Chapter 179: Second Arrivel

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, the soldiers on the Castle wall continued to stand guard watching. Some were King Sea Mist soldiers, other were King Sunrise and Stardust's soldiers. Banner was on the ground talking to Charades when he heard a group of soldiers walking along the wall.
"Banner, someone is coming," a yellow soldier called from on the wall.
Banner ran up the stairs and looked over the wall. King Sunrise was approaching the gate with a small group of soldiers that didn't look like they were his. Next to him was a white pony with rainbow hair wearing a crown and a golden neckless with his royal crest on it. On his legs were golden bands with his royal crest on them. The soldiers behind him wore armor and silver legs bands. One of them had a cloak on, he was obvious the captain of the group.
King Sunrise stood at the gate waiting to be let in.
"Banner let us in," King Sunrise ordered.
Banner knodded to the soldiers on the ground to open the gate. When the gate was open, King Sunrise lead the group inside and was greeted by Banner.
"I need to speak with King Stardust and King Sea Mist," King Sunrise remarked.
Banner turned towards Charades, "Go get them, Tell them it's urgent."
"Right away, Banner," Charades left the group and hurried to the castle.

"King Stardust," The white pony King muttered, "King Sunrise, I know you told me all about it's a bit hard to believe."
"It was for me too but I now believe it. Stardust and his brothers aren't like they used to be when they were with Star Cluster," King Sunrise replied.
"I know."
"Excuse me but who are you?" Banner asked politely.
"I am King Fiddler. I've come a very long way to help battle for Dream Castle," the white pony King explained.
Just then Starfire flew to the front yard from the back with a rope in his mouth. Luna was trailing behind trying her best to catch up.
King Fiddler and his soldiers stood and watched surprisingly.
"Starfire..." King Fiddler muttered, "And...was that the...Princess?"
"My daughter," a voice answered starling the group.
King Fiddler looked in front of him and saw Stardust with King Sea Mist and Skyview next to him.
"You wanted to see us?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Yes, this is King Fiddler, he's here to help," King Sunrise introduced him.
"I came last night. King Sunrise was telling me this morning about you. I'm not...sure I believe it though," King Fiddler explained.
"Would you believe if you saw a painting?" Stardust asked.
"Yes I would."
"Skyview, would you go get it?" Stardust asked.
"Sure," Skyview winked out and a second later he winked back in with a painting between his hoofs. King Fiddler took the Painting and stared at it surprisingly, a few soldiers behind him glance around him to look.
"It's true?" King Fiddler asked, "Your King of Ponyland?"
"Yes I am. Star Cluster is our little brother. I need help all the help I can get to defeat him," Stardust explained.
"" King Fiddler asked.

Luna had gotten the rope from Starfire and was flying from him as fast as she could. She flew around the backyard to the front yard. She hadn't noticed her father talking with King Fiddler, she was to busy watching Starfire. He flew faster and was quickly catching up to her.

"Skyview would you bring them down?" Stardust asked as they all stood and watched.
"Sure," Skyview smiled. His horn lit as he watched them flying around. He was waiting for the right time to catch them.
Starfire was close to Luna ready to grab the rope when a cloud suddenly formed in front of them. Luna and Starfire flew into the cloud but didn't come out. The cloud formed into a ball.
Skyview sent the cloud ball to the ground and dissolved the cloud. Starfire and Luna fell through the cloud and landed on the ground. Starfire landed on his stomach with Luna next to him. He sat up and glared at Skyview, "You could have just let us down easy!"
"Sorry, old habits dies hard," Skyview smirked.
"Starfire I want you to meet King Fiddler. He's going to help us get Dream Castle back," Stardust quickly said.
Starfire stood up and smiled at him, "It's good that you could come."
"King Fiddler, this is Luna, my daughter," Stardust pointed at Luna.
Luna stood up and hugged her body next to Starfire, "Hi."
"Princess Luna, what a pretty name," King Fiddler commented as he stared curiously at Luna's horn and wings.
Luna blushed, "Uhhh, thanks...thank you."
King Fiddler smiled at her. Just then four round furry balls rolled into the yard and stopped in the center of the Kings. Luna looked closely at the blue ball, she was curious as to what it was.
"I told you four to stay in camp!" King Fiddler exclaimed.
They unrolled themselves catching Luna by surprised. She gasped and rammed her body into Starfire then she winked out in fear.
"Luna?" Starfire asked looking around.
Her reaction to the Bushwoolies surprised everyone. Stardust looked behind him and saw Luna sitting close to his tail, hiding.
"Luna?" Stardust asked, wondering if she was alright.
"What...are those things?" Luna asked.
Everyone laughed.
Stardust smiled at her, "Those are bushwoolies. They are completely harmless."
"Oh," Luna replied remembering Buster and her father had mentioned the Bushwoolies. She had always wondered what they were.
The pink bushwoolies approached her. Luna could see it was completely furry with yellow eyes.
"Hi," the yellow bushwoolies replied. The others jumped and echoed, "Hi!"
Luna took a few steps back not sure what to make of it. Stardust and the others turned around watching her. The other bushwoolies surrounded her and saying, "Hi" and "Hello"
"What's your name?" one of them asked.
"Yeah...Name!" The all echoed.
"Luna!" They echoed.
"Dad, how come they're copying each other?" Luna asked.
"That's the way they are, Luna. You'll get used to them. Why don't you take them in the back yard and play with them?"
"Play...with them?" Luna asked wondering how could she play with someone smaller than her.
"Yes, Play. Go on Luna."
Luna turned and began walking with the four bushwoolies at her feet.
"Hasn't she ever seen one before?" King Sunrise asked.
"No, she has never seen or heard of one before. The place she was raised at don't have bushwoolies," Stardust explained.

When the sun began to set Luna and the Bushwoolies were starting to get tired. They had played games through most of the day. Luna laid in the grass and stretched her feet out.
"Are you guys tired?" Luna asked.
"Yeah!" They a greed and curled up next to Luna.
"Are there more of you?" Luna asked.
"Lots more," They echoed.
As they watched the clouds turning colors, they slowly fell asleep.
Stardust, King Sunrise and King Fiddler left the castle and walked to the back yard.
"I need to get the bushwoolies and get back to camp," King Fiddler remarked.
They walked around the row of bushes and saw Luna in the grass close to the last bush. They approached her and stood at her feet smiling. She was asleep with the bushwoolies around her.
"I don't think she's scared of them now," King Fiddler observed.
"I thought she would like them once she got to know them a bit," Stardust put his hoof on Luna and shook her, "Wake up Luna."
Luna began to stir in her sleep, then she slowly opened her tired eyes.
"Come on Luna, get up," Stardust told her.
Luna stood on her feet as she woke up the Bushwoolies.
"Come on you four. We have to be getting back to camp," King Fiddler exclaimed.
They stood up and followed him and King Sunrise through the gate with the soldiers. Stardust took Luna to her room and tucked her in bed.
"Goodnight, Luna," Stardust nuzzled her and then left shutting the door behind him.