Chapter 159: Remembering Mother

It was dark outside, the stars twinkled and the half moon shined brightly through the clouds. Luna laid in bed awake unable to sleep. She couldn't stop thinking about what her father told her. She wanted to know more about her mother and what she was like. The longer Luna laid in bed the more it began to bother her. She climbed out of bed and left her room. She walked the halls quietly hoping she wouldn't wake up her uncles. She stopped at Stardust door and quietly cracked it opened. He was sound asleep on his bed under the covers. Luna walked in and quietly closed the door. She could hear his breathing and see his feet moving slightly. She wondered if he was dreaming.
She shook him awake. ""
Stardust woke up from his dream, the same nightmare only Luna had woken him up before his dream got to deeper.
"Luna?" Stardust whispered tiredly, peaking at her with one eye. "What are you doing here?"
"I...couldn't sleep," Luna answered.
"Go back to bed and try to sleep," Stardust suggested as he yawned
"But..I want to know more about mom. What was she like? How did you meet her and stuff like that."
"Can it wait till morning?" Stardust asked tiredly.
Luna looked at him sadly. Stardust could see she wouldn't get any sleep unless he told her now.
"You want to know when I first meet her?" Stardust asked.
Stardust sat up in bed and leaned back on a pillow, "Get up here and I'll tell you."
Luna climbed on his bed and curled in a ball next to him. Stardust smiled, he was glad to have Luna and even more happy to have his memories back.
"Well It started when I was 15 and my parents got a Royal invitation to a party at White Pearl Castle. We all left with a few soldiers to guard us on our way there."

Stardust and his brother walked along side their parents with the soldiers trailing close behind them. There was two soldiers in front of them guiding them to the White Pearl Castle in the distance. It sat in a valley surrounded by villages and towns. the black ponies wore plain gold collars while their parents worse Gold and Silver collars with diamonds and rubies on them.
The sky had became dark by the time they reached the town. There were ponies who were also heading to the castle but when they saw the Royal family, they stopped and bowed their heads.
"Mom, are they going to the party?" Starfire asked. He was the youngest of the black ponies and Stardust was the oldest.
His mother was a sea green earth pony with rainbow hair. She wore a golden tiara with diamonds all over it. The King who walked beside her was a light purple with dark red, green and yellow hair. He wore a golden crown, it had large diamonds at the points around the crown with pure white pearls between each diamond.
"Yes, the Princess's Party is opened to everyone," his mother answered.
"Mom," Skyview called. "What's the Princess like?"
"I hear she's sweet. You guy will like her."
The boys gave each other an ugly look.
"Come one boys, just get to know her first," Their father told them.

They walked from town and through the castle gates. Soldiers stood at the gates as everyone passed showing their invitations. They walked into the castle and up the wide stair cases. They walked up to the door and gave the soldier at the door the invitations. The other soldier took them in and announced them. The ponies in the large room became quiet and watched the Royal Family.
"Announcing the arrival from Ponyland. King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight with their sons, Stardust, Skyview and Starfire," The soldier yelled from door. He turned and left the large room. The black ponies followed their parents through the crowed who stood and stared at them. The black ponies were especially interesting to them. Most had heard about the black ponies but never thought it was true. A male unicorn and male pegasus was indeed a very rare sight. The black ponies were used to the staring from all the parties they had went to.
They walked up to the King and Queen who stood with their daughter.
"I'm glad you could make it," The King commented. He was white with red and yellow hair.
"It's nice to finally see your boys," The Queen commented. She was a white pegasus with green and blue hair. Their daughter was also a white pegasus but she had long blue hair that was partly tied back from her ear and hung down in curls. Her tail was the same.
"Thank you for inviting us," Queen Sunlight replied.
"Our boys are happy to have came," King Ribbon Lock looked at his boys. "Aren't you boys?"
"Yes," They replied.
"I'm King Swiftwaters this is my wife Queen Flora," The King pointed at their daughter, "This is our daughter, Princess Royal Heart."
"Happy birthday Princess," Queen Sunlight replied.
"We hope your having a wonderful birthday," King Ribbon Lock added.
"thank you, I'm having a great time," Princess Royal heart replied.
"Royal Heart," Queen Flora called to her. "Why don't you show the Princes around so they can get to know everyone."
"Sure," Royal Heart replied.
The boys fallowed her around the party as she introduced everyone to the black ponies.
"So...what do you think of the party?" Royal Heart asked.
"Ok so far," Starfire replied. When Stardust noticed the disappointed look on her face he gave Starfire a kick with his back leg.
"I mean it's great," Starfire quickly added.
"That's good," Royal Heart replied.
"Aren't you having a good time?" Skyview asked.
It took Royal heart a few minutes to reply like she wasn't sure if she should answer, "Uh..yes, I am."
"Princess, you want a drink from the table?" Stardust asked.
"No that's ok. If you three don't mind I'm going to...go for a bit."
"Well, ok.," Stardust replied, "Happy birthday."
Royal Heart smiled, "Thanks." She turned and left them.
Skyview continued to watch her as she disappeared in the crowed.
"What is it, Skyview?" Starfire asked while Stardust went to get a cup of punch from the table.
"Don't you think something is bothering her?" Skyview asked.
Skyview left to join Stardust at the table. Starfire followed him.
"Stardust, don't you think something is bothering her?" Skyview asked.
"Sort of," Stardust turned and looked at his brothers. "Lets go and find out then."
He finished his cup and walked left the table to look for Princess Royal Heart.

