Chapter 162: Who is Star Cluster?

Early in the morning Stardust woke up from sleeping on the floor. He stood up and looked at Luna on his bed. She was still sleeping with her feet stretched out and her wings sticking out from the covers. Stardust shook Luna, "Time to get up."
Luna slowly opened her eyes and then she yawned.
"Good morning, Luna," Stardust whispered to her.
Luna turned her head and smiled.
"Feeling better?" Stardust asked.
"yes I am. I actually got some sleep," Luna replied.
Stardust smiled, "Well, you don't have to worry about having another nightmare."
Just then Skyview and Starfire walked in his room and smiled when they saw Luna.
"Good morning, Luna," They exclaimed happily.
"Good morning," Luna replied.
"Did you sleep ok?" Starfire asked walking towards her.
Luna sat up in bed, "Yes, I did."
"That's good," Starfire replied smiling.
"Stardust," Skyview began to say, "You told me last night you knew who Star Cluster was but wouldn't tell me till morning."
"You know who he is?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, I do. I want you two, Banner, Buster, Charades, King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall in the resting room," Stardust ordered.
"Ok. I'll go tell them," Skyview replied and then he winked out.
"What about breakfast?" Starfire asked.
"We can eat later," Stardust replied.
" Can I come too?" Luna asked, she was curious to know more about Star Cluster.
"Yes, I want you to hear this too," Stardust replied, "Lets go."
Luna jumped off the bed and followed Her father with Starfire behind her. They walked through the halls as the past her room. Stardust walked in the resting room and sat down on the couch with luna next to him and Starfire next to Luna. It wasn't long till the King, Queen, Skyview, Banner, Buster and Charades arrived. They walked in the room and sat on the other couch and chairs.
"Skyview tells us you have something important to tell us," King Sea Mist commented.
"Last night, me and my brothers found a Night Crystal in Luna's room," Stardust began to explain.
"What's that?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"It's a small blue crystal that turned good dreams into horrible nightmare. It was the reason why Luna had nightmares. She even kept herself awake all night and slept during the day," Stardust added.
"Awww...Princess Luna, are you ok now?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"Yes, I'm fine," Luna replied, leaning against Stardust.
Stardust continued, "Well, the night crystal gave me flash backs but I wasn't able to remember what they were till I had my dream. The dream I have every night." Stardust paused, "It was then that I remembered everything. What happened after we left Luna and Royal Heart at Dream Castle...I even know who Star Cluster is and where he came from."
"Who is he?" Banner asked anxiously. It was the one question he had asked himself for many years.
"He is our little brother," Stardust answered.
"What?!" They all asked.
" is that possible?" Starfire asked.
"He's a year younger than us," Stardust explained.
"He's..our little brother?" Starfire asked shockingly.
"He took your throne. He has no birthright to do such a thing," Skyview exclaimed.
"And to think we took orders from him," Starfire added, feeling a bit upset.
"I think deep down I always knew. It was probably why I couldn't stand taking orders from him," Stardust guessed.
"How or when...I...." Skyview didn't know how to asked.
"How did he take my crown and the Kingdom? When did he do all this?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Skyview replied.
"It was when we had received and urgent message about our little brother that he needed out help. So the three of us went to find him. We heard a deep voice in a cave saying that he was inside and desperately needed our help. So the three of us walked in side and searched for him."

