Chapter 158: The new baby Princess

Luna slept comfortably in the darkness until she slowly began to hear her father's voice calling her.
"Luna, wake up."
Luna slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry for a few minutes. She could feel a breeze blowing on her. She looked around and realized she was in the same room she had fainted in, but she was on the couch. In front of her was Starfire flapping one of his wings to cool her off.
Once Starfire saw that she was awake he stopped flapping his wings and took a few steps back. Stardust came closer to her and stroked her forehead.
"You're a bit warm. Are you ok?" Stardust asked.
Luna felt tired and a bit weak in the legs. She had calmed down quite a bit since she fainted.
"It's true?" Luna asked remembering what he had told her. "Your really my...uh."
"Yes, Luna. I really am your father," Stardust replied.
Luna looked up at Skyview and Starfire who stood next to him.
Skyview smiled at her, "Me and Starfire are your uncles but don't call us uncles."
"It makes us feel so old," Starfire added.
Luna giggled at Starfire's remark. The longer she laid on the couch the better she was feeling. She felt strong enough to sit up with her front feet curled in front of her.
"So does this mean I call you...Dad?" Luna asked.
Stardust smiled, "Yes."
Luna became quiet. How could she call him dad when all this time she had thought of him as a best friend? And yet it felt right to call him dad.
"I'm not used to it either, Luna," Stardust added.
Luna smiled. "You always seem to know what I'm about to do or what I'm thinking."
"That's because you're my daughter," Stardust replied. He leaned forward and rubbed his face on hers. Luna closed her eyes, not sure what he was about to do. When she realized what he was doing, she opened her eyes.
"I know my daughter," Stardust added, still giving her a cheek rub. He stopped and leaned back. Luna smiled at him. For quite sometime she thought of Stardust as a best friend, but she had always felt strangely drawn to him and became quite attached to him. She had not realized how attached she was to him until now.
"Want to see the painting again?" Skyview asked.
Starfire smiled, "Just don't faint this time."
Skyview held the painting up to her. Luna stared at the painting. She could get over how small she was in her mother's arms.
"That's really me?" Luna asked.
"Yes it really is. That painting was done shortly after you were born," Stardust answered.
"Where was I born?" Luna asked.
"At Dream Castle in our room. Luna, would you like me to tell you the story?" Stardust asked.
"Yes...and why do you keep calling me Luna?"
"Because that's the name I gave you the night you were born," Stardust replied.
Skyview set the painting on the table and sat on the floor with Starfire.
"We would also like to hear it," Starfire remarked.
Stardust smiled. "Ok. It all started when the sun had set after me and Royal Heart had finished a long busy day with a few ponies from the village."

Royal Heart and Stardust stood by the fountain in the throne room rubbing each other's neck. They wore their crowns on their heads and their gold and silver collars around their necks.
"I can't wait until the baby is born," Royal Heart whispered to him.
"The doctor said it should be any day. I want you to spend some time resting instead of helping me with the kingdom."
"I want to help."
"Royal Heart," Stardust looked at her, "The baby is coming soon. You need to rest."
Royal Heart's belly was largely round, her wings covered a great deal of her sides to hid the largeness. Her hair was tied up on her head with a golden large tiara covered in diamonds. Her blue hair hung down in curls.
Just then Skyview and Starfire walked in the throne room passing the soldiers that stood guard at the doors. They wore plain gold collars.
"We checked with mom and dad. They said the other end of the kingdom is doing just fine. They hope the village close by will start to grow soon," Skyview reported.
"That's good. Can you two walk Royal Heart up to bed?" Stardust asked them.
"Sure," Starfire answered.
Royal Heart smiled at him, "Don't be long."
"I won't," Stardust gave her one last cheek rub before she left.
She left the throne room with Skyview and Starfire close beside her. She walked down the hall, passing two soldiers standing guard at the end of the hall. She slowly and carefully walked up the stairs. Every now and then she would stop and rest.
"Are you ok?" Starfire asked her.
"I'm fine. It's a lot of work to climb stairs when your so big," Royal Heart answered.
"I guess it would be," Starfire replied.
A few a few minutes she continued up the stairs till she reached the fourth floor. She continued down the hall towards a set of white double doors when suddenly she stopped.
"What's wrong?" Skyview asked worriedly.
Royal Heart lifted her wings a bit so it wasn't touching her coat. Skyview and Starfire watched her as she began to moan slightly. Starfire and Skyview noticed Royal Heart's stomach tighten as if something were contracting the muscles. She gave another moan of pain. Royal Heart was experiencing her first contractions.
"Royal Heart!" The two exclaimed.
"Get me to bed," Royal Heart gasped through the contraction.
They walked next to her making sure she wouldn't fall to the floor. They walked her in her room and helped her on the bed. Starfire took her tiara off of her head and set it on a table.
"Go get Stardust..." She began to moan again as another contraction hit, more painful this time. "It's time." She laid on her side on silk green covers as she rested her head on the soft green pillows.

