Chapter 175: The First capture

It was morning and the birds were chirping. Stardust and the others woke up and continued their journey through the forest. Luna hadn't forgotten the tiny pony she had seen last night and wondered if she was still following them.
Luna walked along side her father as he, Starfire and King Sunrise talked. Luna continued to glance around hoping to see the tiny pony. She wondered if there were more like her. She remembered last night when she felt the tiny pony on her face and wondered what the pony was doing. Why was it on her face? Luna was curious to know but she knew no one would know the answer.
While the others talked Luna slowed down as she looked around. She looked behind her and saw something fall from the tree and hit a bush. Luna hurried to the bush to see what it was. She hoped it was one of those tiny ponies. Luna parted the bush with her hooves and saw a tiny yellow pony with her hair tangled in the twigs. the yellow pony gasped and tried to wiggle free but couldn't. Luna noticed it was the same yellow pony that she had seen last night.

One of the soldiers looked back and saw Luna alone at a bush. He turned and looked at the two Kings.
"Excuse me sire, King Stardust," the soldier interrupted.
King Sunrise, Stardust and Starfire stopped and looked back at him.
"The Princess is still back there," the soldier pointed.
Stardust and the others looked behind the soldiers and saw Luna standing at a bush.
"Luna!" Stardust yelled but she didn't reply, she was interested in something she was doing in the bush. Stardust and the others walked back towards Luna to see what she was doing.

