Chapter 163: Feeling ill

Luna woke up in her bed. She stretched and yawned as she listened to the birds chirping. She hadn't forgotten what her father said about Star Cluster. It was hard to believe he was her uncle.
She sat up in bed and yawed a few more times before she noticed a small green box on her night stand. There was a dark green bow on top of the box with a small card attached to the box.
Luna picked up the box and read the card. 'To the Princess, I hope you enjoy these.' The writing was very fancy and elegant.
Luna quickly opened the box and saw three plain cookies. She took one and ate it. It tasted good almost as good as it smelled. She had finished the box and left it on her night stand.
Luna got off her bed and left her room. She went to her father's room just as the servants had brought their breakfast in the room. Luna followed them in the room and sat on the floor by her father.
"Good morning, Luna," Skyview and Starfire said to her.
"Good morning," Luna replied.
When the servants left, Luna and the black ponies began eating. The black ponies were almost done except for Luna who was eating her pancakes slowly. For once she no longer felt like eating them. Maybe she was finally getting tired of pancakes or she was still feeling tired.
Stardust was the first to finish and noticed Luna wasn't halfway done yet.
"What's wrong, Luna?" Stardust asked. "You're usually the first to finish."
"Oh, I guess I'm just tired. Still to early to eat," Luna replied.
"Hurry and eat so we can play."
"Play?" Luna asked sounding surprised that he was going to play with her today.
"Since the letters were sent off yesterday and there's not much to do until I hear from them. So, I have plenty of time to play with you," Stardust explained.
Luna smiled. She was happy that she was finally get to play with her father and uncles.

When Luna and her uncles finished, they went outside to play. Luna noticed the sky was very cloudy and thought it was a perfect time to watch the clouds.
"Want to watch the clouds?" Luna asked.
"Watch the clouds?" Skyview asked.
"Yeah it's fun," Luna replied.
"I used to do it when I snuck away from Dream Castle," Stardust commented.
"Ok, lets go watch the clouds then," Skyview replied.
They walked to the back of the castle and laid in the grass. Soon they began to see shapes in the clouds. They laughed and joked with each other as Luna listened.
"This isn't too bad," Starfire commented.
"Really?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
"Don't sound do surprised. I do like to relax every now and then."
"You do?" Skyview asked surprisingly, "And here I thought you didn't know how to relax."
Starfire turned his head and glared at him. "I'm surprised you even know how to play. All you do is relax."
"That's because there's more to do than playing."
"Playing makes the day easier to handle," Starfire replied.
"Have your two won an argument yet?" Stardust asked them.
"No," they answered.
Luna smiled but her smiled quickly faded, she felt even more tired than this morning and a little hot.
Stardust looked at Luna and saw something was troubling her.
"What's the matter?" Stardust asked.
When he didn't get a response right he got worried. "Luna?"
"Sorry, dad. I guess I'm just tired."
"Still tired?" Starfire asked.
"You had more sleep than anyone in the castle," Skyview pointed out.
Stardust put his hoof on her forehead, "You're a bit warm, Luna."
"Maybe I caught a cold when I spent the mornings on the balcony," Luna guessed.
"I doubt that. You would have gotten sick sooner. Luna, why don't you just go and lay down for awhile. I'll check and see how your doing later," Stardust suggested.
Luna sat up and paused. She felt even worse sitting up than laying down. She stood up and left heading back into the castle.
Stardust sat up and watched her. "Starfire, go with her and see that she gets to bed."
Starfire stood up and followed her into the castle.

