Chapter 17: Race to the gate.

A week later. Lunarstar in her winged unicorn form, was in her room reading a book. She sat in bed with her back legs stretched out to the end of the bad and read for hours before noticing the sun setting. She put her book down and went to the window facing the forest, she could see the sun turning orange and the sky had turned yellow, pink and purple. The full moon was clearly visible.
She looked out into the forest and remembered the ruins. She still hadn't forgotten the large archway with little ponies all over it, she never dared go back fearing she'd run into Starfire again.
She had always went at night and got chased by Starfire, except for that one time when she went during the day. She wondered if it'll work again but would her parents let her go early?
Lunarstar left her room and went downstairs, she found her parents in the livingroom drinking lemonade.
"Mom, Dad, can I go out a little early?"
"It's not dark yet," Rosebud answered.
"Why do you want to leave early?" Booster asked.
"Just more of the forest."
"You should know every inch of that forest by now," said Booster.
"But..." She didn't want to tell them about the ruins but they won't let her go without a good reason, "I found some ruin near the mountain a while back and I want to get a good look at them before the sun goes down."
"Ruins?" Rosebud asked, surprisingly.
"Didn't they say that part of the forest was unexploded?" Booster asked.
"But I really did find some ruins...Please can I go?"
"Ok but you be vary careful around those ruins," Booster answered.
Lunarstar smiled, she couldn't believe they said ok, "Thank you. I'll be carful. Bye!"
Lunarstar disappeared and reappeared in the forest close to her house, she looked at the sun, there was only a sliver still showing and she didn't have much time. Lunarstar ran through the forest, passing trees and jumping over rocks, logs and small bushes. The Sun was barley viable and Lunarstar began to glow.
She found the cobblestone trail and ran up the hill but she soon had to walk instead, by the time she reached the top she was worn-out and out of breath. She sat down in the grass, resting. She looked up at the sky, it was getting dark and soon Starfire will find her.
As she rested, 2 ponies quietly walked towards her. Lunarstar heard them as soon as they were close, she looked up and saw Buster and Charades standing in front of her.
"Wait..." Charades began to say but Lunarstar didn't listen, out of fear she jumped to her feet and started to run in the opposite direction.
"Wait!" Charades called again.
"Lunarstar!" Buster cried.
Lunarstar made a sudden stop and slowly turn around.
"I thought it was her," whispered Buster.
"Please don't be afraid," Charades remarked.
Lunarstar was scared and surprised at the same time.
"How could they possibly know my name? It's just not possible?" Lunarstar kept asking herself.
"Please...we only want to talk to you," Buster pleaded.
"That's all we want." added Charades.

Just then, they heard a hoofs walking on rocks, Lunarstar looked over the hill and saw Starfire walking up the hill, "So your name is Lunarstar. The name fits you very well."
"Lunarstar, Run!" Buster yelled.
"Follow us!" Charades added.
Lunarstar turned around and ran, following Buster and Charades. It took Starfire a while to climb the hill but once he was at the top he quickly caught up to them.
Lunarstar looked behind her and saw Starfire getting close to her, running around trees and bushes slowed her down. When she looked back again, Starfire was on her heals. Lunarstar disappeared and reappeared next to Charades catching them by surprise.
"Lunarstar, you know the ruins near the mountain?"
"Just follow this trail," Buster added.
"There's a large Archway, when you see it run through it," Charades added.
"Charades, are you sure the gate will be open?" Buster asked.
"It's getting dark and we're glowing, so the gate has to be open."
Lunarstar had no idea what they were talking about and she really didn't care to know at the moment, she was more worried about Starfire behind her.
She, Buster and Charades continued to run through the forest along the cobblestone trail, she realized she was slowly falling behind.
She tried as hard as she could to run faster but her leg had begun to ache. By the time she saw the ruins her legs her burning and Starfire was close behind.
She looked ahead and watched as Buster and Charades ran through the Archway and disappeared. She was worried, what would happened if she went through the Archway? She knew she didn't have a choice.
She ran under the small archway and on the stoney ground, pass the walls and large blocks to the large Archway. She ran up to the platform and through the Archway.

To be continued!