Luna's horn began to glow. She used her horn and carefully broke the twigs to the tiny pony's hair and lifted her up. Then she carefully took the twigs out of the tinny pony's hair and placed the pony in her hooves. The yellow pony smiled at Luna as if she was thanking her. Luna's horn stopped glowing.
"Luna!" Stardust yelled again.
The tiny pony gasped and flew into Luna's long white hair. She tried to hid herself from the big ponies, only her wings stuck out.
Starfire got close and saw a par of butterfly wings. "What is that?"
Stardust and the others all looked.
"It looks like a tiny pony with butterfly wings," a soldier answered.
"I heard about them...I think. It was so long ago though," King Sunrise replied.
"That is either a Summer Wing Pony or a Windy Wing Pony. I'm not sure which one though," Stardust answered.
"You found her in a bush?" Starfire asked.
"I saw her fall from a tree and into this bush," Luna replied.
Stardust looked up at the tree and was surprised to see so many tiny ponies. The large group of tiny ponies gasped and flew higher into the tree except for one. A tiny light peach pony with pink, peach and white hair stood on the branch. Her wings were peach and white.
She flew from the branch to Stardust's eye level.
"We are Summer Wing Ponies," the tiny pony answered.
"What's the difference?" Starfire asked.
The tiny pony flew close to his face and stared at him curiously, "Summer Wing Ponies hibernate during the winter. Windy Wing Ponies hibernate during the summer." The peach pony touched Starfire's nose with her hoof and she looked at her hoof. "You really are black. I thought you were painted black or something."
Stardust and Starfire laughed.
"No, we really are black," Starfire replied.
"Oh. I didn't think ponies came in black."
"They don't. Me and my two brothers are the only black ponies," Stardust answered.
"There's three? I only see two," The peach pony looked around.
"The third one is not here, he's at Moonlight castle," Stardust answered.
"Oh," the peach pony replied flying around the black ponies and staring at them curiously.
"Who are you?" King Sunrise asked.
The peach pony flew to the center and looked at him, "I'm sorry, I got so...fascinated by their black fur that I forgot to introduce myself. I am Queen Rosy Peach," she flew up to Luna and around her then hovered near her hair where the other Summer Wing pony hid,."I am sorry about Little Flitter. She often hits something or...gets in trouble."
"Who?" Luna asked.
"The one in your hair is Little Flitter," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
Little Flitter crawled out from Luna's hair and stood on her, "Sorry."
Queen Rosy Peach looked up in the tree, "It's alright everyone. You can come down."
Just then a group of Summer wing ponies flew to the ground and around the ponies, most were interested in the black ponies and Luna. Some were fascinated with their reflection on King Sunrise's crown.
"Why were you following us?" Luna asked.
"It's not to often that we see ponies walking through the swamp and into this forest. We were interested in you though. I know there are unicorns and pegasus but I never heard of a flying unicorn. Little Flitter went to check you out while you were sleeping even though I had forbid her to do so," Queen Rosy Peach replied.
Little Flitter sighed sadly. "Sorry. I just wanted to see if her horn and wings were real."
"Is that what you were doing on my face?" Luna asked her.
"Yes," Little Flitter replied shyly.
Queen Rosy Peach flew close to Luna's horn and touched it, "It's real and very pretty. I never seen a unicorn with a pearly horn before."
"Pearly?" Stardust asked. He looked closely and saw Luna's horn was indeed pearly.
"I never noticed," Stardust replied. "You can't tell unless you look closely."
"So, doesn't all unicorns have pearly horns?" Luna asked.
"No," Stardust replied, "I haven't seen any with pearly horns."
"Neither have I," King Sunrise added looking closely at her horn.
Luna got nervous with everyone staring at her horn. She winked out with the pony on her head and surprised everyone. She reappeared next to Stardust.
Queen Rosy Peach flew close to her, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you."
"Luna, don't worry. It's hard to notice unless you get close," Stardust assured her.
Luna smiled hoping her father was right.
Queen Rosy Peach turned and flew up to King Sunrise. "May I ask you what's on your head?"
King Sunrise smiled. "It's a crown."
"Made of gold?" she asked
"Yes," King Sunrise replied.
Queen Rosy Peach flew close to the crown joined by two other tiny ponies.
"It's really pretty," Queen Rosy Peach commented. She turned and flew back to the center, "May I ask you where your going?"
"Were are heading to Mushroom Valley," Starfire answered.
"I don't think there's any valleys named that," Queen Rosy Peach replied.
"We're going to see Moochick," Stardust explained.
Suddenly the Summer Wing ponies began whispering "The Moochick."
"Quiet down everyone!" Queen Rosy Peach cried, she turned and faced Stardust with a serious look. It was strange to see her so serious, it didn't seem natural to them.
"The Moochick?" Queen Rosy Peach asked.
"Yes. Do you know him?" Stardust asked.
"We did. He lived in the Mushromp," Queen Rosy Peach answered.
"Mushromp? The book said Mushroom Valley," Starfire replied.
"I guess ponies used to call it Mushroom Valley but it's always been called Mushromp. Why do you ponies want to see him?" Queen Rosy Peach asked.
"We want to ask him some questions about Star Cluster's staff," Stardust answered.
Queen Rosy Peach gasped, "Star Cluster?!"
"You've...heard of him?" King Sunrise asked.
"Yes and I've seen him too," She answered.
"What did you mean by we did?" one of the soldiers asked.
"Well, Moochick is no longer there," She answered sadly. "He was captured. He hasn't been back since."
"Captured?" They asked.
"What happened?" Stardust asked.
"Me and a few of us went to see how he was doing when we heard a voice. We went to the window and peeked inside. We saw a dark purple pony with colorful hair. He had a staff and introduced himself as King Star Cluster. He had cornered the Moochick between some book cases. As scared and shy as we were we wouldn't have done anything but the Moochick was our friend. We went inside and distracted Star Cluster. He shot lighting bolts at us. The Moochick left the house, Star Cluster realized what we were doing and left the house. He quickly caught the Moochick and shot a lighting bolt at him. He froze solid then shrank and turned into a small crystal ball. We scared to death. None of us had ever seen anything like it," Queen Rosy Peach explained.
"So we're too late," Starfire remarked.
"So that staff is what impressions ponies and other creatures in crystal balls. Why was the Moochick scared? He must have know what Star Cluster was going to do," Stardust thought out loud. "Queen Rosy Peach, did he say anything?"
She hovered quietly thinking. It was so long ago she wasn't quite sure if he said something or not.
"Staff...umm...forbidden....ummm I think he called the staff, The Forbidden Staff."
Everyone became silent, The name didn't sound good. It was obvious the Moochick knew what the staff was but it was too late to ask him now.
"Queen Rosy Peach, can you take us to his house?" Stardust asked.
"Yes but I must warn you, it's very messy," Queen Rosy Peach replied. "Follow me." She flew past them while some of the Summer Wing ponies sat on the soldiers, King Sunrise, the black ponies and Luna's backs. Others flew along side them or above their heads.