Chapter 161: To tired to dream bad dreams

The sun shined brightly through the drifting clouds. The wind was blowing slightly. It was a perfect day to relax outside. Luna left the castle with her head held low as she yawned a few times. She didn't see Skyview in the front so she walked around the back and saw him laying in the grass reading a yellow book. Lunarstar walked up to him, "Hi."
Skyview stopped reading and turned his head smiling, "Hi."
"What are you reading?" Luna asked.
"Just a story about a lost pony."
"Oh. Do you mind if I sit with you?" Luna asked.
"I guess not," Skyview replied.
Luna laid on the grass leaning up against his coat at his shoulders. Skyview still wasn't used to the thought of him being an uncle. He thought about it every time he saw her and wished he could remember.
"Want me to read it to you?" Skyview asked.
"Sure," Luna yawned.
As Skyview read the book, Luna felt even more tired. She tried to listen but her eyes felt to heavy to keep them opened. Her head slowly began to droop lower and lower till she had fallen fast asleep between her front legs.
Skyview stopped reading once he felt her head dropping. He looked and saw her sound asleep, he remembered during breakfast when she had fallen sleeping eating. Starfire left the castle and spotted Luna next to Skyview. He walked over to them only to find Luna asleep.
"She's asleep again?" Starfire exclaimed. "She's been doing that all day."
"Has she?" Skyview asked.
"I wonder if she's getting any sleep at night?" Skyview wondered out loud.
"Well, Stardust said not to let her sleep till she goes to bed," Starfire put his hoof on Luna and shook her, "Get up."
"Mmm?" Luna muttered.
"You can't sleep now. Come on, get up," Starfire repeated.
Luna slowly opened her eyes. She felt to comfortable to move.
"Come on, get up, Luna," Starfire repeated.
Luna slowly got to her feet yawning again.
"Luna, didn't you get any sleep last night?" Skyview asked.
"Some," Luna answered, she turned and left walking back into the castle to look for another spot to sleep.
"I better watch her," Starfire turned and left following Luna into the castle.
Skyview continued to watch till they were both gone. he couldn't help but wonder if there was something wrong with Luna.

Later that night Luna laid on her bed trying hard to keep awake. She heard the owls and crickets outside her baloney. She stared at her floor where the moonlight was shining, casting a shadow of the railings on her balcony. Her eyes felt very heavy and began to hurt from not sleeping. Her head was to heavy to hold up. Her body was beginning to relax, she lowered her head on the bed and quickly fell asleep.
It was after midnight when she began to dream, it was a nice dream but then it began to turn into a nightmare. Luna thrashed her feet, tears trickled down her cheek. She was moving so much that she fell on the floor and woke up. Luna hurried to the balcony and silently cried.
"Why?" Luna sobbed. "I can't sleep without having a horrible nightmare."

The next morning Luna was still awake when Starfire walked in to get her. He found her on the balcony half asleep.
Luna jumped at the sound of his voice. She turned and saw Starfire standing behind her.
"Are you ok?" Starfire asked.
"Yes I...just got up early."
"Oh well, it's breakfast time," Starfire reminded her. He didn't believe her, he knew something was wrong.
She left the balcony and followed Starfire into Stardust room where she and the black ponies eat together.
She walked in her father's room and saw Stardust and Skyview were already eating. There were two empty tray the sat next to them.
"Your late again, Luna," Stardust commented.
"This is the third time you were late and you never miss having the Queen's pancakes," Stardust added.
"Are you alright, Luna?" Skyview asked. He had worried about her since yesterday.
"I'm fine."
"No your not," Stardust quickly said. "Something is wrong. I can see it in your eyes, your hiding something."
Luna looked at her father, her eyes told him he was right but she tried not to show it on her face.
Stardust stood up and walked over to her, "Tell me Luna. If there's something wrong, you have to tell me," He gave her a cheek rub. "You're my daughter don't forget."
Luna could no longer hold her tears back, they trickled from her eyes and down her cheek. Luna turned around, feeling embarrassed.
"Luna, Please," Stardust whispered to her.
Luna tried to wipe the tears from her eyes with her front hooves.
"I..." Luna began to sob. "I...had a bad dream."
"A nightmare?" Stardust asked.
"Yeah," Luna replied still whipping the tears from her eyes. "I'm afraid to sleep...I have bad dreams every night...every time I try to sleep."
Stardust picked her up in his arms as she cried, covering her face with her front hooves. Stardust stood and watched her as she quickly fell asleep.
"Wow, she's asleep already?" Starfire asked surprisingly.
"She was tired and with her crying just simply wore her out," Stardust answered. He turned around and laid her on his bed then he sat down at his tray.
"She seems to be sleeping just fine now," Starfire observed.
They watched her for a few minutes as she slept peacefully.
"She didn't seem to have any problem sleeping yesterday," Skyview commented.
"Let her sleep till we're done eating. I want you two to keep her awake all day so she'll be so tired tonight that she'll want to sleep. Something about this whole thing doesn't feel right and I want to see her sleeping tonight," Stardust told them.
"Ok," they replied.

