Chapter 155: The inviable Paradise Estate

It was morning and the sun began to rise. The birds started chirping in the trees above Skyview as he slept curled in a ball. The chirping rang in his ears, waking him up. He yawned and stood on his feet. He began walking through the forest quietly. He was on the other end of Ponyland where Paradise Estate would be. He was careful not to make any noise as he remembered Stardust's warning.
In the distance he could see where the trees stopped. He knew he had arrived to the place. He stopped at the edge of the forest and looked around the clearing but saw nothing.
"It can't be here. There's nothing here," Skyview thought to himself.
He stared at the clearing hoping to see anything that looked out of place but everything looked normal. The sun was shining and the wind blew the grass. Skyview took a few steps back to hide himself behind the trees. He had an idea and wondered if it would work. Skyview lit his horn and concentrated on what he was planning to do. Suddenly a mist rose from the ground, much like an early morning mist. The mist rose high above the trees as it grew thicker.
Skyview looked and hoped the mist would show a building. At first he was disappointed and was stumped as what he would do next. Just then he saw a glimpse of a electrical flicker in the mist. It happened so fast that if Skyview blinked he would have missed it. His eyes widened as he realized Stardust could be right. Was there a such a building called Paradise Estate that was invisible? Skyview had found it hard to believe until he saw the electrical flicker.
His horn stopped glowing and the mist began to dissolve. He turned into a cloud and was surprised at what he saw. There in the clearing was more electrical flickers outlining a large pink building with large white gates. He floated along the grass and squeezed under the gates. He immediately stopped when he saw what looked like two soldiers, but they were not ponies. They seemed to be made out of some kind of red light. Past them was a set of stairs leading to a pool under a pink canopy with blue tinted glass.
Skyview floated along the gate and up the wall to avoid attracting the two guards. He floated along the edge of the door and under it. Once he was inside he turned back into a pony and began walking quietly. The hallway was dark and dusty, spider webs covers every corner. He walked past rooms as he took a glance inside. Some were bedrooms and others looked like living rooms. He stopped suddenly. Something inside one of the rooms caught his eye. He walked in the room and looked around. There was a couch against a wall and another on the other wall. A red rug laid out between the couches with a table in the middle. On the walls were paintings of ponies he's never seen. One of them was a human girl standing next to a pony in front of Paradise estate. Skyview walked close to the painting and blew the dust off of it. Behind Parade Estate was Dream Castle as it once was.
"This is a very old painting. Extremely old," Skyview guessed as he noticed the date on the frame. "This painting dates back more than a few centuries. I wonder who the girl is?" he wondered.
He turned and saw more painting of the old Dream Castle and other ponies. Skyview left the room walking into another room. It was similar like the living room he was just in. On the walls were more paintings. Some looked as if they didn't belong there. Their frames looked too fancy to be in Paradise Estate. There was a couch and a chair with a pink rug on the floor. On the far wall were stacks of paintings. He noticed something odd behind the large painting, it was very dusty but he saw a pony's tail. The dust made the colors look to dull to tell who's tail it was but it look very familiar. Skyview walked over to the large painting and was about to move it when he heard the guards coming.
"Nothing in here."
"Nothing in here either."
Two dark red ponies walked in the room and saw nothing.
"I thought I heard someone," one of the guard muttered.
"Could be a small animal. You know how they manage to sneak in," the other guard replied.
"Yeah, your right. It could have been another stupid animal."
The guards turned and left heading back to their posts.
Skyview was in the hall hiding around the corner watching.
"They look like ponies but they can't be normal. Could they be made up?" Skyview thought then he shook his head. "That's not possible. No one can just make a pony or anything else for that matter."
Skyview turned and continued walking. He opened a door which was the first door he'd seen in the hall. There were a set of stairs leading down into the darkness. Skyview lit his horn and walked down the steps. When he reached the last step, he gasped. The room was very dark. The dust on the narrow windows was so thick that it blocked out the sunlight. The small room was filled with large and small paintings. They were stacked against a wall. Some were covered with a dusty blue cloths. Skyview uncovered a large painting. Dust flew in the air causing Skyview to cough a few times.
He looked up and stared at the large painting. It was a painting of Stardust, Starfire and himself as babies, sleeping on a green blanket.
"That'," Skyview stuttered.
He covered the painting after while, and then he turned and uncovered another painting. It was a painting of two ponies, a King and Queen. The Queen was sea green with rainbow hair. The King was light purple with dark red, green and yellow hair. He wore the same crown that Star Cluster has. Skyview stared at the painting and wondered if there was a connection. Was that the same crown as the one in the painting? Who was the two ponies in the painting? For the first time Skyview felt they were familiar. As he stared at their faces, he began to feel a headache. The light from his horn began to dim until the room was dark. Skyview put his hoof on his forehead waiting for the headache to stop.
"Now I know how Stardust felt."
When the headache was gone, he relit his horn and quickly covered the painting before he had another headache.
"I know them but," Skyview paused. "I'll ask Stardust when I get back."
He turned and saw a medium size painting, one that he could pick up. It sat on some dusty blankets covered in a green blanket. Skyview took the cover off, coughing as the dust flew in the air. He stood back and gasped. It was a painting of Stardust wearing the same crown as Star Cluster and that King in the painting. Next to Stardust was Royal Heart. She was leaning against him with Baby Luna in her arms. Her hair was tied up on her head with a large gold tiara covered in diamonds. In the center was a gold crescent moon. Her blue hair hung down in curls, stretching beyond her shoulders. Around her neck was a silver collar with an image of a feathered dragon in the center. On the sides of the dragon were large diamonds and rubies. Stardust wore the same collar except his was made of gold.
Skyview stared for so long it felt like an hour had gone by.
He wrapped the painting and picked it up. With his horn still glowing, he turned into a cloud and floated out the same way he came in. The guards never noticed the cloud as it floated under the gates.