Chapter 171: Parents hears the truth

The sun was setting and Luna was on the second floor looking out a window when Stardust approached her. He noticed she was just standing there staring at the sky.
"Watching the clouds?" Stardust asked.
Luna turned her head without smiling, "No, I was just noticing the full moon coming out."
"Oh," Stardust replied, he had a feeling what Luna was going to ask next.
"Can...Can we go see my parents?" Luna asked.
Stardust had completely forgotten about her adopted parents till now. They have to know who Luna's real father is but would they believe him?
"Yes we can. I have a few things I need to tell them," Stardust turned and went to find his brothers, "We can leave as soon as I find Skyview and Starfire."
Luna smiled greatly, "I'll meet you outside."
Stardust went to Starfire's room and knocked.
"Come in."
Stardust peeked in, "Lets go."
Starfire was on the balcony watching the soldiers on the walls. He turned and saw Stardust's head, "Where to?"
"We're going to see Luna's adopted parents. Meet me outside." Stardust left and headed downstairs. He went to the library and found Skyview reading a book on the couch, "Lets go."
Skyview looked up from his book, "Go where?"
"We're going to see Luna's adopted parents," Stardust turned and left.
Skyview put the book on the table and hurried out of the room. he followed Stardust outside where Starfire and were waiting. the sun was quickly setting and Luna couldn't wait to see her parents again. They walked to the gate and waited while Stardust talked to Banner. A minute Banner went and gathered a small group of soldiers. They followed Stardust out of the gate and down the dirt road.
Luna smiled greatly as she walked next to Stardust.
"I can't wait till mom and dad finds out who you are," Luna said excitedly.
"Don't tell them, Luna. I'll explain it to them," Stardust told her.
"Ok," Luna replied.
They walked off the road and into the thick forest. It wasn't long till Luna saw the Gate.
"Now we have to wait till the sun goes down in a few minutes," Stardust commented.
The soldiers stood around the Gate while Stardust, Luna and his brothers sat in front of the Gate waiting for it to open.
When the sun had disappeared in the horizon, a rippling image, like clear water appeared under the Gate.
"It's open," Stardust announced. "Banner I want you and the soldiers to guard the Gate."
Stardust turned and walked through the Gate with Luna and his brothers behind him.

As soon as the stepped through the Gate their coats began to glow. Luna had almost forgotten about her glow. It took a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to the bright glow. The sky was still light but was slowly getting darker.
Stardust left the ruins with Luna close behind him and his brother next to her. They walked through the tall grass and down the hill towards her house. They stopped and stood at the edge of the forest looking around.
"There's a few ponies farther down the street," Skyview pointed.
I see that," Stardust replied." Starfire come with me and hide your wings. Skyview and Luna, you two can wink to the door when the door opens."
"Ok, "Skyview replied.
Starfire folded his wings to his side and walked next to Stardust hiding his wings from view. They walked out of the forest and up to the house. Stardust knocked on the door. A minute later Booster answered the door and was surprised to see them.
"You...back?" Booster asked looking around for Luna.
Just then Skyview and Luna winked next to Starfire. Booster smiled. Luna hurried inside and hugged Booster while the black ponies hurried inside.
Skyview shut the door and followed his brothers to the livingroom.
"Lunarstar, how have you been?" Booster asked.
"Fine," Luna continued to hug him, "I missed you and mom."
"We missed you too."
Just then Rosebud came out of the kitchen after hearing Luna's voice. she went to the door and smiled with tears slowly dripping from her cheek, "Lunarstar."
Luna turned around and hugged Rosebud, "Mom!"
While Luna and Rosebud hugged each other Booster went to the livingroom to talk to the black ponies.
"Did you bring Lunarstar hear to visit or stay?" Booster asked.
"To visit for the time being," Stardust answered, "would you sit down? I have something very important to tell you and your wife."
"About what?" Booster asked.
"It's about Luna and us," Stardust replied.
Booster left the livingroom and went to the door. Rosebud and Luna were still hugging each other.
"Rosebud, you need to come to the living room with me. Lunarstar why don't you call your friends and let them know your back?"
"Sure," Luna hurried to the livingroom and took the phone to the dinning room.
"Why?" Rosebud asked him.
"It's about Lunarstar. They said it's important."
Rosebud followed Booster to the livingroom and sat down on the other couch.
Stardust began to tell them about his memories and Luna's real name. He told them about her as a baby and her real mother while Luna talked on the phone.
"Melody, it's me."
"Lunarstar?" Melody asked surprisingly.
"Yeah! Come over before I have to leave again."
"Ok, let me call the others first."
"Ok, bye." Luna hung up the phone and waited at the door or her friends. She sat on the steps and waited while she listened to Stardust telling stories.
When Luna heard a knock, she looked out the window and saw it was her friends. Luna quickly opened the door letting her friends in, once they were all in, she shut the door and gave them a group hug.
"Lunarstar, it's great to see you again!" Patch exclaimed happily.
"I see those three Black ponies came with you," Starlight noticed.
"Well, yes but...there's a lot I have to tell you," Luna replied.
"Lunarstar!" Booster called, "Take your friends into another room, please."
"Ok, dad!" Luna took them in the next room where she had previously spent her time opening presents on her birthday.
They stood around Luna and listened.
"I learned a lot about me when you last saw me," Luna told them.
"Learned what?" Clover asked.
"Well, my real name is Luna but you guys should still call me Lunarstar."

