Chapter 153: Stardust's big secret

It was morning and Stardust had just finished eating breakfast. He left his room and joined his brothers in the hall.
"So, are you going to tell us what your big secret is?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, and I want you to come with me. Skyview, go get Banner, Charades and Buster. I want them to meet me in the throne room," Stardust explained.
"Ok." Skyview winked out.
Stardust continued walking down the hall to the stairs when he met Lunarstar walking up the stairs. Lunarstar smiled when she saw him.
"Good morning, Stardust," Lunarstar commented happily.
"Good morning, Lunarstar," Stardust replied.
"Want to play with me today?" Lunarstar asked.
"Not today, Lunarstar."
"Oh." Lunarstar looked up at Starfire. "How about you and Skyview?"
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar. We're busy today," Starfire answered, "Why don''t you read a book?"
"I guess I could do that," Lunarstar replied. "Oh I can read that one book I got for my birthday."
"Your birthday?" Stardust asked.
"Yeah, my parents, my friends, Buster and Charades celebrated my birthday a while back. I got quite a few things. I'll have to show you sometime."
Stardust smiled at her. "Well we have to be going. I'll see you later."
"Ok, bye." Lunarstar continued past them and went to her room.

Skyview winked to the castle wall surprising Banner.
"Banner, you need to go to the throne room," Skyview told him.
"Why?" Banner asked.
"I can't tell you here." Skyview turned around and walked along the wall looking for Buster and Charades. He quickly found them watching the hills in the distance.
"You two need to go to the throne room," Skyview told them.
"Why?" Buster asked.
"I can't tell you." Then Skyview winked out.

