Chapter 178: Leaving with friends

Night had came, the stars twinkled brightly in the crescent moonlight. The crickets made their noise in the forest. Owls stared blankly at the field from the trees.
Luna was sound asleep curled in a ball behind her father. She snuggled up next to his warm black coat with her wings covering her side like a blanket. Stardust moved his front legs wrapping them around his face and not realizing he had caught two summer wing ponies between his face and hoof. When he had moved, Little Flitter slid off his back and hit Luna on the nose.
Luna's eyes partly opened and stared blankly at Little Flitter.
"I'm sorry, Luna," Little Flitter whispered.
Luna raised her head to put Little Flitter on Stardust when she noticed a dark figure in the room. The minute it heard her, it ran out of the house. It hardly made a sound when it left. Luna jumped to her feet forgetting that Little Flitter was on her nose. Little Flitter fell off but quickly caught herself in the air. Luna quietly left the house and stood outside looking around but it was to dark to see.
Little Flitter hovered in the room wondering if she should follow Luna when she suddenly heard a mumbling sound. She looked at Stardust be he was sound asleep but the noise was still coming from him. She flew close to his face as the noise got louder. She stopped and gasped at the tinny set of wings between Stardust face and his hoofs. Little Flitter quickly flew to Stardust and tried to wake him.
"Stardust, wake up," Little Flitter whispered but Stardust didn't hear her. She flew to his ear and whispered a little louder, "Stardust!"
Stardust slowly opened one eye and saw Little Flitter hovering above him. She pointed down at his front hoof where a set of wings stuck out. Stardust heard the mumbling noise and quickly raised his head. The two summer winged ponies fell on the floor gasping for air.
"I'm truly sorry," Stardust whispered to them, feeling awful for what he did to the two summer winged ponies.
"It's...ok," The pink pony replied still gasping for air.
"We'll be ok in a minute," The white pony added.
Just then, Stardust sensed Luna was no longer behind him but a little farther away. Stardust stood on his feet and followed his sense. He left the house and saw Luna standing in the open field in front of the door.
"Just what are you doing out here alone?" Stardust asked her as he approached her.
Luna was startled, she looked up at him. He didn't look to happy that she had left the house. The three summer wing ponies followed Stardust and landed on his back.
"I'm...sorry, Dad. I...woke up and saw someone in the room. It ran outside but when I followed it outside, it was gone."
"What was it?" Stardust asked curiously.
"I don't know. It was sort of small and the way it ran didn't look normal. It had two sets of long...something on it's head."
"Habbit," the white pony yawned.
"Who?" Stardust asked looking on his back.
"Oh, we completely forgot about him," the pink pony exclaimed.
"He's a rabbit. He doesn't talk but he is a great old friend of the Moochick," The pink pony answered.
"It was probably him last night and tonight. I'm sure he thinks your from Star Cluster here to catch him too," the white pony guessed.
"Poor Habbit. He's probably been hiding all these years," the pink pony sighed.
"Dad, maybe he can help us?" Luna wondered.
"Even if he could we don't have time to stay another day. We must leave in the morning. I'll send Skyview and Starfire back here to search through those books," Stardust replied, "The answer to Star Cluster's Staff has to be in one of those books."
"But can't we stay another day?" Luna asked.
"The last two Kings will arrive very soon and I must be back at Moonlight castle before they show up," Stardust yawned and turned around, "Lets go back inside and get some sleep."
"What about Habbit?" Luna asked.
"There's no time to try and catch him. It'll take all day to get him, that is if we find him. Luna, lets get some sleep, we are leaving in the morning and we're going to be very tired if we don't get some sleep," Stardust yawned.
Luna followed him into the house as she glanced back every now and then hoping to see Hobbit.

The sun was rising in the horizon and the birds were chirping. Sunlight shined through the windows waking Stardust and the others up. Starfire was still in the dark under the window sleeping peacefully.
Stardust stood up, stretched his front legs, then his back leg. He laid a hoof on Luna and shook her, "Wake up, Luna."
When Luna finally opened her eyes, Stardust stopped shaking her. She sat up and yawned, then rubbed her eyes with her hoofs. Stardust walked up to Starfire and shook him, "Come on get up!"
"Mmmm?" Starfire mumbled.
"Get up!" Stardust exclaimed.
Starfire opened his eyes and looked up at Stardust, "What?" he yawned.
"Get up. We are leaving," Stardust replied.
"Oh," Starfire stood up and stretched his back legs as he flapped his wings, then he stretched his front legs.
King Sunrise gathered his soldiers and waited outside with the summer winged ponies above them. Stardust left the house with Luna and Starfire behind him yawning.
"Queen Rosy Peach, I would like to thank you for your help but we must leave," Stardust kindly said.
Queen Rosy Peach flew close to Stardust, "I'm sorry you didn't find what you came for."
"It wasn't a total waste of time, I did learn a few things," Stardust smiled at her and the turned to King Sunrise, "Lets get going."
They turned and left without the Summer Wing ponies.
"Stardust, How can we defeat Star Cluster if you don't know anything about that Staff?" Starfire asked.
"We know some things but...I'll send Skyview and you later to check the rest of the books," Stardust replied.
"And if we don't find anything?" Starfire asked.
"We'll have to take our chances when we face Star Cluster in battle," Stardust answered.
"Battle?" Luna asked worriedly, she didn't like the thought of her father facing a very dangerous Pony.
Stardust looked down at Luna, "I'll have to fight to get our home back but that won't be for a while. Please do not worry."
As they walked away Queen Rosy Peach listened to them and was curious at what they were talking about. She quickly flew to them leaving the confused Summer Winged ponies behind.
"Should we follow?" one of them asked.
"She didn't say, so I think we should wait," another answered.

Queen Rosy Peach flew in front of them, stopping them.
"Do did you say battle? Your going to battle...Star Cluster?" Queen Rosy Peach asked.
"Yes. Star Cluster has power in that staff, we must know more about that staff when we face him."
"Are you planning to rescue the Moochick?" She asked.
"Yes, him and all the prisoners that he has imprisoned," Stardust replied.
"You plan on rescuing them and battling Star Cluster too?" Queen Rosy Peach asked, "Maybe we can help you."
"Please forgive me but your to small," King Sunrise replied.
"We can't fight but we can help. Maybe we can rescue the prisoners?"
"That would be a good idea but there are a lot of prisoners in the crystal balls. It'll take three or four of you to pick one up and there's not enough of you to get them all out of Dream Castle," Stardust explained.
Queen Rosy Peach hovered and thought, "Well, I could...maybe not."
"What?...could what?" Starfire asked.
"I could ask the Windy Wing ponies to help but...they're in hibernation," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
"Could you ask them?" Stardust asked.
"I can't promise they'll help but I'll ask them," Queen Rosy Peach answered
"Thank you," Stardust commented.
"Where will I find you?" Queen Rosy Peach asked.
"At moonlight Castle. It's northwest of here on a mountain," Stardust explained.
"My camp is at the base of the mountain," King Sunrise added.
"Ok, I'll go now and see you in a few days," Queen Rosy Peach flew to the group of Summer winged ponies and explained it all. She left the Mushromp with her group flying to the south

Stardust looked at Luna and Starfire, "Lets go. I'm ready to sleep in a bed."
"Bed sounds great," Starfire agreed.
They turned and left Mushromp heading back to Moonlight Castle.