Chapter 180: Third Arrivel

The sun was about to set when a soldier alerted King Sunrise and King Fiddler who were talking in the tent about the Moochick.
"King Sunrise, King Fiddler! There's an army coming!" The soldier exclaimed with a surprised look on his face. The two Kings left the tent and walked to the edge of the camp. In the distance they could see a large pony army.
"I think the last one finally arrived," King Sunrise guessed.
As the army approached them Kin sunrise could see a dark pink pony with light blue and purple hair wearing a crown and two gold neckless. He had a gold and silver leg band. This soldiers wore silver armor with leg bands, two of them had a clock on. The army stood behind their King as he greeted King Sunrise and King Fiddler.
"Are you here to battle for Dream Castle?" King Sunrise asked.
"Yes, I am."
"Then we have a lot to tell you before you go to Moonlight Castle," King Fiddler replied.

The next day early in the morning, Stardust and his brothers decided to play with Luna outside. They ran around the back yard not knowing a small army was heading towards the castle. Charades stood on the wall watching the army. One of the ponies wearing a cloak looked familiar. Charades followed them along the top of the wall to the gate. He stood and watched as the gate opened. The purple pony he had been watching looked up at him and smiled.
King Sunrise along with another King walked through the gate as the soldiers followed them. They were greeted by Banner who waited for them at the gate.
"Greeting, King Sunrise," Banner said to them once they were all past the gate.
"Where's King Stardust?" King Sunrise asked, "I must speak to him."
"He's outside, playing."
"Playing?" King sunrise asked.
"He's playing with Luna and his brothers," Banner added.

As they talked Skyview ran to the front yard from the back. Stardust and Starfire were close behind him. Luna was behind them but stopped when she realized she couldn't catch them to get the rope from Skyview.
Stardust ran up next to Skyview and grabbed the rope in his mouth but Skyview wouldn't let go. They stopped and began tugging on the rope. Stardust stood and didn't budge while Skyview continued tugging on the rope. Starfire walked behind Skyview, grabbed his tail in his mouth and began tugging. Stardust took a few steps dragging his brothers. Skyview and Starfire pulled hard on the rope but they couldn't get Stardust to move. Suddenly Stardust let go of the rope and the two fell on their backs, the rope landed on the grass a few feet away. Stardust walked over to the rope and picked it up.
Skyview and Starfire quickly got to their feet as the noticed Luna standing by a tree watching. They suddenly realized Luna hadn't been playing with them. Starfire and Skyview looked at each other, they knew why Luna was no longer playing. They had been playing so rough that Luna wouldn't get close to them. Skyview and Starfire smiled knowing what the other was going to do. They turned and began chasing Stardust who stayed a step ahead of them. Skyview slowed down while Starfire tired to run faster. Stardust glanced back and saw Starfire close to him. Stardust turned around the tree and even made a sudden stop to turn around hoping to loose Starfire.
Just then Skyview ran up to Stardust and rammed his body into him ,knocking him to the ground. The rope fell a feet away from Stardust as they hit the ground. Starfire quickly approached Stardust and laid his body on him. Skyview got up and laid his body on Stardust pinning him to the ground with his feet in the air.
Luna saw the rope and ran towards it. She stopped and took the rope in her mouth then walked away smiling. Stardust wiggled his body but his brother had pinned him to the ground. He kicked his feet in the air but it didn't do him any good.
"I think we finally got him," Starfire muttered.
"Oh you think so?" Stardust exclaimed. He kicked his back feet while he kicked his front feet and moved his head aside. His muscles began to reflex and slowly, Stardust started to turn his body over and stood up with his brothers on his back. Stardust stood getting ready to rear.
"Wait!" Starfire cried.
"Let us off-" Skyview began to say but it was to late, Stardust reared and the two fell off his back and hit the ground with Starfire on top of him.
Luna turned and saw Stardust running towards her, she bolted into a run. She stretched her body trying her best to run faster. Stardust was speeding towards her at a fast rate.
When Luna got close to the water fountain she stopped and skidded up to the rim of the fountain. Stardust stopped and smiled at her, "You won this time, thanks to Skyview and Starfire."
Luna smiled at him, "It's not easy to win when your playing."
"I'm sorry, I got carried away," Stardust walked close to her and began to tickle her. She laughed loudly and rolled on her back. As Skyview and Starfire approached him they noticed, a small group of soldiers watching them at the gate.
"Stardust, look," Skyview pointed.
Stardust stopped and looked up.
"How long have they been standing there?" Stardust asked.
"I don't know," Starfire replied.
"Luna take the rope back and meet me over there," Stardust pointed.
"Ok," Luna replied.
Stardust and his brothers left the water fountain, walking across the yard.
"Hello, King Sunrise," Stardust greeted him.
"This is King Wispy, he arrived last night," King Sunrise replied.
Stardust knotted him head, "I'm glad you could come. Now that you're here we can finally start planning for battle."
King Wispy stared at Stardust with his yellow eyes, "Please forgive me but, King Sunrise and King Fiddler told me everything about you. I...just find it hard to believe. They said you had proof, a painting."
"Skyview..." Stardust started to say.
"I'll go get it," Skyview winked out just as Luna appeared next to Stardust. King Wispy stared curiously at Luna. Now that she was close to him, he could clearly see she had a horn and a par of wings. She was completely white with no color except for her purple eyes.
"Forgive me Princess, I heard stories about you. I didn't think I would ever get to see you," King Wispy.
Luna didn't know how to reply, she just smiled instead.
Suddenly Skyview winked back and handed the painting to King Wispy. He stood and stared surprisingly at the painting.
"It really is true," King Wispy exclaimed, "But where is your crown?"
"Star Cluster has it," Stardust answered sternly.
King Wispy heard a hint of anger in Stardust's voice. He looked up at Stardust's eyes and could tell he was upset about it.
King Wispy handed the painting back to Skyview, "I brought a very large army with me. I left my large army at camp but they are prepared for battle," King Wispy added.
"Good, that's very good," Stardust replied.