Stardust and Starfire reached the throne room where they meet the two soldiers.
"I need to talk to the King and Queen," Stardust told them.
"Wait here." One of the soldier went in the room. A minute later he came back. "You may go in."
Stardust and Starfire entered the room and walked to the thrones. They stood before the king and Queen nodding their heads.
"King Sea Mist, Queen Snowfall. You remember me telling you about the memories that everyone lost?" Stardust asked.
"Yes I do," King Sea Mist answered.
"Most of my memories have returned, and I must speak to you and Queen Snowfall about it. My brothers, Banner, Charades and Buster will join us too. Can we go some where private?" Stardust asked, Preferably away form the soldiers at the door?"
"Sure," King Sea Mist answered.
Just then Skyview appeared in a misty cloud. "They're coming."
Stardust and the others didn't have to wait to long, when the soldier walked in and announced that Banner, Charades and Buster was here to see them.
"Let them in and no one else. I do not want to be disturbed," King Sea Mist ordered.
"Yes, your majesty." The soldier bowed and left the room letting Banner, Charades and Buster in.
"Now that we are all here, lets go to my private quarters." King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall led them through the door in the corner where Lunarstar and the Queen often had breakfast.
They walked in the room and sat down on the couch and chairs. Stardust, Skyview and Charades were left to sit on the floor.
"For quite a while I kept seeing images and ponies, but they were too blurry most of the time to tell who they were or what was going on. It wasn't till Skyview and Starfire were plying with Lunarstar and making her laugh that the images I kept seeing became clear. Last night I woke up from my nightmare and went to the balcony to cool off. It was then that I remembered who we were and who the King of Ponyland was. There's still some things I feel I have forgotten," Stardust paused for a few minutes.
"So who are we?" Starfire asked.
"Who is the King of Ponyland?" King Sea Mist anxiously asked.
"Tell me, what is Lunarstar like?" Stardust asked.
"Well," Skyview began to say. "She loves to play."
Stardust laughed, "She certainly does." Stardust suddenly became serious. "Just like Starfire likes to play."
"She loves to read," Charades pointed out.
"Yes, just like Skyview," Starfire replied.
"She loves to run," Buster added. "She joined the track team in the other wold just so she could run."
"Sounds just like Stardust," Skyview and Starfire said.
"She loves to explore the forest," Charades added.
"Stardust is always off exploring without us," Skyview replied. "Sometimes I think he did it just so he didn't have to get another order from Star Cluster."
Stardust smiled. "Yes, that was one of my reasons."
"So, what does this have to do with Lunarstar?" Starfire asked.
"Don't you see?" Banner asked. "She's just like the three of you."
Skyview and Starfire were speechless.
"Us?" Skyview asked.
No one had noticed it before but Banner was right. Everything Lunarstar liked to do and often did was what the black ponies did.
"I should have noticed it!" Charades exclaimed.
"No one noticed it even though it was quite obvious," Stardust replied.
"Who is her father?" Skyview anxiously asked.
"You two are her uncles," Stardust bluntly said. His brothers were quite shocked. Everyone had a feeling who was the King of Ponyland but no one wanted to say it.
"Lunarstar is my daughter," remarked Stardust, as he continued looking at their surprised faces.
"That...can't be possible!" Buster exclaimed in disbelief.
"It's true. I am the true King of Ponyland. Lunarstar is my only daughter and my wife is Queen Royal Heart. Skyview and Starfire are Princes, my brothers and Luna's uncles."
"I...don't know what's more shocking. The fact Lunarstar is our niece or you're the King," Starfire remarked still surprised.
"But...she doesn't have a speck of black or blue on her. How...can...that be?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know. Myself and Royal Heart were surprised when Lunarstar was born." Stardust looked at his brothers seriously. "She is my daughter no matter what color she is."
"Something I'm just wondering about, Stardust," King Sea Mist continued, "Why is Lunarstar a winged unicorn? Her mother is a Pegasus but you are not a unicorn or a pegasus."
"I think she gets that from Skyview and Starfire. The two of them make a winged unicorn. I'm guessing but if we hadn't been triplets we would have been one winged unicorn. Instead we split and became triplets. I think the gene was passed onto Luna and she became a winged unicorn...but that's just a guess," Stardust answered.
"Sound logical to me," Charades commented.
"Well, what was wrong with you yesterday? Why were you so sad?" Skyview asked.
"I remembered Royal Heart. It made me sad to think we caught my own wife and then we were sent to catch my daughter," Stardust answered feeling a bit sad.
"Who is Star Cluster?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Where did he come from?" Buster asked.
"I don't know but...I though I know him," Stardust answered trying remember.
"What about Lunarstar? Why was she the only one that could return our memories?" Starfire asked.
"Because she's your niece and my daughter. We loved her since the day we first saw her. Star Cluster may have made us forget who we are and what Luna meant to us, but he couldn't make us stop feeling the love we have for her. He knew the only way to keep us from remembering was to get rid of everyone who meant so much to us. My wife, my daughter and our parents," Stardust replied. "When we caught Luna and was returning to Dream Castle, I suddenly changed my mind. At the time I didn't know why but now I do. I simply didn't have the heart to take my daughter to Star Cluster where I may never see her again. It would have been the same with Skyview and Starfire if they tried to take her back," Stardust answered.
"Now why do you keep calling her Luna? Her name is Lunarstar," Starfire remarked.
"No, her name is Luna. That is her real name. Princess Luna. I named her when she was born," Stardust replied.
"Oh," Skyview and Starfire replied.
"What about her eyes?" Starfire asked, "I know I saw them turn green."
"You still insist on seeing her with green eyes?" Skyview asked.
"He's right, Luna's eyes really turned green. I saw them myself. They were cat like eyes. Believe me, you don't forget those eyes once you've see them," Stardust stated.
"You did?" Skyview asked.
"When?" Starfire asked.
"What green eyes?" Charades asked, "We've been with her for a while in the other world and we never saw green eyes."
"I first saw her green eyes at the Apeton Kingdom."
"We saw that place. It was a mess!" Starfire exclaimed.
"We saw that too," Banner added.
"Stardust, what happened to that place?" Skyview asked.
"If you let me talk, I'll tell you."
"Sorry," Skyview and Starfire replied.
"Me and Luna were caught by the Apeton King. He insisted on keeping Luna so we escaped only to find out way back to the Apeton Kingdom again. They tried to take Luna. When I turned around to help her that's when I saw her eyes turn green. Then suddenly there was a gust of wind as strong as tornadoes. She ripped the huts and castle out of the trees. She broke the trees and even uprooted some. The monkeys were blown away never to be seen again."
"Wow," Queen Snowfall muttered.
"Yes, it was quite something to see. She has great power, but when it was all over she couldn't do it again nor did she know how she did it," Stardust added.
"She doesn't know?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
"No, she doesn't and I don't think she realizes her eyes turn green."
Everyone was silent. No one knew what to say only that they began to wonder about Luna.
"I don't want anyone telling Luna everything that I told you or that I am her father," Stardust told them.
"Why? She has the right to know," Skyview replied.
"I will tell her but not right now. I need proof that I am who I say I am."
"Proof?" Starfire asked.
"We searched and found nothing," Skyview replied.
"Skyview, I want you to go to Paradise Estate. There you will find the proof."
"Paradise Estate?" Everyone asked.
"I'm sorry, I forgot you don't remember. Paradise Estate is on the other side of Ponyland," Stardust answered.
"There's nothing there but a small town and some houses," Starfire replied.
"Paradise Estate is there. I can promise you that. It's most likely Star Cluster has it hidden," Stardust replied.
"Invisible?" Banner asked.
"Yes, I bet it's invisible!" Stardust exclaimed.
Skyview sighed, "How am I going to find an invisible building?"
"You'll find it."
"And what am I looking for once I get in?" Skyview asked.
"A painting of me and my wife."
"A painting? I haven't seen any paintings of you," Starfire remarked.
"That's because Star Cluster took them down and I'm guessing he stashed them away at Paradise Estate. Skyview, please go, and don't waste any time. Do not let anyone see you and the painting. Be careful because I don't know if anyone is guarding Paradise Estate. When you get the painting, go straight to my room."
"Ok," and Skyview winked out.
"The rest of you, do not tell Luna about this or where Skyview went."
"That's not going to be easy," Charades replied. "She was highly suspicious of me when we tried to plan a surprise birthday party."
"Stardust can be suspicious of other ponies. It's probably why so many are afraid of him," Starfire guessed.
Stardust smiled. "Yes, I do have the habit of being suspicious of everyone."
"I still can't get over that fact Luna is your daughter," Queen Snowfall commented. "So I guess she'll be eating with you from now on."
"No, I don't want nothing to change. Not until I tell Luna who I am. Don't let her catch you calling her Luna either. If she is suspicious like me, she'll quickly find out what our secret is."