Chapter 164: Is there a cure for her?

Skyview hurried to the throne room and stood before the King and Queen.
"Luna is sick and I need a doctor," Skyview quickly said.
"Princess Luna? She's sick?" Queen Snowfall asked surprisingly.
"Yes and her fever is rising," Skyview replied.
"Oh, Princess Luna." Queen Snowfall said worriedly. "I must go see her."
"I'll go with you, Snowfall," King Sea Mist proposed. He looked at Skyview. "I can send for a doctor."
"No, it would be faster if I brought him here myself."
"Alright. Go to town and asked for Redshoe," King Sea Mist replied. "He's the royal doctor."
Skyview wasted no time. He winked to town catching the ponies by surprise. Skyview had been in town quite a few times that he was sure he knew where the doctor's building was. He walked on the boardwalk passing the surprised ponies. He could here them whispering among themselves. Some talked about Luna and how they saw her playing with them. Others talked about how the black ponies might be related to Luna. Skyview wasn't surprised that ponies outside the wall might have heard all about it. Some of the soldiers could very well have said something about it while they were in town.
Skyview came to a pink building. It had a sign above the door 'Doctor's Healing Center'
Skyview walked in and surprised the ponies that were in the waiting room. He walked up to the desk and saw a yellow unicorn with pink hair, approaching him from another room.
"Can...can you?" The unicorn stuttered afraid to talk to him.
"I need to talk to Redshoe."
"He's busy at the moment."
Skyview couldn't help but feel being in the doctor's office and asking for the doctor felt familiar.
"This is very important. I need to talk to him now!" Skyview exclaimed getting impatient.
The unicorn stepped back, "I'll..get him then." She turned and hurried into another room. Skyview could hear their low whisperings.
"Skyview is here," the unicorn whispered.
"Here? Are you serious?"
"He could be here to take you to Star Cluster," she whispered.
"Lets go find out."
The doctor left the room with the unicorn beside him.
"You wanted to talk to me?" Redshoe asked. He was dark pink with white, pink and light pink hair.
"You have to come with me to Moonlight Castle."
"Moonlight Castle? You don't mean Dream Castle?" the unicorn asked.
"No, me and my brothers are not with Star Cluster anymore...Redshoe, this is urgent. You have to come with me."
"Is the King or Queen sick?" Redshoe asked.
"No, It's Princess Luna. She's sick," Skyview answered.
"Princess Luna?" They asked.
"Queen Royal Heart's and King Stardust's daughter...I do not have time to explain. Get what you need and I'll take you to Princess Luna!" Skyview exclaimed.
The ponies in the waiting room listened with fascination.
Redshoe hurried to another room, grabbed his bag and hurried back to the waiting room.
"Stand still," Skyview told him. His horn began to glow as he lowered his head. The minute his horn touched him, they winked out and reappeared in Luna's room.

Stardust was sitting on the floor and leaning on the bed. Luna was sleeping, her breathing became heavy and her fever had risen. King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall and Starfire were in the room watching worriedly.
"Stardust, I brought him," Skyview announced.
Stardust looked up at him. "Do something. She's getting worse."
"Ok, give me some room then," Redshoe told him.
Stardust stood up and stepped back. Redshoe checked Luna's forehead, then he looked at her eyes and mouth. He took the covers off and checked her breathing. Luna began to shake. Her coat was damp. Redshoe was surprised to learn that the Princess was indeed a winged unicorn.
He shook Luna. "Princess, can you wake up?'
Luna slowly opened her eyes and saw a pony she had never seen before.
"I am a doctor and I need to know how your feeling."
"Tired and hot," Luna muttered.
"Tired or weak?"
Luna wasn't sure. Was she weak or simply tired?
"Can you sit up for me?" Redshoe asked.
Luna lifter her head and tried to sit up in her bed but she couldn't. She just didn't have the energy to.
"Are you hungry?" he asked her.
"No,"she whispered.
Redshoe covered her with blankets and told her to go back to sleep.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
Redshoe turned around and saw how worried Stardust was. He had seen the black ponies before but seeing them now, they did not seem like the ponies he had once seen before. They actually cared about the Princess.
"When did she first start feeling bad?" Redshoe asked.
"After she ate the cookies in that box," Starfire answered, pointing to the green box on the night stand. Redshoe walked to the night stand and picked up the box. He sniffed the box and then sat it down.
"It has a strange smell," Redshoe commented.
"What's wrong with her?" Stardust asked.
"She's got a rare poison which leave it's victims very weak with and extremely high fever," Redshoe answered.
"Can you cure her?" Stardust asked.
"No I can't. I need a flower called Star Flowers. They're very rare. I myself have not seen one and I don't know anyone who has. If you can find a Star Flower and bring it to me before sun set tomorrow I can cure her."
"Why sun set tomorrow?" Starfire asked.
"At the rate Princess Luna is looking, she won't last past tomorrow."
Everyone had a surprised and worried look on their faces.
Stardust looked down at Luna who was sound asleep. He rubbed his face on hers, then he looked up at the others, "Who would know where we can get a Star Flower?"
Everyone was silent as they tried to think.
"The Flutter Ponies. They might know or heard of a Star Flower," King Sea Mist suggested.
"Yes, they're the only ones who might know. Starfire, fly to Flutter Valley and ask about the Star Flower. Hurry you have until tomorrow. Do not stop or waste time."
"I'll go as fast as I can," Starfire ran to the balcony and flew towards the sky. With in minutes he was like a blur streaking across the sky.

Stardust sat beside Luna's bed with his head on her pillow. A tear fell from his eye as he dreaded the thought of losing her. The others turned and left the room. They could sense Stardust wanted to be alone in the room with his daughter. They knew none of them would get any sleep until Starfire came back.