Chapter 181: Tucker returns

Morning had came as the sun rose high behind the clouds. Luna was eating breakfast with her father and two uncles. They sat on the floor in Stardust room, sitting next to each other.
"Luna, would you like to go to camp with me?" Stardust asked her.
Luna looked up at him, she couldn't believe he was asking her to go some where. She smiled greatly at him, "I would love to go."
Stardust chuckled at Luna's excitement. He didn't want to leave her alone, he knew Star Cluster would plan to kidnap her again but how was what he wanted to know. Stardust felt better with Luna close to him.
"Well lets hurry and eat so we can leave," Stardust exclaimed.

As soon as they were done, they left the room and walked downstairs then left the castle. As they walked to the gate, Charades stood and waited for them, he wore silver leg bands on each leg, around his waste was a sword hanging from him belt.
"Stard-I mean King Stardust, may I go to camp with you? My brother is there and I greatly wish to see him again."
"Yes, you can come," Stardust answered.
Charades stood behind Starfire and followed them through the gate. They walked down the mountain on the dirk road till they could see the town. They hurried off the dirt road and into the forest.
Luna looked back at Charades, he walked along side of Starfire looking ahead. Luna slowed down to walk next to him.
"You have a brother?" Luna asked.
"Yes, I do. You have to meet him sometime. You'll really like him."
"What's he like?" Luna asked.
"He's a lot like me, you'll just have to meet him and find out."
Luna looked up at Stardust, "Dad, can I go with Charades?"
Stardust didn't answer at first. He would rather have Luna next to him but...Charades has been rather good at protecting Luna.
Stardust stopped and looked at Luna and Charades, "You can go but Luna, I want you to stay close to Charades, do not leave him at any time. Charades, watch her,"
"I will, she will not leave my sight," Charades replied knotting his head.
Stardust smiled, "Good." He turned and continued walking.
When they got close to camp, Luna gasped, it was larger than before. The soldiers stopped and turned to stared at them, some remembered them from last time they visit. The rest of the soldiers stood nervously watching the black ponies. When Luna saw all the soldiers watching her, she hurried to her father. As they entered camp Luna leaned against her father's body. Stardust looked down and smiled, "Just relax, Luna."
"But, they're staring," Luna whispered.
"Don't look at them and it won't bother you," Stardust replied.
Luna looked ahead trying her best to ignore the stares.
When they approached the tent, the three Kings came out to greet him.
"Good morning, King Stardust...Princess Luna," King Sunrise exclaimed happily.
"Good morning," Stardust knotted his head to them. he looked down at Luna, "Stay with Charades, I'll come and get you when it's time to go back."
"Ok," Luna replied. She stood and watch as he and his brothers followed the Kings into the tent.
Charades walked up to Luna, "Well, lets go find my brother."
"Ok," Luna smiled.
Charades turned to the soldiers close to him, "Where is King Wispy's soldiers camped?"
"Over there," the green pony answered pointing behind Charades.
"Thanks," Charades turned and left the soldier with Luna beside him. As they walked soldiers stopped and looked at her, whispering to each other.
"Ummm....where is your brother?" Luna asked as she watched the soldiers.
"Ahead somewhere."
They walked past the tents and soldiers till Charades recognized King Wispy's soldiers ahead. As they walked closer they could hear a group of ponies laughing. Charades and Luna were curious and decided to check it out. They past a few large tents and saw a group of ponies sitting on the ground in a circle playing card games.
"You are out!" a pony cried.
"No, you won again!" another yelled.
"Lets play another game!" a pony suggested.
"Alright, I'll pass the cards," said a familiar voice.
Charades recognized the voice. As they approached, one of the soldiers saw him and Luna.
"I...don't believe it," the soldier whispered.
The other soldiers turned to see what he was looking at.
"The Princess," they began whispering.
"She's real?" another whispered.
Charades walked up to a purple pony and smiled, "How have you been?"
"Fine as always," The purple pony stood up and hugged Charades, "Where in the world have you been? You disappeared for number of years."
Charades knew he couldn't tell him about the gate but he had to tell him something, "On an important mission." Charades turned towards Luna, "This is my brother, Tucker." Then he looked at Tucker, "This is Princess Luna, King Stardust and Queen Royal Heart's daughter."
Tucker smiled at her, "Hello, Princess Luna. The last time I saw you was at Alfeo in town. I think you were on Stardust's back running out of town."
Luna looked up at him surprisingly, she certainly didn't remember seeing him or a soldier of ponies, "You...were there?"
"You probably weren't looking so you didn't see me but yes, I was there. I was sent to get you but once I heard Stardust had returned you to Moonlight Castle I went back to my King. It's good to see that you are safe, Princess Luna," Tucker replied.
Luna didn't know how to reply so she smiled instead.
"Are you staying long?" Tucker asked Charades.
"Only till King Stardust is done meeting with the other Kings," Charades answered.
"Good, why don't you and the Princess play a game with us?" Tucker asked.
"Sure," Charades replied.
Charades sat down next to Tucker with Luna next to him.
Tucker past around the cards.

