Chapter 168: Banner's older brother

Stardust and his brothers had left the castle after their breakfast and was heading to the castle gate. Luna followed them closely.
"Can't I come too?" Luna asked.
"No," Stardust answered. "You'll be safer here." Stardust stopped and walked up to her then he gave her a cheek rub, "I'll be back. I'm just going to talk to King Sunrise. I'll be back for dinner."
"Ok," Luna replied, feeling disappointed that she couldn't leave the castle walls.
Stardust and his brother stood at the gate and waited till it was opened. They walked through the gate and along the dirt road. Luna followed them from on top of the wall till they had disappeared from her sight.

Stardust and his brother walked down the mountain. When they got close to town they hid in the bushes making sure no one saw them. They walked through the forest and around the base of the mountain.
"I don't see why we have to go with you. You’re the one who’s going to talk to him," Skyview remarked.
"I want King Sunrise and his soldiers to get to know us, so when the other two Kings arrive King Sunrise will tell them about it. They'll more likely to believe King Sunrise than us or the soldiers at Moonlight castle," Stardust answered.
"Oh," Skyview replied.
When they reached the other side of the mountain, they could see a pony army with tents lined up in rows. The Soldiers were alerted to their presents. They stood ready for the black ponies to attack, even though their King had explained everything to them. It was obvious they didn't believe their King or found it hard to believe.
King Sunrise walked out from a large yellow tent after hearing a commotion outside.
"Relax, everyone!" King Sunrise yelled. "It's alright, let them in the camp."
The soldiers stood aside letting the black ponies pass them. They walked up to the yellow tent where King Sunrise greeted them.
"Welcome, I'm glad you could come. Lets go inside and we could talk a bit.

Luna had left the castle wall and went to the Queen's garden. She sat by the water fountain and stared at it. Stardust had been busy a lot lately, he hardly played with her now. She began to wonder if it was going to be like that when they get Dream Castle back? She spent a lot of time with her uncles but she felt a strong bond and need to be with Stardust more. Luna was so busy thinking about her father that she didn't see Queen Snowfall approach her.
"Is something wrong Princess Luna?"
Luna jumped, she hadn't expected someone in the garden with her. She was sure she was alone.
"Dad, he's always busy," Luna answered.
"I know he is," Queen Snowfall replied, "He's doing his best to get Dream Castle back. Don't you want to see you mother again and live at Dream Castle?"
"Yes, I do but-."
"Princess Luna, he's King of Ponyland and you'll learn the things he does to rule his land. Believe me, you'll spend lots of time with him then."
Luna looked up at her with a confused look, "What do you mean? How hard is it to rule a land?"
"It's not easy. There are problems to solve, storing up food for each week, The up keep of the Castle, decisions to make, managing trades and money that goes through his land. All that he has to do everyday. Please don't worry if your afraid he won't have time for you. If your that worried why don't you talk to him about it?" Queen Snowfall suggested.
Luna had no idea ruling a land required more than sitting on a throne. She smiled at the Queen, "I'll ask him sometime.
Queen Snowfall smiled at her. She could see Luna was no longer worried or confused.
"I think I'll go and see how Buster and Charades are doing," Luna told the Queen.

