Chapter 172: An old friend of the ponies

Luna and Starfire walked downstairs to the first floor. They went down the long hallway to the library and saw Skyview reading a book. He was stretched out on the couch.
"What?" Skyview asked them as he continued to read his book.
"It's dinner time," Starfire replied.
Luna walked up to Skyview with Starfire behind her.
"You've been reading that for a few days," Luna complained.
Skyview looked up from his book. "It's interesting. Why don't you two go on to the dining room. I'll meet you there."
"Ok," Starfire replied. He turned and left with Luna behind him.

They walked down the long hallways and into the dinning room where King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall and Stardust waited. They sat at a horseshoe shaped table. King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall sat in the middle while Stardust sat next to King Sea Mist talking. Above them was a chandelier. The chairs had high backs, and the table had a yellow table cloth with five candles sticks lit. On the walls were painting and large banners.
Just then, Skyview appeared in the room with his book and sat down next to Stardust. Starfire sat down next to Skyview while Luna sat next to Queen Snowfall.
When they were all seated at the table, four servants came in the room carrying trays. They served King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall first, the Luna and Stardust. Skyview and Starfire were last to be served.

As they ate dinner, Skyview continued to read his book on the table. Stardust and King Sea Mist found it rather distracting to see Skyview's book on the table.
"Skyview, couldn't you read that later?" Stardust asked but Skyview didn't seem to hear him or ignored him.
Stardust put his hoof on the book catching Skyview by surprise.
"Couldn't you read that later? Having a book on the table is distracting," Stardust told him.
Skyview removed Stardust hoof and put the book on the other side of him. "This book can be important to us. That's why I've spent so much time reading it."
"Important to us?" Starfire asked.
"What do you mean?" Stardust asked.
"This book is pony history. It talks about Dream Castle, Ponyland and Dream Valley. It talks about the ancient ponies who first lived in Ponyland," Skyview explained.
"I know all that," Stardust replied.
"But do you know about the Mushroom valley?" Skyview asked him.
"Mushroom Valley?" everyone asked.
Skyview smiled. He figured they didn't know about it. "The first ponies that lived in Ponyland had a friend they went to..."
"I know that...It was a human girl," Stardust replied.
"No...well yes, but there's another who's not quite human...I think," Skyview continued.
"Human...girl?" Luna asked. "What's that?"
"They're like the elves but taller. The ancient ponies had a human friend, but that was over a thousand years ago. No one has seen a human since then," Stardust explained.
"She must be the one in the painting that I saw," Skyview suddenly remembered.
"What about Mushroom Valley?" Starfire asked.
"Oh," Skyview exclaimed remembering where he had left off before he got side tracked. "There's a wizard or some kind of creature of magic. The ancient ponies went to him in their time of need when their human friend couldn't help them. He knew a lot of things," Skyview paused. "I wonder if he's still there?"
"After all this time?" Starfire asked, "I doubt it."
"I've read this book and he's there from the beginning. It never said anything about his death. The ancient ponies just stopped going to him shortly after the big brothers returned from their around the world race," Skyview explained. "I wondered if he could tell us something about Star Cluster's staff and that voice we heard?"
"'s worth a try," Stardust replied. "That voice...something about it bothers me."
"I wish I could have heard it," Starfire exclaimed.
"You wouldn't want to hear it. It...has a deep voice and...Stardust, I think your right. There's something about the voice. It's starting to bother me now that I think about it," Skyview replied.
Skyview and Stardust both had a bad feeling about the voice they had heard but neither one knew what it was.
"Where did the voice come from?" King Sea Mist asked.
"I don't know," Stardust answered.
"I have no idea either. There is no one with him and yet, you hear a voice," Skyview added.
Luna sat and listened, she had no idea what they were talking about but the pony history sounded interesting.
"What's...this friend of the ancient ponies?" Luna asked.
" mean the wizard?" Skyview asked.
"Yes. Does he have a name?" Luna asked.
"Yes, I think..." Skyview flipped through the pages to look for his name. When he found it, he laid the book flat on the table. "His name is Moochick."
"Are we going to see him?" Luna asked.
"Yes and ask a few questions," Stardust replied.
Luna smiled greatly, "Can I come too?"
Stardust thought about it. He remembered the time he left Luna at the castle and she had gotten in trouble. It may not hurt to have Luna with him on the journey.
"Yes, you can come, but I don't want you leaving my side for any reason," Stardust answered.
Luna was so happy that she quickly ate her dinner. "When can we go?"
"As soon as I talk to King Sunrise about it."
Luna couldn't believe she was actually going to leave the castle walls. The only time she left the walls was when she visited her adopted parents.