the way I currently look, my horn and wings are still there just invisible. If I want to completely change...transform my whole body my horn and wings change too. Perhaps you'll remember this look," Luna's horn appeared and began glowing, suddenly her whole body glowed and she changed from white to black. Her hair became shorter turning black and blue. She stopped glowing, in front of Skyview and Starfire stood another Stardust.
"You?" Skyview asked suddenly remembering the time they were in the park with Raspberry, "It was you that whole time?"
Starfire was curious to see if her wings were still invisible, he put his hoof on her back but he felt no wings.
"Yes it was me, I couldn't let you get rid of Raspberry," Luna turned and looked at Starfire, "My wings are not there."
"I noticed," Starfire replied.
"Yes, it's pretty amazing but a bit creepy to see another me. Luna please change back," Stardust remarked.
Luna began to glow, they he body turned white and began to shrink. Her hair got longer turning white. She stopped glow and was herself again.
"That's amazing, Luna" Skyview and Starfire exclaimed.
"Who else knows that you can do that?" Starfire asked.
"Besides you three? just Buster, Charades, My parents and friends," Luna answered, she looked down sadly, "But my friends didn't always knew. It was basically my fault. My friends decided to see a waterfall and have a picnic there, I went along and forgot it was going to be a full moon that night. We fell in a hole. I was knocked out."
"Luna changes back when she's unconscious or asleep," Stardust explained.
"Oh," The two replied.
"My friends were still looking for Lunarstar, they had not yet realized I was Lunarstar. Dad, Buster and Charades were looking for us-"
"Dad?" the two asked.
"Booster," Stardust replied.
"Oh," they replied.
"Anyways, they found us and I finally woke up. By then my friends began to realize I was in fact, Lunarstar. Dad was mad, very mad. I never seen him so mad. Buster and Charades weren't happy either. I had blown my big secret, the one rule dad told my not to brake. Well the next day my friends came over and agreed to keep my secret," Luna explained.
Skyview and Starfire stood quiet, they were still surprised about Luna being able to change.
"Stardust, you knew her secret, you knew she was one of those ponies playing in the park and you followed her home," Skyview guessed.
"Yes," Stardust answered.
"You knew and you wasn't planning on telling us," Starfire added.
"I'm sorry but I promised Luna I wouldn't tell anyone," Stardust replied.
"Please don't tell anyone," Luna begged, "It's a great secret and I would rather not have everyone knowing about it."
"I won't tell anyone," Skyview replied.
"I won't either," Starfire agreed.
Luna smiled she was relieved to finally have told them her secret.
"Luna, would you like more Spaghetti?" Stardust asked.
Stardust took her bowl, walked up to the pot and fill her bowl with Spaghetti then he handed her the bowl.
"As soon as your down, Luna, we should get to bed," Stardust told her.
"Ok," Luna sat down at the table and bean eating.