Luna walked the halls and up the steps. She suddenly stopped half way up the stairs, staring at the step. She suddenly felt dizzy and was starting to loose her balance. She would have fallen down the stairs if Starfire wasn't there to hold her up.
"Luna, it's a good thing Stardust had me go with you."
Luna turned and smiled at him, "Thanks. I just got..a little dizzy."
Luna continued up the stairs and through the hall to her room. The longer she was on her feet the more tired she felt. Starfire helped Luna into bed and covered her with a blanket. He smiled at her but Luna felt to tired to smile. Starfire touched her forehead. "Your quite warm, Luna. How do you feel?"
"Tired and hot."
Starfire was worried. He didn't think she had a cold, but wasn't sure what she had caught.
"Sleep well, Luna," Starfire whispered to her. He closed her curtains and was about to leave the room when he noticed an empty green box on her night stand. He picked up the box to get a closer look. Luna turned her head to see what he was doing when she didn't hear the door close.
"Someone gave that to me," Luna commented.
"Who?" Starfire asked curiously.
"I don't know. It was addressed to me. It had some cookies in it though."
Starfire smelled the box. It had a strange flower smell to it. "Are you sure it was cookies?"
Starfire didn't know what to make of it. Who would give her a box of cookies that didn't smell like cookies? Maybe it was Stardust since he's such a good cook or maybe one of the servants? Starfire set the box on the table. "I'll see you later." Starfire left her room and went outside to join his brothers on the grass.
"How is she?" Skyview asked.
"She's tired and hot or so she told me when she got in bed."
"Hot?" Stardust asked.
"She felt quite warm and on the way up the stairs and she got dizzy and almost fell."
Stardust looked at him worriedly. "That does not sound like a cold to me. Skyview ask Charades what are Luna's symptoms when she's sick."
"Ok," Skyview winked out.
"Stardust, did you give her a small green box?" Starfire asked.
"No, why do you ask?"
"Someone gave Luna a green box of cookies. I was curious if you gave it to her."
Stardust stood up, "Did she eat them?"
"I guess she did. It was empty when I picked it up."
Just then Skyview winked in front of Stardust. "He said Luna gets a headache, feels warm and sleeps a lot. He also said she has...power bursts at times."
"Something isn't right. I can just feel it," Stardust walked into the castle with his brothers behind him. They hurried up the stairs, through the hall and quietly walked into Luna's room.
"Where is it?" Stardust asked.
"On her night stand," Starfire whispered.
Stardust walked to her night stand and saw the green box.
"It has an odd smell to it," Starfire whispered.
Luna was half asleep when she heard whispering. She turned her head and saw her father holding the box.
"Luna where did you get this?" Stardust asked.
"I found it there this morning," Luna answered.
"And you don't know who gave it to you?"
"No, I have no idea. There was a card that came with it though."
Stardust looked for the card and found it in the box. He took the small card out and read it to himself. After a few minutes of staring at the card he felt the writing was familar. It was too fancy for an ordinary pony.
"I doubt the servants gave this to you," Stardust muttered. "It looks like..." Stardust paused and looked at Luna. She shouldn't know who gave it to her or it would worry her.
Stardust put the box down and walked over to her and sat on her bed.
"When did you start feeling bad?" Stardust asked.
Luna was feeling hotter every minute. "This morning."
Stardust touched her forehead. "Your warmer than before. Luna, I'll be back."
He stood up and left the room with his brothers behind him, "That card was written by Star Cluster."
"What?!" They exclaimed.
"But this doesn't make sense. Why would he want her sick?" Stardust asked.
"It is rather strange. I thought he wanted to catch her," Skyview commented.
"Something does not seem right. What is the purpose in getting her sick?" Stardust asked himself. He stood silently wondering about it. "Skyview, I want you to get a doctor. Starfire get my pillow and blankets. I'll be sleeping with Luna tonight."
"Ok," they replied.
Skyview walked down the stairs while Starfire went to Stardust's room.
Stardust walked into Luna's room and felt her forehead. She was running a fever. He was very worried for her and all he could do at the moment was watch her.

Star Cluster paced in the throne room. He wore a crown on his head and a key around his neck.
"Just what are you worried about?" The voice asked him. You said you couldn't catch her no matter what you tried, so my idea has to work."
Star Cluster stopped, "But killing her?"
"Yes, if you can't catch her then kill her, and the best part is, that the cure is extremely hard to find. It's not likely those three brothers of yours will ever find the cure," The voice explained.
"Don't tell me your getting soft, Star Cluster!"
"No, I'm worried about how mad Stardust will be when he finds out about this."
"Stop worrying, I guarantee you no one will find the cure," the voice assured him.
Deep down, Star Cluster did not like the idea of killing the Princess. He would rather catch her and use her as a servant like he had done with his brothers.