Chapter 18: Rebel Leader.

Lunarstar ran through the Archway and out on the other side. Buster and Charades were waiting along with a lot of ponies. Lunarstar saw Buster and Charades in front of her and ran behind them. She stopped and turned around to see what happened to Starfire. She stood next to Buster and peaked around the front of him. Starfire stopped and stood in front of the Archway looking around.
Suddenly another black pony came through the archway and stood next to Starfire. He looked just like Starfire only he had a horn instead of wings. The Black Unicorn looked around at all the ponies that circled around him.
"Lets go," The Back Unicorn ordered.
Starfire followed the Unicorn through the Archway. Lunarstar sat down and rested, she stretched her aching back legs out in front of her. She was tired of running, her legs hurt and she was out of breath.
"Lunarstar," Charades began to say, "I want you to meet Banner." Lunarstar looked up at a yellow pony with Blue and purple hair, walking towards her. He had hairy feet like Buster, Charades and Starfire.
She sat and stared at him, something about him looked strange, it took her a few minutes to realize what it was. His left ear had a deep cute like the shape of a triangle, it looked like he almost had his ear cut off.
"Hi, I'm Banner, Leader of the Rebels. May I call you Lunarstar?"
"I guess so," Lunarstar replied.
Banner smiled and walked to the archway and stood in front of it, "Lunarstar, where do you think you're at?"
Lunarstar stood up and walked up to Banner, "um...Ponyland?"
"Are you sure?" Banner asked, "Take a look around."
Lunarstar looked around, she saw ponies with hairy feet, swords around their waste and wearing gold cloths on their backs. Behind them were lots of trees and a steep hill going down. The sky was getting dark and the stars began to shine.
Lunarstar looked in the other direction, the Hill was steep going up. On top of the hill she could see a tall Castle.
"So I'm not in Ponyland?"
"Your on a mountain called Moony Mountain. On top of the hill is Moonlight Castle."
"It's a real Castle?"
Lunarstar looked at Buster and Charades, she suddenly realized they weren't glowing. Lunarstar look at herself, even she wasn't glowing.
"What's the mater?" Charades asked.
"I'm not glowing and neither are you and Buster."
"That's because we're from this world just like you," Charades answered.
"Wh...What?...What do you mean? What world?"
"Lunarstar," Banner began to explain, "This is a different world. The archway behind me is call the Gate, it's a doorway between our two worlds."
"A different world?" Lunarstar asked, still trying to understand.
"This world is ruled by Kings and Queens while the other world is not. In this world you'll see Pegasus, Unicorns, Flutter ponies, Sea Ponies, Bushwoolies and so much more."
"What are Bushwoolies?"
"Small cute furballs and they come in different colors," Buster answered.
"Furballs?" Lunarstar asked.
"You'll see one, someday," Charades answered.
Lunarstar looked up at Banner, he seemed to know a lot about her, maybe more that he hadn't told her.
"Do you remember your mother?"
''No, I was too little."
"Your mother is Queen Royal Heart, ruler of Ponyland."
"What?!" Lunarstar asked, surprisingly, "So that would make me..."
Banner smiled, "That's right, your Princess of Ponyland."
"There's a kingdom in this world call Ponyland, it's much bigger than the Ponyland in the other world."
"But why did my mother leave me behind? Didn't she love me?"
"She loved you very much but as for leaving you behind, It's a long story," Banner looked up at the sky, it was very dark and all the stars twinkled,"Why don't I tell you the story at the Castle."
"Moonlight Castle on the hill. The King and Queen would love to meet you."
Lunarstar followed Banner up the hill with Buster, Charades and half the ponies behind her.
"Who are all those ponies behind us?"
"The King and Queen's soldiers. Some will come back to the Castle while the rest stay and guard the Gate."
They walked up the steep hill through the thick forest and onto a dirt road. They followed the road to the large doors at the castle wall. Some ponies on the wall cried out, "Who's their?"
One of the ponies yelled at the ponies behind the door, "It's Banner. Let them in!"
Slowly the doors opened and Banner led them inside. Lunarstar looked behind her, the ponies on the wall had swords and a golden cloth on their back, they too were looking at Lunarstar and whispered to each other.
"Don't pay attention to them," Charades remarked.
"But they're whispering."
"Yes, they are, probably about you."
Charades smiled, "You'll find out when Banner tells you the story."
Lunarstar followed Banner along a stony path in the open field. The Castle sat at one end of the field divided by a wall not like the ones surrounding the castle. There were trees scattered in the field with a water fountain in the middle.
"What's behind that wall?"
"A garden and a maze," Buster answered.
The Castle had Flowers all around it, the doors in front her big with a stairway leading up to it and a bush on each side.
Banner opened the door and led them in while the soldiers waited outside. The floor had a red rug leading the a white door a head of them, and up the stairs on the sides of the door. next to them was a large mirror and a white table with a flower vase on it.
Banner led them to the white door and down a long hallway to another set of white doors.
"We are here to see the King and Queen." Banner announced to the two soldiers at the door.
The two soldiers went in and a few minutes later they came out, "You may go in."
"Lunarstar, stay with me and don't touch anything," said Banner.
They walked in the room. It was big, it had three large windows on one side of the room and a red rug leading the a platform with two red and gold chairs.
The King and Queen walked towards them. The King was Blue with pink,Light Blue and sea green hair, His eyes were pink. The Queen was ice blue with yellow white hair, her eyes were green.
"Your Majesty, this is Princess Lunarstar. Queen Royal Heart's Daughter." Banner announced.
"Lunarstar, this is King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall," said Banner.
"Hello Princess, it's an honor to meet you," said King Sea Mist.
"We heard rumors about you but we didn't think we'd actually get to meet you," said Queen Snowfall.
Lunarstar didn't know how to reply to the Queen, she didn't know what she was talking about.
"Your Majesty, would you excuse us? I still have a lot to tell her before the Gate closes," said Banner.
"Yes, of course," said King Sea Mist.
Banner left with Buster, Charades and Lunarstar behind him. He took them down the hallway and up the stair to the white door. They walked to the hallway on the right and into the last door in the hallway. The room was small compared to the throne room but larger than her room. there were two tall windows at one side of the room, two couches with a round table in between and the floor had light green carpet. On the other wall were bookcases and rectangular tables.
"Have a seat Lunarstar," Banner proposed as he sat down on a couch. Buster and Charades sat on the other couch.

To be continued!