Chapter 173: The begining of a long Journy

It was morning and Luna slept peacefully in bed. The tip of her wings stuck out from under the covers while her feet stretched out in front of her. Skyview quietly opened the door letting light into her room. He shook Luna with his hoof. "Wake up, Luna."
It took a few minutes for Luna to hear him. "Mmmm?"
"Come on, get up."
Luna didn't want to get up, she was too comfortable in bed.
Suddenly, Skyview threw the covers off of her. "Get up."
Luna jumped awake when the covers suddenly came off. She looked up at him feeling rather upset about her covers.
Skyview smiled. "Get up. You don't want to miss breakfast and going to camp."
Luna smiled. "Camp?"
"Stardust has to talk to King Sunrise, so if you want to go, you better get up."
Luna sat up and yawned, "Ok." She jumped off her bed, took the brush from her dresser and began brushing her hair. Then she sat the brush down and followed Skyview out of the room.
They walked to Stardust room and sat down just as the servants walked in with trays. They sat the tray on the floor and left the room.
Luna quickly started eating her pancakes.
"I see someone is a bit excited today," Stardust observed.
"I heard your going to camp to see King Sunrise. I want to go with you. You did say you'd take me next time you went to camp," Luna replied.
Stardust smiled, "Yes, I did say that. You sure you want to come? There's a lot of soldiers there."
"Yes I want to go," Luna answered as she ate her last pancake.
"Alright but you stay with me," Stardust told her.

When they were done eating they left the room and went downstairs, heading outside. They left the castle and walked towards the gate. The sun shined brightly on their faces, the clouds drifted by with a slight wind. It was a perfect day to be outside.
"Banner, let us through!" Stardust yelled.
Banner ordered the soldiers to open the gate, letting Stardust, Luna and his brothers through. They followed the dirt road halfway down the mountain. Then they left the road and walked through the forest, heading towards the back of the mountain.
As they walked, they could hear voices. It wasn't long till Luna saw the campsite. She slowed down as soon as she saw how many soldiers there were. Some wore armor and swords, others wore leg bands and swords.
"Come on, Luna. There's nothing to be afraid of," Stardust smiled back at her. Luna hurried to his side and hugged his coat as soon as they entered camp. The soldiers nearby began whispering.
"It's her."
"The Princess."
"It's really true. I can't believe it."
"She's so white."
Luna heard their whispering which made her nervous to be in camp.
"You'll get used to it, Luna," Stardust told her noticing how scared and nervous she was.
Luna didn't replied, she continued to stare at the soldiers.
Stardust, Luna and his brothers made their way through camp to a yellow tent. As they approached the tent, King Sunrise walked out to greet them.
"Good morning King Stardust and Princess Luna," King Sunrise smiled.
Luna looked up at him and smiled but it was only a brief. Her smile faded once she saw the prying eyes of the soldiers and heard whisperings.
"I've come to talk to you about an important matter," Stardust replied.
"Come inside and we can talk." King Sunrise walked in the tent with the others behind him. He turned and faced Stardust. Luna stood next to him looking around.
"Me, Luna and Starfire are going on a journey to find the Moochick," Stardust explained.
"Moochick?" King Sunrise asked.
"He was once a friend of the ancient ponies. I'm hoping he knows something about Star Cluster's staff."
"The ancient ponies lived so very long ago. Moochick couldn't still be alive," King Sunrise replied.
"He might, that's why I'm going to find out. This journey is important. Star Cluster never had a staff. Especially a magic staff. He got it somewhere or from someone. We must know more about his staff. I want to know who is the voice that's with Star Cluster."
"Oh, I see. That would be very important to know," King Sunrise paused.
Luna couldn't tell if he was thinking or was something bothering him.
"I will go with you and I'll take some soldiers with us," King Sunrise continued. "Do you know where Moochick lives?"
Stardust and Starfire looked at Skyview for an answer.
"I think the book said something about flying over the swamps," Skyview answered.
"Swamp?" They asked.
"The only swamp I know is south east of here," Stardust replied.
Luna remembered a swamp that she and Stardust had went through. They were covered in mud when they finally got out of there.
"You don't mean that muddy place do you?" Luna asked.
Stardust laughed, "Yes, that's the one."
"We're not going through it again are we?" Luna asked worriedly. She did not want to get muddy again.
"What are you two talking about?" Starfire asked.
"What do you mean again?" Skyview asked. "When you two were chasing us and I was heading to Moonlight Castle, myself and Luna went through the swamps. We came out muddy, from out feet to our necks," Stardust explained.
Starfire and Skyview laughed at the thought of Stardust caked in mud.
Stardust cleared his throat to get their attention.
"It wasn't funny," Luna muttered.
"Sorry Luna," Skyview and Starfire apologized, still giggling.
"When do you plan on leaving?" King Sunrise asked.
"As soon as possible. I want to get back before the other Kings gets here," Stardust answered.
"Their kingdoms are quite far, from what you had told me. It'll be a while until they get here," King Sunrise replied.
"Yes but we don't know how far Moochick lives or if we will be going in the right direction," Stardust explained. He turned and looked at Skyview who had stopped laughing. "Go back to Moonlight Castle and tell King Sea Mist we are leaving to find Moochick."
"Ok," Skyview smiled, "This is my chance to get a lot of reading done." Skyview winked out leaving Luna and his brothers behind.
King Sunrise left the tent and rounded up five pony soldiers, while Stardust, Luna and Starfire talked.
"Do we have to go through the swamp?" Luna asked.
"It depends on how big the swamp is," Stardust replied.
"Couldn't we go around it?" Luna asked.
Stardust smiled, "You really don't like the swamp, do you?"
Luna blushed. "No, I don't...I hate to have everyone seeing me so muddy."
Stardust and Starfire laughed.
Just then King Sunrise walked in. "I'm ready."
Stardust and King Sunrise left the tent with Starfire and Luna behind them. The five soldiers gathered behind them and left camp, heading south east.