Chapter 154: Lunarstar's suspisions

Lunarstar was on her bed laying on the covers as she read a book. Just then there was a knock at the door.
"Princess, it's time for dinner," a female voice called.
"Ok," Lunarstar replied.
She set the book down, shut it, got off her bed and laid the book on her dresser next to two pictures of her friends and parents.
She left her room and hurried downstairs. She had reached the last step when she noticed Stardust with the King, Queen, Banner, Buster, Charades and Starfire. They walked together towards her in the wide hallway. When they stopped, they all stood and stared at her. Lunarstar looked up at them. None of them smiled. They just had a blank look on their face.
"Is anything wrong?" Lunarstar asked.
They all suddenly smiled at her.
"Nothing's wrong, Lunarstar. Did you finish your book?" Stardust asked.
"No, I'm on chapter 5. It's dinnertime so I couldn't read more."
"Oh, it's that time? I almost forgot," Stardust turned and looked at Starfire. "We better be heading up stairs then."
"Shall we go then, Princess?" Queen Snowfall asked.
Lunarstar smiled. "Yes, I'm starving."
Everyone chuckled and then they went on their way towards the servant's dining room. The King and Queen went to their dining hall not to far from the kitchen. Starfire followed Stardust to his room when the servants were about to leave.
"Oh, I'm sorry," the yellow servant quickly said.
"Skyview won't be eating tonight," Stardust said to her.
The pink pony behind her turned around and picked up Skyview's tray. She followed the other two servants out to the hall. Stardust and Starfire went in the room and began eating.
"Stardust, what's Paradise Estate?" Starfire asked.
"It's a very old building. It's like a mansion only with one floor. It used to sit close to the castle but was moved to the other side of Ponyland."
"Why?" Starfire asked.
"The land is too big for a King to rule on his own. He needs help and often a family member would live in the Estate and govern it."
"Oh," Starfire answered. He still couldn't get over what Stardust had told him about Luna. "So Luna is really your..."
"Yes," Stardust quickly interrupted.
Starfire became quiet for a while thinking about Luna and Stardust. He believed his brother, but it was hard to imagine it.
"You'll feel better about the idea once you get you start remembering...uncle," Stardust added.
"She is defiantly not calling me uncle," Starfire exclaimed.
Stardust laughed.
"Will we get our memories back?" Starfire asked.
"I'm...sure you will."
While they ate and talked, Lunarstar knocked on the door.
"Come in," Stardust answered.
Lunarstar walked in, shutting the door behind her.
"You ate dinner already?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, and you guys haven't," Lunarstar observed as they eat.
"We're a little slow," Stardust replied. "Is there something you want?"
"I was wondering if you guys wanted to play."
"I would love to," Starfire answered.
"Sure just as soon as we're done," Stardust replied.
Lunarstar looked around wondering where Skyview was. "Where's Skyview?"
"He's busy," Stardust answered.
"Busy doing what?" Lunarstar asked.
"You'll find out soon enough," Stardust answered.
Lunarstar stood and looked at them. She wondered what he meant by that. She remember earlier today when he and a group of others were in the hall. They stood and stared at her like they were surprised about something.
"Lunarstar, is something wrong?" Starfire asked, noticing her standing there.
"I guess not," Lunarstar answered.
"What would you like to play?" Stardust asked.
"Rope Toss I bet," Starfire guessed.
"Yeah!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Well, get the rope and meet us outside," Stardust said to her.
"Ok," Lunarstar turned around and left the room.
"She loves that game as much as we do," Starfire commented.
"Yes, she sure does."
Stardust and Starfire continued eating their dinner until they were done. They left their trays on the table and walked out of the room.
"Don't you think she suspects something?" Starfire asked curiously.
"I don't know."

Lunarstar was tired of waiting so she left the water fountain to talk to Charades who was looking at the forest.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Charades said to her, turning away from the forest.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Banner said with a smile as he approached her.
"What brings you here?" Buster asked as he followed Banner.
"I'm just waiting for Stardust and Starfire."
"Oh, well that's good that your spending time with them," Buster commented.
"Uh...yeah it is," Lunarstar wasn't sure what he meant by that. She had always spent time with them.
"Where's Skyview?" Lunarstar asked. Stardust didn't tell her so she hoped the three of them would know. They stood and looked at each other wondering what to tell her. Lunarstar had a feeling they were hiding something.
"Why do you want to know?" Banner asked.
"I'm just curious. Stardust wouldn't tell me," Lunarstar replied.
Charades smiled, "Lunarstar, don't be so suspicious. Some of us are busy doing other things. It just so happens that Skyview is busy too."
"Oh, I'm sorry."
The three of them smiled at her. Buster looked in at the water fountain and noticed two black ponies heading towards it.
"Lunarstar, Stardust and Starfire are outside," Buster observed.
Lunarstar turned around and smiled greatly. "Bye!" She winked out and appeared at the water fountain.
"There you are!" Stardust exclaimed.
"I was talking to Charades."
"Oh, well are you ready to play?" Stardust asked.
"You two should know the rules by know," Stardust replied.
"We already know," Starfire answered.
"Good, now let's go play!"
Stardust took the rope and walked to a clearing. He stood facing Starfire while Lunarstar stood facing them. Stardust threw the rope in the air anxiously waiting for it to come down. When it was close to them, Stardust and Starfire stood on their hind legs each of them hoping to get the rope first.
Starfire tried to push Stardust out of the way but he wouldn't budge. Stardust glared at him. He knew what Starfire was planing to do. As the two stood tall leaning forward on each other the rope was falling closer. Stardust had it with Starfire pushing. He easily gave Starfire a push. Starfire fell and landed on his back. While they were distracted, the rope came down hitting Stardust on the head and bouncing off. Lunarstar quickly caught it in her mouth, then she bolted into a run, zig zagging around the trees.
Starfire folded his wings so he could roll over and stand up.
"I don't think I'll be doing that again," Starfire muttered. He took off at a run towards Lunarstar.
They ran around chasing her and eventually cornered her against the wall.
Stardust and Starfire smiled at her.
"You can't wink Lunarstar and you're cornered," Starfire teased her.
Lunarstar noticed an opening under him and Stardust, but since Starfire was closer she hurried and ran under him catching him by surprise. Stardust ran around Starfire and quickly caught up to Lunarstar. He grabbed the rope from Lunarstar and ran towards the water fountain with Starfire close behind.
When he reached the water fountain, Starfire and Lunarstar had caught up but it was to late, Stardust had won.
"Can we play again?" Lunarstar asked excitedly.
"A few more times and we will have to stop," Stardust answered.
"Ok," Lunarstar replied.
They played a few long games as the soldiers stood on the walls and watched. They laughed at times and wondered who was going to win.
The sun was halfway down, and before long the sky began to turn dark.
"It's time to stop. We can play again tomorrow," Stardust proposed.
"Ok," Lunarstar smiled at them. "Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Stardust and Starfire replied.
Lunarstar winked to her room and sat on her bed watching the sun disappear as she thought about where Skyview went. Why didn't anyone want to tell her? What were they hiding?
Lunarstar laid down on her bed under her covers. Were they hiding something or was she just imagining things? Playing with Stardust and Starfire had worn her out, it wasn't long till she quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.