"This doesn't seem right," Skyview muttered as he followed Stardust in the cave.
"If your little brother needs our help, we can't refuse it," Stardust replied.
They continued walking as got deeper into the cave. Skyview lit his horn once the light from the entrance could no longer reach them. Stardust stopped and looked around. Starfire and Skyview stopped and wondered what was wrong.
"He wouldn't be this far inside," Stardust finally realized. When they turned around to leave the cave, a pink and green sparkly cloud gushed inside the cave and surrounded them.
"What's going on?" Skyview asked.
"What is that?" Starfire asked staring at the cloud as it swirled around them rapidly.
"I...don't know," Stardust answered.
"What a surprise, Stardust doesn't know," a familiar voice echoed in the cave.
The Black ponies looked towards the cave entrance and saw a figure in the light walking towards them.
"Who are you?" Stardust asked.
The figure showed his face from the light, "don't tell me you forgot your little brother?"
"Star Cluster!" the three of them cried.
"What's going on?" Stardust asked.
"Where did you get...the power?" Skyview asked.
"This staff, it was given to me," Star Cluster held the staff towards him, "don't try and walk through the cloud, it'll erase your memories. Don't try to wink behind me, the pink cloud is there to keep you from winking out."
"What?...What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this?" Skyview exclaimed.
"Your our little brother!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Exactly...I'm nothing be pretty boy to you," Star Cluster shot a beam of green light at Skyview, turning him green and instantly knocking him out.
Starfire gasped when Skyview hit the ground. Starfire looked up at Star Cluster and he to was suddenly hit with the same green beam of light. he fell to the ground and laid on the rocky dirt unconscious.
"What is the meaning of this?" Stardust asked yelling at him.
"I'm taking what I deserve. Mom and dad had no plans in giving me an inheritance of the kingdom so I'm taking what rightfully belongs to me," Star Cluster answered.
"What are you talking about. They gave you your..." Stardust never got a chance to finish what he wanted to say.
"No they did not. I heard them myself!" Star Cluster cried.
For a second Stardust thought he saw a tear out of his eye. Did an inheritance mean that much to him?
"Your Crown, your Kingdom...all that belongs to you will be mine!"
"No!" Stardust yelled loudly, suddenly he remembered his little baby girl. "My little girl and royal heart, what will happen to them?"
Star Cluster was shocked, "your..girl? you have a daughter?"
"Star Cluster, get it over with. You can take care of his daughter later!" the deep voice exclaimed.
Stardust looked around wondering who's voice it was.
Suddenly a beam of green light shot out from the staff and hit Stardust. he fell to the ground. the last thing he saw was Star Cluster approaching him.
"You will not know who you are or who I am. In fact everyone who ever knew us will forget," Star Cluster said with a smile.

When Stardust finished telling his story, they sat quickly with surprised looks on their faces.
"You heard the voice?" Skyview asked.
"Yes and like you, I too saw no one but Star Cluster," Stardust answered.
"Pretty boy...You said that in the dungeon too," Skyview remembered.
"We used to call him pretty boy, he hated that name but it was true. He was a pretty boy and everyone knew it," Stardust explained.
"Did mom and dad really didn't give him an inheritance?" Starfire asked.
"They did but Star Cluster left before father could tell him," Stardust replied.
"What was it?" Skyview asked anxiously.
"He was to guard the Gate and keep the secret of the Gate. Since there was another gate found since then, he's got two to watch and who knows how many other gates there are," Stardust answered.
Everyone was silent and pondered on what Stardust had told him. Non of them could believe Star Cluster was the Black ponies brother.
"Um," Luna broke the silence, "does this mean he's my uncle too?"
"Yes, he is," Stardust answered.

Star Cluster stood on his balcony watching the distant hills when the raven landed on the railing next to him.
"They found the crystal," the bird quickly said.
"Who?" Star Cluster asked.
"Stardust, Skyview and Starfire. Stardust knew what the crystal was and took the princess out of the room," The bird replied. It turned into a beam of light and shot back into the key.
" it can't be!" Star Cluster cried, "He's remembered. He must know by now who I am."
"I told you he would get his memory back," the voice remarked.
"I know!" Star Cluster yelled, he became silent for a few minutes. "When I was little we had guests from another Kingdom stay here. The King and Queen had two boys and a girl. One night the boys went to Starfire's room and left something there. I was up at the time so I followed them. They left the room when Starfire began to make noises. I hurried to his room and found a glowing crystal, it was the first time I ever seen a Night Crystal. Starfire was having a nightmare. Father heard him and walked in. He got mad at me when he saw what I was holding. He blamed me for the Night Crystal and grounded me to my room. I heard Starfire crying when dad woke him up. I have never heard him cry before or since then. After that dad had all the crystals found and destroyed but years later on my journey I heard someone had the Night Crystal. I knew then that dad had missed a few." Star Cluster turned and walked to his bed. He climbed on the bed and laid down. "You could say I was always at the wrong place at the wrong time." Star Cluster laid on his pillow remembering when he was little and had gotten in trouble for holding the Night Crystal.