Skyview and Starfire hurried downstairs and ran down the hall into the throne room. Stardust knew something was wrong by the looks on their worried faces.
"She's having the baby!" The two exclaimed.
"Skyview, get the doctor!" Stardust ran out of the throne room and hurried up the stairs. The soldiers and servants could hear his feet thundering up the steps.

Skyview winked out of the castle to Dream Valley, a town that sat not to far from the castle. There wasn't very many ponies in town. The sun had set. All that was left of it was the sunlight turning the sky pink, purple and dark blue. Skyview peeked around the corner of a building. He didn't want to be seen since he was a prince. He saw the doctor's building across the street as a pony left with her little girl. Skyview could tell there was only a few left in the waiting room. He winked into the waiting room surprising the ponies. He walked up to the counter.
"Excuse me," Skyview said to the busy pony. She stopped and looked up from her desk and gasped.
"This is very important. I must speak to the doctor!" Skyview replied almost yelling it.
"Yes, right away." The pony got up and went to the back room down the hall. A minute later a yellow pony with orange, red and white hair hurried out of a room and went straight to the waiting room.
"Prince Skyview," The pony began to say but, Skyview was in a hurry and he had no time to waste.
"Come with me, now," Skyview ordered him.
"Is it...?" the doctor began to asked.
"Hurry!" Skyview exclaimed.
The doctor left and ran to the back room, then ran out of the room with a blue bag in his mouth.
"It'll be quicker if I take you." Skyview's horn began to glow. He then lowered his head and touched the doctor on the shoulders. Suddenly, they were gone in a misty cloud.

Skyview winked to Stardust's room with the doctor. Stardust had set his crown on a small silk green pillow on a table with Royal Heart's tiara. He was standing close to the bed rubbing Royal Heart's forehead.
"Your majesty, I need your brothers to leave. I also need some female servants to help me," the doctor said to Stardust.
"Yes, of course." Stardust looked at Royal Heart. "I'll be right back." He turned and left with his brothers. They walked to the hall and waited.
"Skyview could you round up a few ponies and send them to my room?" Stardust asked him.
"Sure," Skyview left and walked around the castle looking for servants.
"I didn't think it would be this soon," Starfire commented.
"I knew it was soon, but...I'm worried. She's had a long day," Stardust replied.
After awhile Skyview came back with two ponies. A blue unicorn and a white earth pony.
"Here they are," Skyview announced.
"Good. Girls, come with me," Stardust turned and walked into his room with the two girls behind him.

Starfire and Skyview stood and waited. It was quiet except for Royal Heart's moaning. Skyview turned and began pacing the hall.
"Pacing the hall isn't going to help."
"It'll help me," Skyview replied.
He paced for what seemed like a few hours. Starfire sat on the floor and waited, hoping to hear something. Skyview approached Starfire for the millionth time. He stop and tried to listen.
"This waiting is killing me," Skyview complained.
"Watching you pace the hall is killing me," Starfire remarked.
"I can't help it."
"I wonder what it's going to be? A girl or boy?" Starfire asked.
"It's got to have blue in it's hair. Stardust and Royal Heart both have blue hair," Skyview pointed out.
"You think it'll be black, white or gray?" Starfire asked.
"I don't think Stardust cares what color it is," Skyview answered.
Just then they heard a crying sound. The two of them smiled greatly. A few minutes later the doctor and the servants left the room.

"King Stardust said to wait out here for a little while," The doctor said to them. "Would you take me back?"
"Sure," Skyview replied. "Don't tell anyone for a few days."
"I don't plan to say a word. No one would believe me if I told them."
The three of them blinked a few times. What was he talking about?
"Believe you about what?" Starfire asked.
"You'll know when you see her."
"Her?" Skyview asked. "You mean it's a girl?"