She winked out and appeared on the castle wall, surprising a few soldiers.
"Where's Buster and Charades," Luna asked the soldier.
He pointed to the end of the wall, "Charades is over there." Then he pointed to the other side of the wall, "Buster is there."
"Thanks," Luna winked to Charades.
"Luna, how are you today?" Charades asked.
"I'm fine...just board."
"How do you stay up here day after day? doesn't it get boring?" Luna asked.
"At times it does but on our brake we leave and visit the town or rest."
"I wish I could visit the town," Luna muttered sadly.
Charades didn't know what to tell her. She already knew why she wasn't allowed out of the walls.
Luna stared in the distance hoping one day she would get to explore outside the castle walls. As she looked she noticed an orange male pony with green, blue and pink hair walking on the dirt road towards the castle.
"Who is that?" Luna asked.
"I'm not sure," Charades answered.
The pony walk along the wall to the gate and yelled to the soldiers, "I'm here to see Banner!"
Banner heard a familiar voice saying his name. He left the gate and hurried up the steps to see the pony. He was quite surprise to see the pony standing there.
" it...really you?" Banner asked surprisingly.
"Yes, it is."
"Where have you been all this time?" Banner asked.
"I'm not going to stand here talking to you like this. Let me in and I'll tell you."
Banner turned towards the soldiers on the ground, "Open the gate!"
The four soldiers opened the gate letting Cameroun in. He walked through the gate meeting up with Banner who hurried down the steps.
"Cameroun, it's good to see you," Banner commented.
Cameroun smiled, "Yes, it's good to see you too."
Luna just had to know who the pony was. She walked along the wall and stood at the steps staring curiously at the pony.
"Where have you been?" Banner asked him.
"Traveling till I came across King Sunrise's kingdom. I join the army and became second in command. I've spent years working my way up to Captain and I'm getting close to being one," Cameroun answered.
"Your in King Sunrise's army?" Banner asked. "You could have stayed and joined the army at Dream Castle."
"Only one of us can be captain so I left to find another army. When I heard you were here, I asked King Sunrise if I could come and see you. I even stopped in town on my way here," Cameroun noticed something white on the steps, he looked up and stared surprisingly at Luna. Banner turned to see what he was staring at.
"That is Princess Luna, daughter of King Stardust and Queen Royal Heart," Banner told him.
"It's really true then...a flying unicorn?" Cameroun asked.
"Yes, it is," He answered, "Luna, I want you to meet someone."
Luna hurried down the steps and walked up to Banner.
"Luna, I want you to meet Cameroun my brother."
Luna looked at him surprisingly, ""
Cameroun smiled, "Yes I am. I'm older than Banner and not quite as hard as he is."
Luna smiled at him. She looked up a Banner, "I didn't know you had a brother."
"I do. Just one brother and two sisters," Banner answered.
"Two sisters?" Luna asked.
Banner smiled at her, "Yes." He turned and looked at Cameroun, "You'll have to go see them sometime."
"How are they doing?" Cameroun asked.
"They're married and doing fine," Banner replied.

Stardust and his brothers were in the tent talking and laughing. They sat on the ground with a blanket on the ground, eating. Starfire couldn't help but think of how sad and board Luna must be.
"Stardust, would you mind if I went back to Moonlight Castle?" Starfire asked him.
"Why?" Stardust asked.
"Luna, someone should watch her," Starfire replied.
"Oh, yes. That would be a good idea. I'll see you later then," Stardust replied.
Starfire stood up and left the tent. Soldiers nearby watched him. He took a leap in the air and flapped his wings. He flew from camp to Moonlight castle on the mountain. It didn't take him long till he saw the castle. He flew over the tree tops and pass the castle wall. He flew from the back of the castle to the front and noticed Luna talking to Banner and another pony that he had never seen before. Starfire circled around the yard and landed next to Luna.
"Starfire, you came back," Luna exclaimed, happy to see him.
"I wanted to see if you would like to play," Starfire replied.
Starfire smiled, "What would you like to play then?"
"Rope toss."
"That doesn't surprise me. Go get the rope and meet me at the water fountain."
Luna winked out.
Starfire turned to the orange pony, "Hi."
"Uh..Hi," He replied, nervously.
"You came to play with her?" Banner asked.
"Yes and I thought one of us should watch Luna, so I came back," Starfire replied. He turned and saw Luna standing at the water fountain with the rope at her feet.
"Would you excuse me?" Starfire turned and hurried over to Luna.
"You know the rules?" Starfire asked.
"Yes," Luna answered.
"Ok, lets play then," Starfire took the rope and walked to a clearing. He stood facing Luna and waited till she was ready. He tossed the rope in the air and waited till it came back down. When the rope was close, Starfire stood on his hind legs to grab the rope. Suddenly, Luna jumped up and took the rope from him. She turned and ran with Starfire behind her. She jumped in the air and flew as fast as she could. Starfire flew from the ground and was quickly gaining on her. Luna had learned from her previous games with him that she would have to do air tricks just to keep the rope from his reach.
They spent most of the day playing while Banner and Cameroun talked and watched them.