Chapter 157: Lunarstar learns his big secret

Lunarstar laid on her bed reading a book but she couldn't stop thinking about the black ponies. She knew something was wrong but she didn't know what it was. She closed her book, she couldn't concentrate on what she was reading. She got off the bed and set her book on her dresser.
She walked to the balcony and looked at the soldiers on the wall.
"I wonder if Buster and Charades knows what's wrong on?" Lunarstar thought. She winked to the wall startling a few soldiers.
"Princess, you scared us," one of them said.
"I'm sorry but have you seen Buster and Charades?"
"They went in the castle a while ago."
"Oh...well where's Banner?" Lunarstar asked.
"He went in with them. They haven't came out yet."
Oh," Lunarstar sighed, "Thanks." She winked to her room and laid on her bed.
"What am I going to do?" Lunarstar kept asking herself. She sat up on her bed. "I'm going to try and find out what they're hiding."
she got off her bed and left her room. She walked down stairs towards the throne room hoping the King and Queen would know what's going on. The two guards stopped her by stepping sideways in front of the door.
"I'm sorry Princess but you can't go in," The soldier said to her.
"Can you let the Queen know I'm here?"
"No we can't. No one is allowed in, not even us," the soldier answered.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed sadly. "Why?"
"We don't know."
"Did Banner, Buster and Charades go in there?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes they did."
"And Stardust and Starfire?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes," The soldier answered, "Oh, Stardust said to tell you in case you showed up here, that you are not to try and sneak in."
Lunarstar sighed, Stardust obviously knew what she was going to do. "Oh, well thanks." She turned and walked slowly down the hall. Then she stopped, if she couldn't sneak in maybe there was another way. She turned and walked down another hallway heading outside. Once she was outside she turned left and continued walking till she came close to where she thought was the Royal Private Quarters.

Stardust, Skyview, Starfire, Banner, Buster, Charades, The King and Queen were in the Private quarters talking and looking at the painting. Stardust turned towards Skyview, "Would you go outside in the backyard and find out what Luna is doing?"
"Doing?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
"She's just on the other side of that wall," Stardust answered.
"How do you know?" Starfire asked.
"I told you two, I know where she's at. It not something I can easily explain."
"Oh," the two replied.
Skyview winked out and winked in front of Lunarstar, catching her by surprise.
"Luna...I mean Lunarstar, what are you doing?"
"I uh...just standing here."
"I can see that but why are you here?"
"I uh..." Lunarstar didn't know what to tell him. She could feel the eagerness to ask him questions.
"Well?" Skyview asked.
"Where were you?" Lunarstar asked. "What's going on it the throne room? Why won't anyone tell me? What are you guys hiding?"
Skyview smiled at her, "You'll find out soon. Lunarstar why don't you go read for awhile?"
"I tried and can't."
"Go to the library and wait till someone comes and gets you. Look at all the books in the library while your at it."
Lunarstar looked at him curiously. She was right, they were hiding something.
"Lunarstar please. I promise you will find out before the sun sets."
Lunarstar tried to smiled, "Ok but don't take to long." She turned and walked into the castle.
Skyview winked to the Private room in the same spot he had left.
"Well?" Stardust asked.
"She knows we're hiding something. I think she was outside trying to listen in on us," Skyview replied.
Stardust smiled greatly, he didn't expect Luna to try and hear their conversation from outside.
"I don't think she could hear us," King Sea Mist replied.
"She could from the garden," Skyview remarked. "But not to worry, I sent her to the library."

They spent the day talking will it was close to dinner time.
"It's almost dinner," Queen Snowfall reminded them.
"You would you mind if me and my brothers stay here for awhile?" Stardust asked. "I need privacy to talk to Luna."
"Sure, take all the time you want," King Sea mist replied.
"Starfire could you get Luna?" Stardust asked.
"Stardust...I mean King Stardust, would you and your brothers want your dinners brought here?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Later," Stardust answered.
They all up and left leaving Stardust and Skyview sitting on the floor.
Skyview took the painting and held it so the front wasn't showing.

Starfire left the throne room and walked to the library where he saw Luna flying high to the ceiling looking at the books on top of the bookshelf.
"Luna, Stardust wants to see you," Starfire called to her.
Luna flew to the floor and landed in front of Starfire. He turned around and left the room with Luna beside him.
This was what she's been waiting for all day, she's about to find out what the big secret is about. What could be so bad that they couldn't tell her right away?

They walked pass the guards and into the throne room. He took her into the next room where Luna often eat with the Queen.
Luna was surprised that only Stardust and Skyview was there.
"Well, she's here," Starfire announced.
"Luna, I've got something important to tell you," Stardust began to say.
Luna took a step back, she was nervous although she didn't know why.
"Luna I..." Stardust found it hard to tell her who he is. He could see she was nervous.
"You probably have noticed I've been staring a lot or sleeping in lately. Well, it was because I was regaining my memories."
"Memories?" Luna muttered.
"Everyone has lost a small portion of their memories. I was the only one who has gained mine although there are a few things I feel I still have forgotten."
"Forgotten what?" Lunarstar asked feeling very confused. She had meet everyone at the castle and none of them seemed to have lost their memories.
"Do you remember when you asked me where I came from?" Stardust asked.
"Well I remembered. We are from Ponyland. I also know...who your father is," he paused and looked at Luna who was taking a few more steps back. Was she scared to find out or nervous?
"I am your father. I am the true King of Ponyland," Stardust finally said. He felt relieved to have finally said it.
Luna stood staring at him shockingly. She couldn't believe what her ears heard. Skyview turned the painting around and showed Luna. She stared at the painting. She immediately noticed herself as a baby in Royal Hearts arms. It was the first time she had ever seen her mother. She blinked a few times but for some unknown reason her vision became blurry. She felt shaky and weak, her heart began to beat faster. Suddenly she fell on the floor unconscious. The last thing she heard was her father calling her name, "Luna."