Royal Heart had left the Party and managed to sneak outside. Her parents would be very upset if they knew she had left her own party. She walked along the path through the flowers in the large garden. She sat down and stared at the sky. A galaxy of stars covered the sky as the full moon shined brightly.
"Well, Well if it isn't the birthday girl," A voice exclaimed.
Royal Heart turned her head and saw two boys close to her age. One was light brown with white and brown hair, the other was orange with red hair.
"You are not allowed in the Royal garden!" Royal Heart exclaimed angrily. She was hoping to be alone but was mad the fact she couldn't no mater where she went.
"Oh, the Princess has spoken," The brown pony teased her.
"Leave this minute!" She cried.
"You can't make us, your party is opened to everyone. So we can come and go as we please!" The orange pony replied.
They walked around her as they continued to tease her.

Stardust and his brothers had searched the large room crowed with ponies. they still hadn't found her. Skyview and Starfire followed Stardust out to the balcony where there wasn't any ponies. The wind blew slightly. Stardust hadn't realized the room was stuffy till he walked outside.
They stood on their hind legs, leaning on the railing as they looked out. Starfire noticed the garden below.
"That's a very large garden they have," Starfire commented.
"Yes it is. Mom would love the view from up here," Skyview replied.
Starfire looked around the garden from the right to the far left. His brothers were watching the hills and stars. Starfire suddenly noticed Royal Heart sitting in the garden on the rocky path with two boys circling her.
"There she is!" Starfire exclaimed, pointing at her.
The looked at the garden and saw her crying.
"What are those two doing to her?" Stardust asked.
Skyview turned towards Stardust, "You have better get down there and stop them."
"How?" Stardust asked.
"I'll send you down there," Skyview's horn began to glow. he leaned forward and touched Stardust on the head, then suddenly he was gone.

Stardust appeared in the garden close to Royal Heart, He could tell she was indeed crying and the boys were still teasing her.
Stardust hurried to her side, "Stop it!"
The two boys stopped and looked at him surprisingly.
"Well if it isn't one of the famous black ponies," The orange pony teased.
"Leave her alone!" Stardust cried angrily.
"This party is open for everyone. we can come and go as we like," the brown pony smirked.
Stardust looked at them angrily, "The party is opened for everyone but the garden is not. Now get out!"
The two turned and left with Stardust following them till they were off the path. When Stardust turned around the two boys glanced back and then knotted at each other. They stopped and turned around. Stardust heard them running and when he turned around the two boys rammed into him. They landed on the rocky path fighting each other.

Skyview and Starfire sighed at the two boys.
"Those two are really stupid for doing that," Starfire commented.
"They should have listened to him and left," Skyview replied.
Starfire looked at him surprisingly, "You can hear them?"
"I mean...well, it's obvious what he told them...can't you tell?" Skyview asked him.
"Oh...yes I can," Starfire replied as they watched the fight.
"I wish Stardust would stop playing with them and get it over with," Skyview exclaimed.

Stardust was getting annoyed with the two ponies when they continued to tease him.
"Your nothing special," the brown pony remarked.
"Where are you brothers now?" the orange pony laughed.
They were on top of Stardust hitting him. He knocked them off of his back, then he stood up. The two boys stood up and was about to charge at him but Stardust bolted into a run and head butt the brown pony over a bush. The orange pony charged him. Stardust lifted his back feet and kicked the orange pony back several yards. It took him several minutes to struggle to his feet. The brown pony gasped when he saw Stardust rearing high. He closed his eyes and heard a loud thunder rumble the ground. He took a peek and saw Stardust front feet a few inches in the ground.
"Get out of here!" Stardust said angrily, "I will not miss next time!"
The brown pony stood up and ran with the orange pony behind him. This time the two ponies left and didn't turn back. Stardust breathed a sighed of relief. He had remember what his father told him about his strength and it took all he had not to over do it and severely hurt them.
Stardust walked up to Royal Heart who was shocked at what she had seen. Her eyes were still watery and her tears continued to fall down her cheeks.
"Are you ok?" Stardust asked her.
"Yes," she whispered.
"What were they doing?" Stardust asked.
Royal Heart began to cry as she whipped the tears from her eyes with her hoofs.
"They said some awful things about me."
"Are they true?" Stardust asked.
"No, non of it is true."
"Then why are you still crying?" Stardust asked.
"I'm...not crying," Royal Heart turned around so he couldn't see her face, she felt embarrassed that he had seen her cry.
"Sure you are."
"No I'm not," Royal Heart began stop crying. She took a peek behind her but didn't see Stardust.
"I knew it!" Stardust exclaimed with a smile and making her jump, "You were crying."
Royal Heart turned and smiled.
"Why..." Royal Heart began whipping her tears dry, "Why were you in the garden?"
"Me and my brothers were looking for you," Stardust answered.
"Why? Did my parents want me back to the party?" Royal Heart asked.
"It's not that. We noticed something was bothering you," Stardust replied.
Royal Heart turned around to face him, "You guys noticed?"
Royal Heart signed, "I'm not having a good time. Not at all. This party was my parents idea, not mine. I just wanted a simple birthday party with just me and my parents and friends."
"I can understand that. We travel a lot to parties for as long as I can remember," Stardust walked towards her, standing very close to her, "It gets tiring after awhile but...if you hadn't had the party you would never have meet me."
Royal Heart smiled, "Your not at all like I had heard."
"The ponies that started those rumors only know what they saw, they don't know me," Stardust replied, "So what were you doing out here?"
"I was watching the stars. It helps me forget what's happening at the party," Royal Heart replied.
"Say, do you like to play?" Stardust asked.
"Play?" Royal Heart blinked, "I can't. A Princess doesn't play."
"Sure they do. They're just little ponies like you and me. Come on and lets play for a bit, you'll quickly forget about the party," Stardust replied.
"But I'm not aloud to," Royal Heart replied.
"You have to be kidding, it's your birthday. Come on and play tag with me."
"I can't," She exclaimed.
"I'm starting to wonder what those boy said was true."
Royal Heart stood up, "It's not and don't bring those two boys up again," She quickly smiled at him and then touched his hind quarters, "Your it!" She turned and ran with Stardust behind her.