The afternoon had gone by quickly as they played. The soldiers stopped staring at Luna and had gotten to know her. When the game was over they began laughing.
"I finally won," Luna exclaimed.
"It took you six games to win though," Tucker replied.
"But I did win," Luna replied.
The soldier laughed.
Suddenly, Luna's stomach began to rumble.
"Are you hungry, Princess Luna?" Charades asked.
"Yes," Luna replied as she realized how hungry she was after playing games.
"I wouldn't mind a basket of cookies," a soldier replied.
"Chocolate Chip for me," another solder exclaimed,
"Surger Cookies for me," another added.
"I'll get a couple of baskets," Tucker stood up and left, after a while he came back with three small baskets full of Cookies. He handed the basket around while taking one cookie for himself. Charades took a ckooies and handed the basket to Luna who only stared at the cookies.
"I thought you were hungry," Charades remarked.
"I am but...cookies?" Luna asked.
"Don't you like cookies?" a soldier asked.
"I do...I mean used to," Luna replied.
"Used to?" a soldier asked.
"She got sick eating some poisoned cookies from Star Cluster," Charades replied, "We came close to looking her too."
"Princess Luna," Tucker called to her," Those cookies are the Kings favorites. He loves eating these cookies and so do we. They're very good," Tucker chuckled, "I promise you, they're not poisonous."
Luna stared at the cookies, she couldn't forget what had happened when she had eaten the last couple of cookies.
"Look at us, Princes," Tucker told her," We are eating the same cookies out of the basket and we're fine. Please eat one, you'll love them."
Luna took a small bite out of the cookie.
Charades laughed, "You have to take a bigger bit if you want to taste anything."
Luna took a deep breath and eat the whole cookie. The soldier watched her and then laughed.
"I don't mean you have to eat the whole thing at one," Charades laughed.
Luna blushed which made the soldiers laugh even harder. Then she smiled greatly, the cookies tasted great. She had to have more.
" I have more?" Luna asked.
"Sure, as much as you like," Tucker answered.
Charades gave her the basket and watched as she took a few cookies and began eating them.
"I'm guessing you like them," Tucker commented.
"Yes, I love them," Luna answered.
The group was quiet eating cookies, Luna could hear the crunching sounds as they eat.
"There you are!" a voice exclaimed.
Luna jump and began coughing, almost choking on her cookie. She turned around and glared at the pony who scared her.
Skyview smiled at her, "I'm sorry Luna, I didn't mean to scare you. It's...a habit I guess, making ponies jump. Stardust hates it when I do it to him."
"I can see why," Luna brushed her fur down.
"Are you ready to leave?" Skyview asked.
"I got to finish this cookie that I almost choked on."
"Oh," Skyview smiled, feeling bad about scaring her, "Charades are you coming?"
"Yes I am," he and Tucker stood up.
"Come and see me sometime. You also have to see mom and dad, they're a bit worried," Tucker remarked.
"I will once the battle for Dream Castle is over,"Charades replied.
Luna walked up to Tucker, "Can I ask you something?"
"Are you older than Charades?" Luna asked.
Tucked chuckled, "No, I'm not."
"I'm older," Charades answered, "But Tucker acts older."
Tucker smiled.
"Luna, your father is waiting," Skyview remarked.
"Bye!" Luna exclaimed and then hurried to Skyview's side as he turned and began walking.
"Bye little brother," Charades turned and followed Skyview.
"I didn't even hear him approach," a soldier whispered.
"I didn't even see him there," another whispered.
"They say he's good an sneaking on a pony, I guess it's true," a soldier commented.
"Well, it's a good thing he's switched sides then," Tucker answered, watching Charades disappear into the crowed of soldiers.