Chapter 167: First Arrivel

Stardust was sleeping peacefully in bed when someone shook him. Stardust slowly opened his eyes and saw a light pink pony pegasus with red and purple hair.
"Sorry to wake you but King Sea Mist wants to see you," she quickly said and then left the room.
Stardust yawned as he climbed out of bed. He stretched his front legs and then his back legs. He was about to leave the room when he heard a noise outside. He walked to his balcony and looked on the ground below him. There was a small group of soldiers wearing armor and swords. Around their legs was a metal band. They stood in 2 rows lined up to the gate. Stardust wondered if a King had arrived, one that was going to help him defeat Star Cluster.
He left his room and went downstairs. He walked towards the soldiers that guarded the throne room, he expected them to stop him but they didn't.
"The King is expecting you," one of them said.
Stardust walked in the throne room and saw another King talking to King Sea Mist.
Stardust walked towards them as they talked.
"King Stardust, this is King Sunrise," King Sea Mist introduced him.
King Sunrise was a light yellow pony with yellow and white hair. He wore a golden crown on his head.
"King Sea Mist was telling me about you. I even saw the painting but's all very hard to believe. The Black ponies are know to be servants of Star Cluster and they're not to be trusted but..." King sunrise paused. "But still that painting I saw of you, Queen Royal Heart and the it all true?"
"Yes, it's all very true. I am the King of Ponyland. Star Cluster is my little brother. The Princess is my daughter. The painting you saw was taken out of the castle to hide anything that could reveal that there really is a King of Ponyland. I do not expect you to trust me after the things we've done. I hope during your stay you'll get to know me better," Stardust replied.
"I was told that Star Cluster had made everyone forget who the King of Ponyland is and after thinking about it...I can't remember either," King Sunrise remarked.
"Once Star Cluster is defeated, everyone will remember," Stardust paused, he could sense Luna moving. "Would you like to meet Luna?"
"Luna?" King Sunrise asked.
"Princess Luna, my daughter."
"Yes, I would love to," King Sunrise replied, he was anxious to meet the Princess the winged unicorn that he had heard for so many years.
"I think she's waking up. Follow me, I'll take you to her," Stardust proposed.

Luna climbed out of bed and stretched her legs, then she flapped her wings to wake them up. She brushed her long white hair and left her room. She walked down the hall pass Skyview's room to look out the window. Since she didn't have a window in her room, she looked out the window in the hall before having breakfast with her father. As she looked, she noticed a row of soldiers that she had never seen before. It excited her to see ponies she hadn't seen before. She left the window and hurried to Stardust room wondering if he knew about the soldiers.
She opened the door and saw Skyview and Starfire eating but her father wasn't there.
"Where's dad?" Luna asked.
"I'm not sure," Skyview replied.
Luna shut the door before they could say anything else. She hurried downstairs, hoping the King and Queen would know where her father was. She had reached the bottom stairs and turned the corner when she bumped into Stardust.
"Dad!," Luna exclaimed, she hadn't noticed King Sunrise staring at her with fascination.
"Where did those soldiers come from?...who are they?...why are they here..." Luna continued to asked.
Stardust smiled, "Luna, I want you to meet King Sunrise," Stardust pointed to the pony next to him, "Those soldiers are his and he's here to help us get Dream Castle back."
Luna stared at King Sunrise, he was the second pony King she had meet. She began to feel a bit nervous from his stare.
King sunrise smiled at her, "It's nice to meet you. I was starting to wonder if the rumors about you were just rumors but now I see it's true."
"Rumors?" Luna asked.
"Queen Royal Heart had a daughter, a winged Unicorn. Star Cluster wants her and will not stop till he had her," King Sunrise explained.
"Oh," Luna replied.

Just then Skyview and Starfire walked downstairs, they were curious as to what was going on with Luna. When the reached the bottom step, they saw Luna and Stardust talking to a pony.
Stardust turned around and saw his brothers, "Skyview, Starfire. This is King Sunrise."
"Hi," They replied.
King Sunrise couldn't help but feel a bit nervous with the three of them together. He had seen and heard so much about them. Could he really trust them?
"Stardust...I mean King Stardust, I should be going. I'll talk to you tomorrow," King Sunrise said to him.
"You're not staying here?" Stardust asked.
"No, I'm camping at the bottom of the mountain, on the other side so the town won't see us. I have a very large army with me, they should be done setting up their tents. Please forgive me but I've traveled far and I'm tired."
"It's alright. We can talk tomorrow but I'm not going to start making plans till the other kingdoms gets here," Stardust replied.
"Other Kingdoms? you mean there's more that's going to join too?" King Sunrise asked surprisingly.
"Yes, there should be two more Kingdoms coming. They're quite far from here so it'll take them awhile to get here," Stardust replied.
"Well, I'll be watching out for them. Goodbye, King Stardust. Goodbye Princess Luna, it was a pleasure to get to see you," King Sunrise turned and left the castle. Luna hurried outside to see him leave. The soldiers that stood in two lines, stared surprisingly at Luna. Her white coat was blinding in the sunlight. Her hair blew in the wind.
King Sunrise turned to see what they were staring at and smiled when he saw Luna.
"Alright, lets go!" King Sunrise was in front of the line, marching them through the castle gates.
Luna winked to the wall catching a few soldiers by surprise. She stood with her head over the castle wall watching the soldiers walking. A few of them couldn't take their eyes off of her. Luna winked to the end of the wall in a corner and sat watching as they approached.
"Haven't you ever seen soldiers marching before?" Charades asked as he approached her.
"No, I haven't. There are no soldiers in the other wold like the ones in this world. It's a bit different," Luna replied.
"How different?" Charades asked.
"They don't go marching around. Royal ponies don't walk from place to place, they're put in carriages. There are no castle walls like this one, they're more like iron gates," Luna answered.
"Oh, well. This world is very different than the other world. Royal ponies in this world walk from place to place with soldiers around them. Most of the castles have walls similar to this one."
"Does Dream Castle have walls like this one?" Luna asked.
"Yes but it's a bit wider," Charades replied.
Luna stood on the wall talking to Charades and watching the soldiers till she could no longer see them.
"I guess I'm going inside and see if I can bug my...uncles," Luna smiled then she winked out.