Chapter 16: Buster's Suspicions!

Lunarstar woke up early in the morning and went downstairs, in her earth pony form. She went to the kitchen to get a bite to eat before heading to school. Buster and Charades were in the Kitchen getting a glass of water.
"Good morning, Lunarstar." Charades Remarked.
"Good morning," Lunarstar replied as she poured herself a glass of milk.
As she was drinking the milk she happened to notice Buster starring at her, she put her glass down and looked him, "What?"
Suddenly Rosebud walked in the Kitchen, "Lunarstar, what are you doing? You have to get to school."
Lunarstar left her glass on the counter, grabbed her bag that hung on the door and ran outside.
Buster and Charades finished their glass of water and went outside to continue working.

Later that day Buster and Charades left the house and were walking through the park when Lunarstar ran into Charades.
"Are you alright?" Charades asked.
Lunarstar got to her feet, "I'm sorry."
"Were you in a hurry or something?" Buster asked.
"I'm just heading home to drop my bag off and then, I'm going to play with my friends." Lunarstar finished putting her books and papers back in her bag, "What are you two doing here? It's a little early to be leaving work."
"You father has been letting us go early scince the orders slowed down after Christmas," Charades answered
"Well, I got to go."
Charades moved to one for Lunarstar, "We'll see you tomorrow."
"Bye!" yelled lunarstar as she ran.
Buster kept watching her as she left the park.
"Buster, what's wrong with you? You've been quiet all day and never said anything to Lunarstar."
"I'm sorry, I've been thinking."
"About what?"
"Everything that has happened since we got here," Buster and Charades continued their walk through the park, "About the Ghost of Ponyland, her showing up in odd places like the concert a few weeks ago. We even saw her in the park getting a piece of paper which turned out to be Melody's paper a friend of Lunarstar."
"That was strange."
"Ever noticed when she disappears she leaves twinkling stars in her place?"
"What about it?"
"I saw those same stars the night we got here, remember? We thought someone was following us and all we found were..."
"Stars?" Charades asked, remembering the strange incident.
"We even saw those same stars the night we first saw her. I saw those same stars in Lunarstar's house."
"Are you sure about seeing stars in Lunarstar's house?"
"Yes. The Ghost has the ability to make things float like the time at the Concert and kind of like the time the ladder fell and missed Booster."
"You're not seriously thinking Lunarstar is the one we've been looking for! She's only..."
"I know, I know. She's only an earth pony but I can't help think of Lunarstar when I think of her...I mean...have you noticed they look very similar?"
"I've seen a few ponies that looks like Lunarstar."
"What about the time when Lunarstar was in a hurry and when we turned around, she's gone?"
Charades didn't answer, he knew Buster was right. Ever since they meet Lunarstar, strange and unnoticeable things happened.
"Ok, follow Lunarstar and make sure she doesn't know your following her."
"What? Where are you going?" Buster exclaimed.
"I'm going to be busy looking for the Ghost, just in case Lunarstar isn't the one."
Buster and Charades went their separate ways. Buster headed for the ice cream shop but he didn't go in, instead he went in an ally and hid behind a dumpster. He knew the Ice Cream shop was the one spot Lunarstar and her friends meet. It felt like an hour since he's been standing their and was beginning to wonder if Lunarstar was ever going to show up.

Lunarstar ran across the street and walked into the ice cream shop, she was expecting her friends to be there but they weren't in the shop. Starlight's mother walked in from the hair salon in the next room and noticed Lunarstar at the door, "If your looking for Starlight and her friends they're at the club."
"Club?" It was the first time Lunarstar heard of it.
"Didn't she tell you about their club?"
"They have a tea Club in a small blue house a few blocks away. The Club sits on the Barringtons property the big blue house."
"Thanks." Lunarstar left and ran down the street with Buster far behind her.
Lunarstar slowed down to a walk as she looked around. There were a lot of big houses but non of them were blue, she walked around the corner and saw a big Blue house at the other end of the corner. Lunarstar ran down the street and stopped at the corner. She could see the small blue house surrounded by trees and bushes, far behind the Blue house. Lunarstar walked through the bushes and across the yard.
Buster hid in the bushes behind a tree.
Lunarstar walked to the small house and knock on the door. Starlight answered the door and was surprised seeing Lunarstar, "Lunarstar? How did you find us?"
"Your mother told me. She said your having a club"
"It's a private club," Clover added.
"Private Club?" Lunarstar asked.
"Would you like to join?" Melody asked?
"Wait here while we take a vote," said Starlight, then she shut the door.
Lunarstar walked around the yard, hoping she'll get voted in. As she walked around, she began to feel a tingling feeling on the tip of her horn which began to spread all over her horn.
"That's just great, my horn itches," Lunarstar looked around for something to rub her inevitable horn on but only saw a small bush near her. She walked to the bush and lowered her head rubbing her horn on a branch. Suddenly she heard a noise like the sound of a twig snapping in half.

Buster had stepped on a twig and quickly hid behind a tree. He saw Lunarstar jump up and walk towards her, Buster kept hoping she wouldn't get any closer and see him.

She had gotten close to the bushes when a squirrel ran out of the bushes making Lunarstar jump.
"Lunarstar!" yelled Starlight, standing just outside the club house.
Lunarstar felt relieved it was just a squirrel. She turned around and ran up to Starlight.
"Come on in we had decided to welcome you into the club," said Starlight.

Buster left and went to town to find Charades. He looked all over town but couldn't find him so he decided to wait in the park. To his surprise, Charades was siting under a tree looking around.
"Charades. Have you been here all day?"
"No, I just got here."
Buster sat down in front of Charades and rested.
"Well?" Charades asked.
"I followed her from the ice Cream shop to a small blue house. It looked like some kind of club."
"That's it?"
"No. She waited outside for her friends but while she waited, she had an itch and rubbed it on a bush."
"That seem normal."
"She was scratching an itch in the bush without touching it."
Charades fell silent, thinking about what Buster had seen, "I think we better keep an eye on her."
"Do you think she's the one?"
"I'm not sure, yet. It's hard to believe Lunarstar could be the Ghost...It just doesn't seem possible."