Stardust stood beside his bed where Royal Heart laid on her side covered in a light sheet. In front of her was his baby girl wrapped in a pink blanket. Royal Heart and Stardust couldn't take their eyes off of their sleeping baby girl.
Stardust was still surprised. She was all white with a tiny, soft horn on her head.
"She's just beautiful, just like her mother," Stardust commented.
Royal heart smiled tiredly. "She sure is."
"She's pure white. I thought for sure she would have blue in her hair."
"She surprised me too," Royal heart agreed.
Stardust stared at the tiny bump on her head, "I can't believe she has a horn."
"It certainly is a surprise."
Stardust carefully unwrapped her and looked at her tiny set of wings on her back. "This is amazing."
"Isn't that wonderful, Stardust? And she's ours."
Stardust carefully picked her up in his hoofs. Her front feet curled under her, her back feet stretched to the tip of her tiny tail. She laid sound asleep on his hoofs.
"What should we name her?" Royal Heart asked.
"I'm thinking."
"Snow, Snowflake, Winter Star, Star?" Royal Heart continued naming names while Stardust stared at his baby girl, thinking. He looked out towards the balcony and noticed how dark it was. The sun was completely gone and the stars twinkled brightly. The full moon shined brighter than the stars.
"How about...Luna?" Stardust asked.
"Princess Luna...oh Stardust I love it!" Royal Heart exclaimed.
Just then Luna opened her purple eyes. She stared straight at Stardust without smiling. Her eyes began to water, and it wasn't to long until she began to cry.
Stardust smiled greatly. He was so proud to have his little girl. He nuzzled her tiny cheeks hoping it would calm her down but it didn't. He looked at her white belly and nuzzled her on the stomach. She soon stopped crying and began to smile instead. He quickly stopped and smiled at her. Luna looked up at him and continued to smiled.
"Stardust," Royal Heart whispered.
Stardust quickly walked to her bed side.
"I'm so tired," Royal Heart said to him.
Stardust leaned over and nuzzled her. "Get some sleep. Me and my brothers will take care of Luna for you."
Royal Heart smiled and then she quickly fell sound asleep.
Stardust walked into the moonlight and looked at Luna. Skyview and Starfire were getting impatient. They cracked the door open and whispered for Stardust.
"You two can come in but don't disturb Royal Heart," Stardust said to them.
They quietly approached Stardust and smiled greatly when they saw Luna smiling at her father.
"Stardust, she so cute," Starfire whispered to him.
Stardust smiled and nuzzled Luna's face. She smiled greatly at him.
"She's so pretty. I had not expect her to be all white. How strange," Skyview muttered.
Starfire looked at her closely then touch her forehead with his hoof. "That's really a horn?"
"A winged unicorn?" Skyview asked surprisingly, forgetting that Royal Heart was sound asleep.
"Her horn is soft though," Starfire observed.
"It'll get hard in a few days," Skyview explained to him.
"Oh," Starfire replied.
Luna turned and stared at them curiously. She saw two other ponies that looked like her father. Luna felt so confused that she began to cry. Stardust nuzzled her and she quickly stopped crying.
"Stardust, could I hold her?" Skyview asked.
Stardust handed Luna over to Skyview. He took her and held her with his hoofs. Luna looked up at him. There was something different about him. She stared at him and then she began to cry.
Skyview lit his horn to see what she would do. Luna eventually stopped crying and stared at his glowing horn.
Stardust and Starfire chuckled at her curious face. Luna smiled. She wanted to touch his horn, but she couldn't since she wasn't strong enough to move her front legs. Skyview's horn dimmed till it was no longer glowing.
"Let me hold her," Starfire said to him.
Skyview hand Luna over to him. Starfire held her with his hoofs. Luna looked at him. He didn't have a horn, but he looked like her father. Then she noticed his wings. Luna smiled and twitched her tiny wings.
Starfire smiled. "She's so cute, Stardust. You're lucky to have her."
"Yes, I sure am," Stardust replied.
Luna yawned and stretched her legs then smiled at him.
"I think she's getting tired," Stardust observed. "Give her to me so I can take her to bed."
Starfire handed Luna to him. Stardust took Luna. He walked to the bed and rewrapped her. Her carried her to the pink crib with pink and white laced skirts around the sides. The crib sat next to the bed. As soon as he placed her in the crib she quickly fell asleep.
"If you two don't mind, I'm tired," Stardust told his brothers.
"Yeah, It's late. We should be getting to bed too," Skyview replied.
"Goodnight," Starfire whispered.
"Goodnight you two," Stardust replied.

Stardust had finished telling the story and saw how interested Luna looked.
"What happened after that?" Luna asked who was now sitting up on the couch.
"After a week we took you to the throne room," Stardust laughed. "You stared at everything. It was so cute. You met the soldiers and servants. You also cried when you saw them," Stardust answered.
Luna smiled and then she remembered something. "Did you leave me and mom? Charades told me the story when Star Cluster took over Dream Castle were there and was the bad guy."
Stardust sighed sadly. "I'm very sorry about that. It was when we helped Star Cluster take Dream Castle. You have no idea how bad I feel about it." Stardust paused. "It was close to three weeks after you were born when I got an urgent message. I can't quite remember what it was but I left with my brothers. I figured the three of us could travel faster alone. I went to my room to see you one last time that was also the first time you laughed. I had rubbed your stomach. Royal Heart didn't want me to leave, but I had to go. I was going to come right back in a few days but...if I had known that was the last I was going to see you, I would never have left."
"What was so urgent that you had to leave?" Luna asked.
"I can't remember or anything else after I left," Stardust replied. He turned and noticed how dark it was getting. "We haven't eaten. Starfire could you tell the servant to bring our dinner in here?"
"Sure," Starfire stood up and left the room.
"After we eat, we should probably go to bed. We'll have a lot to do tomorrow," Stardust added.