Chapter 176: Visit the Mushrump

The sun shined through the tree tops, casting shadows on the ground.
Luna walked next to her father still thinking about what the Summer Wing ponies said. Luna looked up at her horn, it was pearly white. Little Flitter was still on her head, she was laying down and looking around. All the Summer wings ponies was still with the group following them to the Mushrump with Rosy Peach leading the way.
Stardust looked down at his daughter and saw that she was still worried about her horn.
"Luna, are you still worried?" Stardust asked.
"Is it really hard to notice?" Luna asked.
"Yes, Luna it is. Just how many ponies are going to get a close look?" Stardust asked, "Relax Luna, don't worry about it."
"Luna are you worried everyone is going to stare at you?" Stardust asked.
Luna didn't answered.
"You are a Princess, ponies are going to stare whether they notice your pearly horn or not. It's something you'll have to get used to," Stardust told her.
Luna lowered her head causing Little flitter to almost fall off. Luna looked up at Stardust worriedly, "Why do I have a pearly horn?"
"I don't know. There's a lot of...things about you that I have recently noticed that...just doesn't seem normal to the average pony. Maybe it's because you're a winged Unicorn, I don't know," Stardust lowered his head and rubbed on her head, "Don't worry to much, I'll always be here for you if your in any trouble."
Luna smiled up at him.
"Queen Rosy Peach, how far is it?" King Sunrise asked.
"Just pass the meadow," she answered.
They walked quietly through enjoying the peaceful sound. ahead they could see the edge of the forest.
"There's the meadow. The Summer Wing ponies took off towards the meadow and flew around. Stardust and the others walked into the meadow with the sun shining brightly on them. They continued walking in the tall grass. Luna looked up at the Summer wing ponies watching them as they flew around. Their long hair blew in as they flew. Their wings came in many different colors.
One of them flew down to her and laughed, "Want to play?"
"Play?" Luna asked not sure if she was aloud to.
"Yeah, play tag," The blue pony touched her on the nose, "your it!" Then she flew away.
"Luna, stay on the ground where I can watch you," Stardust quickly said.
Luna smiled and ran after them. The Summer Wing ponies scattered as Luna chased them. She and the Summer Wing ponies laughed as they played.
"She almost blinding in the sunlight," Starfire muttered to Stardust.
Stardust smiled, "She's my pretty little girl."

They had walked across the meadow and into the forest but it didn't last long. They quickly left the forest again and onto a trail. On each side of them were giant Mushrooms, in the distance was a house. As they walked close to the house, they noticed the door half open. Stardust opened the door and walked in. The windows were dusty, the books were scattered on the floor, one of the bookcases was flat on the floor. The tables had fallen over. The walls had burn spots. The chair was half burnt.
"It's quite messy, isn't it?" Queen Rosy Peach asked.
"Why are there burn marks?" Starfire asked.
"That was when Star Cluster was shooting lighting bolts at us," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
King Sunrise picked up a book blowing the dust off of it. He opened the book and looked through the pages, "Maybe we can find the answers ourselves?"
"That's a good idea but we'll have to clean this place first. It's impossible to find anything in here," Stardust exclaimed.
"Yes, cleaning would be a big help," King Sunrise agreed. The soldiers can start by setting that bookcase up where is belongs then help put the book back."
"I'll take care of those burn mark," Starfire added.
"We can clean the windows," Queen Rosy Peach added.
"Me and Luna will help you guys with the books," Stardust added.
The Summer wing ponies went to the kitchen in another hall and got a small piece of cloth white Starfire filled a bucket with water and carried it to the other room. He took the scrub brush and flew to the wall and began cleaning. The others picked up the books and carried them to the bookshelves. They spent all day till sundown cleaning. When they were done, the room was clean, The wooden floor shined, the windows were clean and clear. Every book on the floor was gone and put back in their bookcases. The burn spots wasn't completely gone but not as visible as it was. The table was on all four legs.
"It's getting to late to look through the books. We'll have to do it tomorrow," King Sunrise remarked.
"We can sleep in this room for tonight," Stardust proposed.
"It'll be a change from sleeping outside," Starfire added.
They picked their spots on the floor and laid down. Starfire slept under the windows. Stardust and Luna slept across from him. King Sunrise and the soldiers were scattered on the other side of room. The Summer Wing ponies slept on bookcases, tables, chairs and even on the ponies.

It was late that night Little Flitter was sound asleep on Stardust's side, she rolled over to her other side and slid off of Stardust, down his back and onto Luna's face.
Little Flitter woke up and flew back onto Stardust, then she quickly went back to sleep. Luna yawned and was about close her eyes and sleep when she saw a shadow on the wall. Luna sat up and looked behind her at the window but there was nothing there. She stood up and walked over to the window. She stood on her hind legs and reached over Starfire to look out the window but she saw nothing. She stood for a few minutes looking wondering who or what it was but there was nothing, it was pitch black outside. There wasn't a sound to be heard except for the sleeping ponies in the house.
Just then Starfire moved his legs and knocked Luna off her feet. She fell on Starfire, waking him up. Starfire opened his eyes and saw Luna laying on his side with her head against the wall.
"Luna?" Starfire asked tiredly.
Just then a few other ponies woke up.
Luna quickly got off of Starfire and blushed as her face began to turn red.
"Sorry," She whispered.
"Luna," Stardust called as he yawned, "What are you doing?"
"I...uh...saw something at the window," Luna answered.
"I guess I knocked you off your feet then?" Starfire guessed.
"I'm sorry," Luna blushed.
Starfire smiled, "It's ok. Just don't stand over me when I'm sleeping,"
Luna smiled.
"What did you see?" Stardust asked.
"I...saw a shadow on the wall. I don't know what it was," Luna answered.
"It could have been a tree or something," King Sunrise guess as he yawned.
"There's no trees around this house," Starfire pointed out.
"Lets talk about it in the morning. Luna, come here and get some sleep," Stardust told her.
"Ok." Luna walked behind him and curled in a ball.
It wasn't long till everyone was fast asleep.