Chapter 169: The forgotten booshwoolie

It was after breakfast and Luna was left alone for the day. Stardust and his brothers had left right after they finished breakfast and went to talk to the Kings and Banner privately.
Luna left Stardust's room and roamed the halls wondering what she could do. She walked to the resting room and saw two soldiers standing at the door. As she approached, the white pony stepped in front of the door. "Sorry, Princess but you can't go in."
Luna looked at him sadly, then turned around and headed for her room.
"Maybe I'll finished that book," Luna muttered to herself.
She walked to her room, grabbed the book from her dresser and laid on her bed. She lit her horn and began reading.

It was later in the afternoon when she finished her book. She laid on the bed thinking about her father and remembering when she played with him. She remember what Queen Snowfall had told her. She sighed, knowing the Queen was right.
"I wished I could stay with my adopted parents for a while," Luna thought.
She sat up and climbed off her bed. As she walked out of her room, her horn stopped glowing. She walked to the end of the hall and looked out the window. She saw the soldiers on the wall and wondered what Buster and Charades were doing? She winked to the wall and walked around till she couldn't find Buster and Charades.
"What's wrong, Princess?" a soldier asked, noticed her searching for someone.
"I'm looking for Buster and Charades."
"They took a brake and went to town with a few others."
"Oh," Luna muttered. "How about Banner?"
"He's busy walking to the Kings."
"Oh," Luna was depressed and bored. She turned around and walked on the wall towards the back of the castle. There were a few soldiers around but it was mostly deserted. She winked to the ground and walked to a clear spot. She looked up and noticed how cloudy it was.
"I guess I could watch the clouds for a while," Luna folded her wings and laid on the grass looking up at the sky. She saw a few clouds drifting by, some had shapes that looked like ponies playing together. She smiled as she imagined seeing her friends and her playing.
Just then she heard a rustling noise. Luna sat up and looked at the bushes near the small pond. She stood up and walked close to the bushes. When she put her face close to the bush something glittery flew at her face. Luna coughed and then she stood tall with her eyes half closed staring ahead.

Skyview stood in the resting room, listening to Stardust talking when Skyview heard a noise outside. It sounded like Luna coughing. He wondered if she was catching a cold or something. He turned and walked to the balcony. Starfire was standing on the other end of the room listening when he noticed Skyview on the balcony. Starfire quietly walked around Stardust and went to the balcony.
"What is so interesting that you couldn't listen to Stardust?" Starfire asked in a whispering voice.
"Doesn't something seem odd about Luna? And where did that bushwoolie come from?" Skyview asked.
Stardust noticed his brothers on the balcony. It was obvious they weren't listening.
"What are you two doing?" Stardust asked them.
Skyview turned around and looked at King Sunrise, who sat in a chair. "Did you bring a bushwoolie with you?"
"King Sea Mist?" Skyview asked.
"I don't have any bushwoolies living here," King Sea mist replied
"Why do you want to know?" King Sunrise asked.
"There's a bushwoolie with Luna and she's...just standing there," Skyview explained.
Stardust stood up and hurried to the balcony with King Sea Mist, King Sunrise and Banner behind him. They stood and watched the light purple bushwoolie.
Stardust stared at the bushwoolie, something about it felt familiar. Was there something else he had forgotten?
Suddenly Stardust felt a slight headache. He closed his eyes and saw flashbacks of that same purple bushwoolie.
"Stardust?" his brothers called to him.
Stardust opened his eyes. "That's Wishes."
"Wishes?" they all asked.
"He lived with our parents and was captured by Star Cluster," Stardust explained.
"I bet he was sent here by Star Cluster to catch Luna," Starfire guessed.
The thought of it made Stardust mad. How could Star Cluster do that to their family friend?
"Skyview, get me down there!" Stardust ordered him.
Skyview's horn began to glow. He leaned his head down and touched Stardust.
Stardust was instantly winked to the ground. He bolted into a run, heading straight at Wishes who gasped when he saw Stardust. Wishes curled into a ball and was chased all over the garden. Stardust was with in inches of stomping Wishes. He chased Wish right to left and into a bush next to the castle wall. Stardust parted the bushes to see where Wishes went. He saw a hole that went under the wall.

"She's not even budging," Starfire observed.
"I can see that. I'll go check on her," Skyview winked out and appeared next to Luna.
"Luna!" Skyview called to her but Luna stood and stared as if she never even heard him.
Stardust hurried over to Luna and shook her but she didn't wake up.
"Stardust, throw some water on her," Skyview suggested.
Stardust picked up Luna and set her by the pond. He bent down and splashed water in Luna's face.
Luna blinked a few times then shook the water from her face. She looked around and was puzzled at to why she was at the pond.
"Luna, are you ok?" Stardust asked.
"I...guess so," Luna replied as she looked around.
"What happened?" Skyview asked her.
Luna looked up at him wondering what he was talking about. As far as she knew, nothing happened.
"Luna," Stardust called her, hoping she would answer the question.
"What happened?" Luna asked. "What do you mean?"
Stardust and Skyview looked at each other surprisingly.
"You don't remember the bushwoolie?" Stardust asked her.
"Bushwoolie?" Luna asked. She remembered Buster saying something about a bushwoolie a while back but she had never seen one.
"What's a bushwoolie?" Luna asked him.
They stood and stared at her, wondering how could she not remember what she just saw.
"You don't remember what just happened?" Skyview asked her.
Luna took a few steps back, feeling a bit scared. What were they talking about?
Stardust noticed they were scaring Luna. It was obvious she'd never remember what had happened. He smiled. "Just forget it Luna." He walked up to her and rubbed her cheeks. "It wasn't that important."
Stardust turned and looked at Skyview, he walked close to him whispering into his ear, "Go back to the others. I don't want anyone telling her about this."
"Ok," Skyview replied.
"She has no memories of what happened so there's no need to try and get her to remember."
Skyview winked out leaving Stardust and Luna alone.
"Luna, what were you doing out here?" Stardust ask.
"I was bored and thought I'd watch the clouds's no fun doing it alone," Luna answered sadly.
Stardust walked to her, "Would you like to stay with me in the resting room?"
"Yeah!" Luna answered excitedly.
"Don't interrupt though," Stardust told her.
They turned and headed into the castle. Luna rubbed her head against his black coat.
"I'm sorry Luna, I didn't think you'd want to sit and listen to us talk. I though you might get bored."
Luna smiled still rubbing on his coat, "I may be bored but I won't be alone."
Stardust smiled at her, knowing she was right.