Chapter 177: Finding the answers

Morning came and the ponies began to wake up. Stardust yawned and stretched his front legs then him back legs. Luna and Starfire did the same.
"Lets get started and look through these books," Stardust exclaimed.
"What are we looking for?" a soldier asked.
"Anything about a staff," Stardust answered. He turned and looked at Luna, "Luna, Why don't you go outside with the Summer wing ponies? I want you stay near the house. Do not go exploring."
"Ok," Luna replied. She turned and left the house with the summer wing ponies.
The soldiers each took a book and began flipping through the pages. King Sunrise, Stardust and Starfire took a book and began looking.
"Starfire, what does the staff look like?" Stardust asked while flipping through pages.
Starfire looked up from his book, "It's long, silver with golden dragon's hand holding a light blue ball on top. Wrapped around the staff from the Dragon's hand was a gold piece that stretched half way down the staff," Starfire explained.
"That's strange looking staff," Sunrise remarked.
"You should have seen it when he used it," Starfire exclaimed.
Queen Rosy Peach flew down to him, "I know what you mean. It was scary seeing the power come out of it."
"What kind of Staff turns into a key?" Stardust wondered out loud, "Queen Rosy Peach, did you hear a voice? when you saw Star Cluster?"
"What do you mean?"
"A voice that wasn't Star Cluster's or the Moochick. It would have sounded deep and older," Stardust explained.
Queen Rosy Peach hovered as she thought back at the time when she saw Star Cluster.
"Queen Rosy Peach, why don't you sit and think about it for a while?" Stardust suggested.
"Yes, I think I will," She flew to the window and watched Luna chase the Summer Wing ponies while she thought back. She slowly began to remember it all, she had been so scare at the time the Moochick was caught that she had forgotten everything else.

The sun shined brightly on Queen Rosy Peach and a few of her followers as they flew.
"Where are we going?" the green Summer wing pony asked.
"To see the Moochick. Winter is over and we should at lest go and say hi to him," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
"Oh," The four summer wing ponies replied.
They flew across the meadow and into the small forest. They left the forest and flew straight into the Mushrump. There were giant mushroom scattered in the valley, some were as tall as trees, others were the size of bushes. In the distance sat a house. As the summer wing ponies approached the house they saw a dark purple pony with many colors in his hair, at the door talking to the Moochick. The summer wing ponies landed on the ground behind the stump of a mushroom.
"My name is Star Cluster and I'm here to collect," Star Cluster replied.
"Collect...what?" The Moochick asked.
"You!" Star Cluster answered, suddenly the key around his neck turned into a staff. The Moochick and the Summer Wing ponies gasped.
"I...recognize that staff. Something...about it," The Moochick began backing away from Star Cluster.
Star Cluster grabbed the staff and walked into the house.
The Summer Wing ponies flew from the ground to the window to watch.
"Oh what was it? Staff of, no that can't be it. Staff of that's not it. Staff of...power? That's it, the Forbidden Staff!" Moochick exclaimed, "You should not have found that staff. It's dangerous!"
"Dangerous?" The voice asked laughing.
The Moochick backed into a cornered with no way out, "so the story I read is true, it...talks."
"It?" The voice asked, "I'm not an it!"
"Just drop it," Star Cluster exclaimed, "I want to get on with the plan!"
"What plan?" The Moochick asked.
Star Cluster pointed the staff at him, "I'm told you are the only one who knows more about...him and would know how to stop us."
Queen Rosy Peach looked at the other four, "Lets go. We have to help our friend!"
The other four agreed and followed their Queen.
As they flew to the front door, they noticed a rabbit hopping away from the house. It was carrying something in it's arms. The summer wing ponies were to worried about the Moochick to think about what the rabbit was carrying.
They flew in the room and around Star Cluster's head.
"What...are those?" Star Cluster asked, startled at what was flying around him.
"Summer Wing ponies," The voice answered.
Star Cluster pointed the staff at them and shot lightning bolts at them but missed and hit the wall instead. The summer wing ponies continued flying around the room annoying Star Cluster while the Moochick hurried out of the house. Star Cluster continued shooting lighting bolts at them but missed every time.
"Leave them. They're harmless. Just get the Moochick!" The voice exclaimed.
The staff turned into a key and hung around Star Cluster's neck as he ran outside. The Summer Wing ponies followed.
Star Cluster races ahead of the Moochick and stopped him suddenly. The key around his neck turned into a staff. Star Cluster grabbed the staff and pointed it at the Moochick. Suddenly a flash of lightening from the crystal ball hit the Moochick, freezing him and turning him into glass. A second later he began to shrink till he was the size of a Summer wing pony. Then a crystal ball formed, imprisoning the Moochick inside.
The Summer Wing ponies hid behind a Mushroom stump, watching. They were shocked at what just happened.
Star Cluster picked up the crystal ball and stared at it curiously.
"It really worked," Star Cluster muttered.
"Of course it worked. I told you it would," The voice replied.
"Is he still alive?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes, he is. He's just frozen, he's not aware of anything right now and won't be unless you release him," The voice explained, "Just don't drop it."
Star Cluster smiled at the thought of what he was going to do in Ponyland.
"Now, do we have a deal?" the voice asked.
"Yes. You help me first and I'll help you," Star Cluster answered.
Queen Rosy Peach hid and waited till Star Cluster was long gone.

Starfire had went through half the bookcase when he glanced at Queen Rosy Peach. She was staring out the window but she was no longer watching Luna playing. Starfire put the book down and walked over to the window.
"Is everything alright?" Starfire asked, startling Queen Rosy Peach.
"Yes, I've been sitting here thinking. There something you guys should know. something I had forgotten," She replied.
"You remembered hearing the voice?" Starfire asked.
"Yes and much more," She answered.
Starfire gathered everyone except for Luna who was still playing.
"Queen Rosy Peach, What about the voice?" Starfire asked.
Queen Rosy Peach spent the rest of the evening telling the story when Star Cluster first showed up till he left the Mushromp.

Luna noticed how late it was getting and decided to check on her father. She walked in the room to find everyone gathered at the window talking.
"So that's where the voice came from!" Stardust exclaimed.
"I would never have guessed it was a talking staff," Starfire remarked.
"That does sound like a very dangerous Staff but where did Star Cluster find it?" King Sunrise asked.
"How come no one have even heard of it before?" another soldier asked.
"I'm afraid those questions can only by asked by Star Cluster himself," Stardust answered.
Luna wondered what they were talking about.
"Luna," Stardust exclaimed surprisingly, noticing her at the doorway, "Is something wrong? why are you in so early?"
"Early?" Luna asked, "the sun is setting so I decided to come in."
Everyone looked out the window and noticed the sun was disappearing in the horizon.
"It's getting to late to finish looking through these books," King Sunrise observed.
"Yes it is and we don't have time to stay another day. We have to get back before the other two Kings does," Stardust replied, "We'll leave tomorrow."