Chapter 160: Sending Letters

It was morning and the sun had woken Luna from her dreamless sleep. She yawned and stretched her legs, then she sat up. She looked around the room and knew it wasn't her room. She had forgotten she was in Stardust's room. It took her a few minutes to remember she had asked him to tell her a story about her mother.
She looked behind her wondering if her father was there but he wasn't. There was no one in the room.
Just then a pony carrying a tray walked in and laid it on the table.
"Umm...where's" Luna asked.
"He's in the resting room talking and doesn't want to be disturbed." The pony nodded her head and left.
Luna got off the bed and walked over to the table and began eating.

Stardust, Skyview, Starfire, Banner and the King were in the resting room on the couches talking.
"We need a large army," Stardust exclaimed. "A very large army."
"My army isn't that large," King Sea Mist replied.
"There's Ferris Castle, that would be willing to join us," Banner said, remembering Tucker the pony he meet at Alfeo Castle.
"Any others?" Stardust asked.
"Alfeo Castle, they might be willing to join us," Banner answered.
"We need more ponies," Stardust replied.
"No one is going to join us, I've tried over the year," Banner replied.
Stardust pondered on it. There had to be more Kingdoms that would easily switch sides. Stardust knew all the kingdoms and thought about three that might help.
"I think I know some. I want a note sent to them. It would probably be best if the note didn't say anything about me and my brothers," Stardust explained.
"What makes you think they'll join us?" Skyview asked.
"Because I know most of the Kings," Stardust answered.
"So do we and I highly doubt they would join us," Starfire replied.
"I'm telling you two I know them. We used to go to their parties all the time," Stardust exclaimed.
"We...did?" Starfire asked.
"Just wait until you guys get your memories back. You will see I was right," Stardust replied. "King Sea Mist, I will have to help you with the letters."
"Alright," King Sea Mist answered.
Just then Stardust sensed Luna at the door. "Starfire could you let Luna in?"
"Let Luna in?" Starfire asked.
"Yes. She's at the door."
Starfire stood up and walked to the door. When he opened it, he was surprised to see Luna standing there being blocked from entering by a soldier.
"It's alright, she can come in," Starfire told the soldier. The soldier stepped aside letting Luna in.
"Luna, is there something you want?" Stardust asked.
"I...I just...I was bored and wanted to know what you were doing," Luna answered.
"If you want to know, sit down but don't interrupt," Stardust replied.
Luna walked to her father and sat down next to him.
"Three armies?" Banner asked. "Will that be large enough?"
"It might depending on how soon Star Cluster hears about our plan. We will need the flutter ponies too. They would be a great help since boys can't fly," Stardust answered.
Starfire made a noise by pretending to clear his throat.
"Oh, sorry, Starfire. Besides you that is," Stardust added.
"Good luck finding the flutter ponies or asking for their help," Starfire exclaimed.
"Everyone knows how they like to be left alone," Skyview added.
"They returned to Flutter Valley. That's where I found Luna. Since they like her so much I'm sure they'll help us," Stardust replied. "Banner once they get here I want you and Charades to explain to the Kings about us."
"Ok," Banner replied.
"I do not want anyone calling Luna, Lunarstar," Stardust added.
"Why? It's my name," Luna remarked.
"In this world, your name is Luna. I do not want anyone to know what your other name is. I feel safer if they didn't know," Stardust explained. "So does everyone know what to do?"
"Yes," they all replied.

At Dream Castle in the throne room, Star Cluster sat on the throne looking worried. He wore his golden crown with the golden key around his neck.
"I can't get anyone inside the Moonlight Castle without a reason or having those soldiers doing searches," Star Cluster muttered. "How do I get Stardust and the Princess?"
"Try and get them out of the castle, then catch them," the voice suggested.
Star Cluster stood up from his throne. "Yes, that might work." He started walking, pacing in front of the throne. "I need something to draw them out. Something...ummm....something that'll make them come out. Something that'll drive them nuts. Wait a minute, it won't work with Stardust....but it might with his daughter. Something to drive her crazy and she'll want to leave the castle." Star Cluster stopped. "Like a nightmare. Yes, she can have nightmares every night. Intense nightmares." Star Cluster turned the key into a staff. He pointed at the water fountain. A beam of red light shot out from the staff and then a raven appeared.
"Find the Night Crystal and hide it under the Princess's bed at Moonlight castle. Watch her and let me know what happens," Star Cluster ordered the bird. The raven nodded his head and flew towards the windows. It shot through the glass window in a beam of light and the raven continued flying.
Star Cluster turned the staff back into a key and hung it around his neck.
"Night...Crystal?" The voice asked.
"You don't know what it is? Your as old as the hills and you don't know?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes I know. Don't push it Star Cluster. Remember we had a deal," the voice exclaimed. "I just haven't heard of that kind of crystal in a very, very long time. I'm surprise it's still around."
"There's not many left. Now to send a few soldiers to watch Moonlight Castle." Star Cluster left this throne and walked out of the room.