Later that night, Luna went to bed. She refused to sleep. She even passed around her room to keep awake, she tried reading and looking out her balcony. She tried counting and almost fell asleep doing it. She sat on her bed trying hard to keep awake but she felt even more tired than she had the other night. She laid on her bed trying her best to keep her eyes opened fearing what would happened if she fell asleep. Her eyes eventually close and soon she was sound asleep.
Skyview appeared to Stardust from his cloud form.
"She's asleep," Skyview reported.
"Good, lets go and keep quiet," Stardust led the way through the hall to her room. He opened the door and walked in. The three of them gasped when they saw Luna thrashing her feet and crying in her sleep. Skyview couldn't help but notice a faint glow under the bed. Skyview lowed his head and looked under the bed. "Stardust, look at this."
Stardust and Starfire both looked. Stardust knew immediately what it was but Skyview and Starfire had no idea what the glowing Crystal was or why it was glowing. Stardust hurried to Luna's bed, he forcibly held her tightly keeping her from throwing her feet in his face. He turned and hurried out of her room. Skyview noticed as soon as Luna was out of the room, the crystal stopped glowing. Stardust loosened his grip on Luna once he felt she was relaxing, soon she was sleeping peacefully in his arms.
"Stardust what...?" Skyview began to asked.
"Skyview take her to my bed," Stardust gave him Luna. Skyview took Luna and winked to Stardust room, he laid her on the bed and winked back to her room only to find Starfire crawling under the bed for the crystal. He stood up holding a small round blue crystal. Stardust took the crystal from him.
"What kind of crystal is that?" Starfire asked.
"It's a Night Crystal."
"A what?" Starfire asked.
"How do you know what it is?" Skyview asked. "I've never seen that before."
"I...don't know how I know what it is," Stardust answered.
"What does it do?" Starfire asked.
"How did it get in Luna's room" Skyview asked.
Stardust noticed something moving on the balcony from the corner of his eye. He looked up and saw a big black bird on the balcony, half in the room. The bird turned and quickly flew away.
"Starfire, quickly! get that bird!" Stardust pointed at the balcony.
Starfire looked just in time to see the bird fly away. He ran out of her room and flew from the balcony.
"What does that bird have to do with this?" Skyview asked.
"He was listening to us. If those soldiers at Paradise Estate were created by Star Cluster then that bird could have also been created by him," Stardust explained.
Several minutes later, Starfire flew back to the room landing on the balcony.
"Where's the bird?" Stardust asked.
" won't believe it but it turned into a beam of light and went straight towards Dream Castle," Starfire explained.
"Dream Castle?" Skyview asked.
"What a Night Crystal" Starfire asked.
"It's a crystal that turns your good dreams into nightmares," Stardust answered as he stared at the crystal. Something about it seemed familiar, he had seen it before but didn't know where. Suddenly images flashed before his eyes. It was so intense that he had to close his eyes. He held his head with one hoof as he felt a headache coming. His brother called to him but he couldn't answer till the flash backs were done.
"I'm fine," Stardust answered, "The rest of my memories just flashed before me." Stardust dropped the crystal and then pounced on it as hard as he could with his front hoofs. The Crystal broke to a million pieces. "I remembered, dad had all these crystals destroyed. It's obvious he missed one."
"Why did he destroy all of them?" Starfire asked.
"I can't remember the castle," Stardust paused. "I'm to tired to try and remember. I'm going to bed. I'll try to remember in the morning." He tuned and left the room heading back to his room. He took a pillow off his bed and laid on the floor, letting Luna have the whole bed to herself.

It was after midnight when Stardust began to have his nightmare, He kicked his feet and grunted a few time, then he yelled no. A few minutes later he jumped awake. He sat up and rubbed his face with his hooves. He stood up and looked at Luna to see if she was asleep. She hadn't moved since Stardust walked in the room.
He walked to his balcony and stood staring towards Dream Castle. He was so deep in thought that he didn't hear Skyview behind him.
"Dreaming again?" Skyview asked.
Stardust jumped, his fur stood on end. Stardust turned around glaring at him.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I honestly didn't mean to. I heard you and decided to check on you," Skyview quickly said.
Stardust turned and continued staring at the distant mountains.
"Is it that same nightmare?" Skyview asked.
"Yes it is."
"Is that it?" Skyview asked hoping he would say more.
"I remember everything. I remembered what happened after we left Luna at the castle. I know what the dream is about," Stardust paused as if he was afraid to tell him something. "I remember who Star Cluster is."