Chapter 156: Painting tells it all

Stardust was woken up by the morning sun rise. He yawned and stretched. He threw the covers off of him and sat up in bed. He was about to climb off the bed when he noticed Skyview sound asleep on the floor by his bed.
"Skyview!" Stardust called to him.
Skyview slowly opened his sleepy eyes and yawned.
"Did you get it?" Stardust asked him. "And why are you sleeping in my room?"
"Yes I did," Skyview muttered. He yawned and forced himself to sit up. "I got in late last night. I was so tired, I guess I fell asleep on the floor when I was hiding the painting under your bed."
"Let me see the painting."
Skyview reached under the bed and dragged the painting out. Skyview unwrapped it and gave it to Stardust.
Stardust smiled greatly as he looked at the painting of him, his wife and daughter. Just then Starfire walked in and was surprised to see Skyview.
"Your back!" Starfire exclaimed, shutting the door behind him.
"Yes and I got the painting."
Starfire looked up at Stardust who sat on the bed staring happily at the painting. He walked around Skyview and stood next to the bed to look at the painting. He stared at it surprisingly.
"It's true then?" Starfire asked still surprised.
"Yes," Stardust replied. "I miss her so much. I miss raising our baby girl."
"It wasn't your fault," Starfire said to him.
"I know and Star Cluster will pay for that too!" Stardust exclaimed angrily.
"She's so small and cute in that painting," Starfire commented.
Stardust smiled, "Yes she certainly was."
Skyview suddenly heard hoof steps coming closer. "Someone is coming."
Stardust gave the painting to Skyview who hid the painting under the bed.
"I don't hear anyone," Starfire remarked.
Just then two ponies carrying trays walked in. One of them was startled when she saw Skyview sitting on the floor.
"Oh, I guess you'll be wanting your breakfast." The servant set the tray on the table and quickly left with the other servant behind her.
"Stardust, when I got to Paradise Estate there were two guards but...they weren't real."
"What do you mean they weren't real?" Starfire asked.
"When I'm in cloud form, I see them as glowing red light, but when I'm normal they look like ponies," Skyview answered.
"Star Cluster...could he have made them up?" Stardust wondered out loud.
"How can he?" Skyview asked.
"It could be that staff of his. Remember when he chased us out of his room?" Starfire asked.
"How could I not forget," Skyview answered.
"The power came from his staff. You saw those prisoners in those crystal balls and remember when we first saw his key turn into a staff?" Starfire pointed out.
Skyview didn't answer but he knew what Starfire was getting at.
"You're probably right about the staff. It must hold great power, but where did he get it?" Stardust wondered.
"I have no idea," Skyview answered.
"Skyview, what was Paradise Estate like?" Starfire asked.
"It was very dusty. It was pretty obvious no one had walked inside in a very long time. There were spider webs all over the place. I found some old paintings of Paradise Estate and the castle behind it. It also had a human girl standing in front. Stardust, who is she?"
"I can't remember. A good portion of my memories have returned but I haven't remembered everything."
Skyview continued, "Well, I found the basement which had a lot of paintings. There was one that had us as babies. We looked so cute. Oh, there was another one that had a King and Queen but I don't know who they are."
"Was the Queen was sea green with rainbow hair and the King a light purple pony with dark red, green and yellow hair?" Stardust asked.
Skyview looked at him surprisingly. "Who are they?"
"They're our parents," Stardust answered.
Skyview was shocked that he had seen what his parents looked like.
"I wish I could have seen the painting," Starfire exclaimed.
Stardust stood up and walked to the table just as the servant walked in with a tray for Skyview. She set the tray on the table and left the room. Skyview and Starfire walked to the table and the three of them began eating.

When they were done they sat down feeling full from eating their breakfast.
"Skyview, take the painting and wink to the throne room. We will meet you there," Stardust told his brother.
Skyview went to the bed and picked up the painting, with his horn glowing he instantly winked out. Stardust and Starfire left the room and walked downstairs. When they reached the bottom step, they almost ran into Lunarstar.
"Luna what's your hurry?" Stardust asked.
"I was going to see you guys," Lunarstar replied.
"We're too busy to play today, but we'll see you later." Stardust and Starfire left and hurried to the throne room.
"He called me Luna again," Lunarstar thought. "I wonder what's going on?"
She knew something was wrong but didn't know what. She remembered the other day when no one would tell her where Skyview went. She remembered when they all left the throne room and now Stardust and Starfire were heading to the throne room in a hurry.