Skyview could hear Luna starting to explain to her friends about herself.
"Stardust I think, I'll go explain to her friends about...this," Skyview stood up and left the living room.
"I'll go with him," Starfire added as he followed Skyview.
They walked in just as Luna told her friends who her real father was.
"Are you serious?" Melody exclaimed.
"Yes!" Skyview answered as he walked in, "It's true, Stardust is her real father. Me and Starfire are her uncles."
The girls stood speechless.
" guys tried to catch your own niece?" Bon Bon asked.
The two boys looked at each other sadly then looked at the girls.
"We feel bad about that and we probably will never get over it either," Starfire answered.
"Will Luna ever come and stay like before?" Sweetheart asked.
Skyview sighed sadly, he knew how much Luna meant to the girls, "I don't know."
"We won't know till we get the Kingdom back," added Starfire.
"Kingdom?" they asked.
"You mean...Ponyland?" Starlight asked.
"Yes, Ponyland and Dream Castle. Once everything is back to'll be up to Stardust as to what he will do," Skyview answered.
Luna looked at them sadly, she hated the thought of never coming back.
Patch noticed Clover peeking through the cracks of the curtains.
"Clover?" Patch asked.
"Raspberry is across the street hiding behind a fence," Clover answered.
"I told you guys I saw her following us in the park," Bon Bon exclaimed.
"Sorry, Bon Bon," Starlight replied.
"Who?" Starfire asked.
"I nosy brat...little pony," Melody answered.
Skyview walked to the window and peeked through the cracks, When he saw her ducking behind a fence, he smiled, "I remember her." he turned around towards Starfire, "With her watching the door, we can't just walk out. I have better take care of her."
"Your not going to send her away like you were going to the last time are you?" Luna asked worriedly.
" did you know that?" Skyview asked her.
" must have mentioned it," Luna answered. She had forgotten they didn't know she could change her appearance.
"Oh. Well...Don't tell Stardust I left," Skyview winked out.

Raspberry hid behind a fence watching the house.
"I thought they said Lunarstar was on vacation?" Raspberry muttered to herself.
"There you are!" a voice cried.
Raspberry jumped, all four feet had left the ground. She turned around and gasped at the sight of Skyview standing there.
"I let you go last time but not this time!"
Raspberry took off running down the street.
Skyview winked out.

The girls laughed when they saw Raspberry running. Skyview appeared in the room behind the girls.
"Well, she's gone and I don't think she'll be back for a while," Skyview remarked.
"what did you do to her?" Patch asked.
"Oh, I just told her I wouldn't let you go this time. That's when she ran," Skyview answered.
The girls looked at his with confused faces.
"I caught her a while back and Stardust made me let her go...That whole things still bothers me. Stardust wanted us to get rid of her and then he wants us to let her go. That was a strange night," Skyview explained.
"It certainly was and when we got back to the shack, he was sound asleep," Starfire added looking at Skyview.
The girls glanced at Luna, knowing she had something to do with it. Luna put her hoof in front of her mouth and shook her head. she didn't want her uncles knowing she could change. She knew they should know but she wanted to wait till the right time to tell them.
"Oh well," Skyview replied, "we should see if Stardust is ready to return."
The two black ponies left as the girls slowly followed them.
"They don't know?" Starlight asked in a whispering voice.
"No...well, not yet anyways," Luna replied.
Skyview heard the girls and wondered what Luna was talking about.
"Don't know about what?" Skyview thought.

"So you see, it was important that Luna had stayed with us," Stardust finished telling his story.
Booster and Rosebud were silent. They were surprised at what Stardust hap told them.
"You're..her real father?" Rosebud asked surprisingly.
"King of Ponyland...When you get your Kingdom back will we ever see Lunarstar...I mean Luna again?" Booster asked.
Stardust thought about it. It wouldn't be right for them to never see Luna again and they did a great job raising her.
"Luna can visit but I'm afraid she wouldn't be able to stay since she is Princess of Ponyland and needs to learn how I rule the land. You can call her Lunarstar. I don't want anyone in this world knowing her real name or anyone in our world knowing she's Lunarstar...I feel it'll be safer that way."
The parents were sad but tried to smile.
"Well, at lest we can still see her," Booster said to Rosebud.
Rosebud smiled, "yes."
"I would like to thank you for taking such good care of Luna and keeping her safe...from us for a short time," Stardust added, "I'm sure my wife would be pleased to know what you two did in raising our daughter."
Rosebud was so honored that tears trickled down her cheek.
"Thank you," Booster replied.
Skyview and Starfire walked in with the girls behind them.
"Stardust, are you ready to leave?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, I am," Stardust replied.
Luna went to her parents and hugged them.
"It seems like you just get here and you have to leave again," Rosebud sobbed.
"I'll be back...I promise," Luna muttered as a tear trickled down her face.
Booster gave Luna a hugged, "Be good and stay out of trouble."
"I" Luna turned and gave her friends a group hug, "I'll call you when I get back."
"Ok," the girls sobbed.
Booster, Rosebud and the girls went to the door and waved them goodbye.

"I'll be back won't I?" Luna asked once she was in the forest.
"To visit," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Luna sighed, she had hoped she could stay next time.
"Luna, don't think about it know. You were here and that's all it maters," Starfire commented.
Luna looked up at him and smiled, "It was great to see them again."