Chapter 170: Where's Lunarstar?

It was early in the morning when Luna heard a voice while she slept. At first Luna thought she was dreaming, but the voice kept nagging her to wake up. Luna slowly opened her eyes and saw a pony with a candle standing next to her bed.
"Princess Luna, your father wants you to have breakfast with Queen Snowfall."
Luna sat up in bed. "Why? Where is he?"
"He left with Skyview and Starfire."
"Where?" Luna asked.
"I don't know. I'm sorry Princess." The pony sat the candle on the night stand and left the room. Luna yawned and stretched. She threw the covers off her bed and climbed off. She brushed her hair and set the brush back on the dresser, then she blew the candle out and left the room.
She walked downstairs to the first floor and headed down the long hallway towards the throne room. The soldiers didn't stop her this time. They stood aside and let her in.
"Queen Snowfall is waiting for you in her private quarters," one of the soldiers said to her.
Luna walked in and hurried across the room to the door in the corner. She walked in and saw Queen Snowfall on the couch waiting with two trays.
"Good morning, Princess Luna."
"Good morning. Where's dad?"
"He left with his brothers. They want to have breakfast with King Sunrise," Queen Snowfall answered.
"Oh," Luna sighed. She had enjoyed her morning breakfast with her father but today he was off else where. She wondered if her royal life would always be like this...alone by herself.
"It's been awhile since we had breakfast together," Queen Snowfall commented.
Luna forced a fake smile. "It sure has." She sat down next to Queen Snowfall and began eating her breakfast.

When Luna was done she left and wondered around the halls wondering what she could do. She walked outside in the front yard. She noticed there were more soldiers than there used to be. Luna winked to the wall at the far end of the castle. A few soldiers jumped when she suddenly appeared. Luna saw how surprised they looked. "I'm sorry." She turned and walked along the wall until she came to an empty block that didn't have a soldier there. She sat between the blocks and stared into the distance. The soldiers she had surprised noticed how sad she looked.
They walked past Luna to find Charades who was talking to a group of soldiers.
"Charades," one of the soldiers called. "We noticed the Princess is...a bit sad. We were wondering if you knew why?"
"Sad?" Charades asked him. "Where is she?"
The soldiers pointed to the far side of the wall.
"I'll go and see what's bothering her," Charades replied.
"I'll go with you," Buster added.
They left the group and walked up to Luna.
"Is something wrong?" Charades asked.
Luna turned her head, "No, not really."
"Luna, It's us. You can tell us what's bothering you," Buster said worriedly.
Luna sighed sadly, "I'm bored. Dad left and so did Skyview and Starfire. I have no one to play with."
"You have us," Charades proposed.
"You're soldiers though," Luna stood up. "I didn't even have breakfast with Dad. I hardly see him. I'm left here alone to play by myself. I can't even leave these walls," Luna paused she lowered her head sadly.
"You did get to stay with your father when he was talking in the resting room," Buster pointed out.
Luna smiled weakly. "Yes I did but...I fell a sleep. I can't talk when he's in a meeting. There's not much I can do but listen." Her smile soon faded away. "It's the only time I'm with him but he won't let me go with him to King Sunrise's camp."
"You already know why," Charades told her.
"I can change and no one would know I left," Luna whispered to him.
"Someone would notice," Buster told her.
"No one would notice. I'm left alone..." she paused suddenly. "Im sorry...I guess I miss being with Dad. I think I'll go inside and find something to do." Before they could reply, Luna winked out.
"Charades, I think one of us should tell Stardust the minute he gets back," Buster proposed.
"I'll tell him when he returns," Charades paused for a minute. "She sure doesn't like to be cooped up."
"I''ve noticed that," Buster replied.

Luna winked inside the castle at the door. She walked around the hall and eventually found herself at the back door.
"I guess I could watch the clouds for a while," Luna muttered.
She walked through the door and into the back yard. Luna suddenly stopped and gasped at the number of soldiers on the wall. There were as much soldiers in the back as there were in the front. She noticed the soldier's leg bands were different and wondered if they were King Sunrise's soldiers.
The soldiers slowly began to notice Luna standing at the door. They turned and looked at her. Quite a few had not seen Luna before and were amazed when they did see her.
Luna hurried inside to hide from all the prying eyes. Once she was inside she took a deep breath. "I don't think I'll go out back for a while."
She continued through the halls and found herself at the library. "I guess I could read for a while or find something to do."

It was later in the afternoon when Skyview and Starfire decided they wanted to get back to Moonlight castle. The black ponies and King Sunrise sat on the ground and talked inside a tent.
"Stardust, we should be going back to the castle," Skyview interrupted.
"Alright, you two can go. I'll meet you there later."
Skyview and Starfire stood up smiling. They couldn't wait to see Luna.
"Skyvi-" but before Starfire could finish Skyview winked out. "He could at least take me with him."
Just then Skyview winked back. "Sorry Starfire. I guess you want a ride back."
Starfire glared at him, "You did that on purpose."
"Me?" Skyview smiled knowing he had winked out on purpose.
His horn began to glow, he lowered his head and touched Starfire.