As they talked Starfire noticed a cluster of Butterflies heading towards them. It was a strange sight to see. As they got closer he recognized it was the Summer wing ponies. They had arrived with more tinny ponies.
The soldiers and King Wispy stared curiously at them.
Queen Rosy Peach flew close to Stardust with a pony. He was dark blue and white hair and white wings.
"This is King Frost," Queen Rosy Peach pointed to him.
King Frost yawned, "Sorry, I'm still tired. Rosy Peach told me all about it. We would be honored to help."
While they talked. a few summer winged ponies flew up to Skyview, they had seen Stardust and Starfire but not the black unicorn. Skyview watched them closely wondering what they were doing. They flew up to Skyview and smiled, "Hi."
Skyview stared at them, he had never seen such tinny ponies before.
"You must be the third black pony," another one said.
"Is your horn real?" another asked.
"Your really a male unicorn?" one of them asked.
Skyview took a few steps back, "Yes I am."
One of them touched his horn, "It's pretty but not as Pearly as Luna's."
"Pearly?" Skyview whispered, he looked down at Luna. When the sunlight hit Luna's horn, he could see that it was indeed pearly.
"I never noticed before," Skyview added.
Luna wasn't paying attention to what Skyview was doing or saying she was more interested in King Frost and Queen Rosy Peach.
"Yours isn't pearly," a voice muttered.
"No it's not," Skyview replied looking up at a light green male windy wing pony.
"Why not?" another windy wing pony asked.
Skyview didn't like all the curious tinny ponies around him. He glanced at Starfire who was doing his best not to laugh.
"They're really attached to you," Starfire remarked.
Skyview glared at him, "It's not funny." Suddenly he winked out and appeared next to Stardust surprisingly the tinny ponies.
"Stardust, I'm going inside, I'll see you at dinner," Skyview winked out before Stardust got a chance to say anything.
"Queen Rosy Peach, King frost, King Wispy. King Sea Mist will also want to meet you," Stardust told them.
"Of course," King Wispy agreed.
Stardust turned and left with King Sunrise, King Wispy, Queen Rosy Peach and King frost behind him.