Skyview and Starfire continued to watch till their parents entered the balcony.
"There you two are. Where is Stardust?" King Ribbon Lock asked.
"Down there," they answered.
King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight walked to the railing and looked into the garden. They smiled when they saw Stardust playing with Princess Royal Heart.
Just then her parents entered the balcony.
"Have you seen our daughter?" The Queen Flora asked.
"She's playing with Stardust," Queen Sunlight answered.
"Playing?" Queen Flora asked, "She shouldn't be playing. She's a Princess."
"She's also 15, still a little pony like my boys. All little ponies love to play," Queen Sunlight replied.
"It's her birthday after all," King Ribbon Lock added.
King Swiftwaters and Queen Flora stood and watched her as she chased Stardust around the garden laughing and smiling.
"She's seems so happy," Queen Flora observed.
"I don't recall seeing her so happy in a long time," King Swiftwaters added.
"When was the last time you ever played with her?" King Ribbon Lock asked.
Her parents looked at each other sadly.
"Not for a long time," King Swiftwaters answered.
As they watched the parents began to realize they were wrong in not letting her play and do certain things that little ponies likes to do.
"They look so happy together," Queen Sunlight commented.
Queen Flora smiled, "They sure do. Queen Sunlight, is your boy engaged?"
Queen Sunlight and King Ribbon Lock looked at her surprisingly.
King Swiftwaters turned towards them, "It's obvious our daughter likes your son and she seems so happy with him."
"Stardust isn't engaged but...," King Ribbon Lock looked at Stardust who had fallen on the ground with Royal Heart, "If you want your daughter to merry Stardust it's ok with us."
King Swiftwaters and Queen Flora smiled. Skyview and Starfire chuckled at the thought of Stardust getting married.
"Lets go inside and talk about this. We can let our daughter play for awhile," King Swiftwaters proposed.
King Ribbon Lock and Queen Sunlight followed them into the large room.

"Lets go tell him," Starfire exclaimed.
Starfire flew from the balcony with Skyview behind him in cloud form. They landed in front of Stardust and Royal Heart as the two got off the ground.
"Hey Stardust, your getting married!" Starfire exclaimed.
"What?!" Stardust asked shockingly.
"It's been settled that you and Royal Heart should get married," Skyview explained.
Stardust turned and looked at Royal Heart, he had expected her to be equally shocked but she wasn't, she was still happy.
Royal Heart smiled at him and then she walked close to him. Stardust wasn't sure what she was going to do. Royal Heart gave him a kiss on the cheek, "I wouldn't want to merry anyone but you."
Starfire and Skyview laughed. Stardust turned around, "Knock it off." They didn't listen, they continued to laugh. Stardust bolted into a run. Skyview winked back to the Balcony, Starfire flew from the ground and back to the balcony.
"Don't you want to merry me?" Royal Heart asked.
Stardust turned and walked up to her, he smiled greatly, "I wouldn't want to merry anyone else but you. Of all the Princesses I have meet, you're the one I would rather be with."
Royal Heart's eyes began to water and tears trickled down her cheek. Stardust stood and smiled at her.
They talked for a while before they continued playing. They never did go back to the party but spent the time outside together with Skyview and Starfire.

Stardust finished telling the story and looked down at Luna who was sound asleep resting her head next to him.
Stardust threw an extra blanket on her from the end of the bed and gave her a cheek rub, "Goodnight, Luna. You're more like your mother than you know." He laid his head on the pillow and quickly fell asleep dreaming sweet dreams about Royal Heart.