Skyview and Starfire winked inside Moonlight Castle at the door.
"Lets go look for her," Skyview proposed.
They went to Luna's room thinking she would be there reading but she wasn't. They went to Stardust room and she wasn't there either. They searched there own rooms and even Luna's old room but she wasn't there. They search the second floor, the resting room and bathroom but she wasn't there.
"I don't thinks she's on this floor," Starfire guessed.
"Lets search the first floor then?" Skyview suggested.
They walked downstairs and searched the halls, but there was no sign of Luna. They searched the kitchen, the ballroom and the throne room but still no Luna. They went to the library thinking she has to be there but when the looked in, they saw no one. Starfire walked in and stood, looking on the next floor, when he didn't see her, he turned and left the room.
"I thought for sure she was in the library," Skyview remarked worriedly.
"Lets search again," Starfire suggested.
"Ok, lets split up, I'll take the second floor and the front yard. You take the first floor and the backyard."
Starfire turned and began searching the first floor again while Skyview searched the second floor. When Starfire couldn't find her, he went to the back yard and looked but still there was no sign of Luna. He flew to the wall and asked a few soldiers about Luna.
"Sure, we saw her. She ran back inside. I guess with all of use staring at her scared her," one of the soldiers answered. Starfire flew from the wall to the door and hurried inside, "She's still inside the castle..but where?"
Skyview searched all over the second floor and even the third floor but still no Luna. Skyview winked to the wall in the front and found Charades watching the forest.
"Charades, have you seen Luna?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, I have. She was here staring in the distances a few hours ago. She...was sad," Charades replied.
"Sad?" Skyview asked, "Is she alright?"
"She's bored, lonely and misses Stardust. She said something about...hardly ever seeing him now...or something like that. She was rather upset about being cooped behind these walls"
Skyview thought about what he had said and knew Charades was right. He, Starfire and Stardust rarely got a chance to spend time with Luna.
"Where is she now?" Skyview asked.
"I not sure. She said something about going to read for awhile."
Skyview winked back inside and meet Starfire at the stairs.
"I can't find her!" Starfire exclaimed. "The soldiers in the back said she went inside.'
"I can't find her either. Charades told me she went to read."
"She's not in her room or in the library," Starfire replied.
"Let's look to be sure." Skyview went to the library and stood with in the door looking around.
"She's not here," Starfire told him.
You keep searching the castle. I'll tell Stardust," Skyview winked out.
Starfire took a deep breath and left the Library.

Skyview winked back to the tent surprising Stardust and King Sunrise.
"Stardust, we can't find Luna!" Skyview exclaimed worriedly.
"She should be at the castle. I haven't sensed her leaving the mountain," Stardust told him.
"We searched everywhere. I'm telling you she's not there."
"I'm telling you she's still there!" Stardust exclaimed. "Skyview, take me back. I can easily find her."
Skyview put his glowing horn on Stardust and winked him back to the castle. Starfire had just left the library and saw Skyview with Stardust.
"I can't find her," Starfire remarked.
"She's here," Stardust told them.
He walked down the hall following his senses with his brothers behind him. Stardust walked into the library and looked around.
"We were in here a few times and didn't see her," Skyview commented.
Stardust continued walking towards the couch and stopped behind the couch.
"I bet you two never looked any farther than the door," Stardust glared at them.
Skyview and Starfire looked behind the couch and saw Luna curled in a ball resting her head on a book.
"I...we...never thought she would be asleep here," Starfire whispered making sure his voice didn't wake her up.
"Charades told me she was bored, lonely and misses you. Luna said something about...hardly ever seeing you now and doesn't like to be cooped behind these walls," Skyview whispered to him.
Stardust looked down at Luna realizing Charades was right.
"I guess I haven't been spending much time with her recently," Stardust muttered. He picked Luna up in his arms and gave her a slight cheek rub. Luna was still asleep, she didn't hear them nor did she feel herself being lifted.
"I guess she is really tired," Starfire noticed her still asleep.
"She sleeps like you, Starfire," Stardust paused and looked down at Luna. "She also gets bored like you."
"Really?" Starfire asked.
Stardust smiled. "Yes. Royal Heart doesn't like to be cooped up either and often spent her nights flying." Stardust paused, "Don't tell anyone this but when she leaves to fly at night. I always sent Starfire to follow her. Royal Heart never knew it and I don't want her to ever know."
"I...did?" Starfire asked.
"Oh, I just can't wait till you two get your memories back," Stardust sighed.
Luna moved a bit, curling her front feet under her and snuggling up to his black coat.
"I wonder what she was reading that put her to sleep?" Starfire asked.
Skyview picked up the book and read the cover, "Historic Lands"
"A history book?" Starfire exclaimed?"
Skyview smiled, "Yes, it is." He opened the book and read a few pages.
"You can read that later," Stardust told him.
"Oh, I most certainly will. It's a history of Ponyland and the first ponies. It has-"
"Read it later," Starfire interrupted him.
"Fine!" Skyview exclaimed.
Luna heard their yelling and woke up. She smiled when she saw her uncles but smiled greatly when she saw who was holding her.
"Dad!" Luna exclaimed.
Stardust smiled. "I'm sorry Luna. I should have known you would be bored. I guess it wouldn't hurt to take you with me to camp next time."
Luna smiled. She was so happy that tears began to fall from her eyes. She nuzzled his fur and smiled.