Chapter 15: The Concert Part 2

Melody looked frantically on stage behind the curtains but there was no sign of then, "Oh,no. What am I going to do?"
"Melody," a Green pony from her band began to say, "You don't have time to look for them."
"We'll look for you," Lunarstar suggested.
Melody smiled but still feeling worried.
"They couldn't have gone far," added Bright Eyes.
A green pony walked up to Melody, "We have to get ready to play."
"Don't worry, Melody," Patch left following Bright Eyes and Lunarstar, "We'll find them."
Meanwhile Ting-a-Ling and Jing-a-Ling walked around to the back of the other stage. They were amazed at seeing other bands and their equipments. The twins walked behind big speakers and pass the equipments to a door.
"I wonder what's in here?" Ting-a-Ling asked.
She opened the door only to find a long hallway and lots of ponies walking around. The twin giggled and ran down the hallway, passing other ponies.

Starfire managed to find the ladder and climbed down. He looked up and down the hall but there was no sign of any ponies. He quietly walked down the hall, he wasn't sure where he was going or if he'll find anyone. He wasn't sure what he was going to do if he ran into someone. It wasn't long till he heard voices ahead and stopped at the corner of the hallway. He peaked around the corner and saw Buster and Charades carrying boxes in a room.
"Thanks you two," said a yellow pony, he left Buster and Charades and walked down another hallway towards the music.
"Now what?" Buster asked.
"Lets go look for her."
Buster and Charades followed the yellow pony.
"I wonder what those boxes where that they were carrying?" Starfire thought.
He walked to the room and opened the door, just then a blue pony with rainbow hair walked out from another room and almost bumped into Starfire.
The Blue pony froze when she saw Starfire and didn't say anything for a few minutes. Then she began to laugh which cough Starfire off guard, "I'm sorry. I thought your wings were real at first."
"Real?" Starfire asked, not sure what she was talking about.
"Those are just a costume are they not?"
"Costumes?" Starfire muttered.
"Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. You're standing in the room full of Costumes."
Starfire looked above the door which read 'Costume room' It gave him an idea, "Um...Yes, I'm sorry. I don't know what I was thinking."
"That's ok," the Blue pony looked at the time in the hallway, "Oops, I must be going." The blue pony left and headed down another hallway.
Starfire walked in the room and looked around, he saw hats, shoes and clothes. He went though the Boxes and hangers but found nothing that would hide his wings. He was about to give up when he noticed a dark green Cloak hanging on a coat rate in the corner.
Her took the cloak and put in on, he folded his wings under the cloak and left the room. The Cloak covered his sides, wings and back to the base of his tail.
He walked around the corner, following the music, the longer he walked the closer he got to the music. The hallway had a few ponies,, most of them kept walking through a door. He walked through the door and to his surprise he saw lots of ponies walking around with band waiting off to the side of the curtains.
Starfire walked to the curtains and took a peak, he was amazed at all the ponies in the auditorium but non of the were pure white.

Buster and Charades just coming out from behind the backstage curtain when they noticed a familiar black pony.
"I don't believe it," whispered Charades.
"He's actually here. looks like he's checking out the audience," Buster whispered back.
They stayed hidden behind the curtain and continued to watch Starfire.

"I don't think she's here," Starfire left the front stage curtains and walked back to the door, "It's a good thing she's not here, I can't stand crowds."
Starfire walked through the door and down the hallway with Buster and Charades following behind him. Starfire walked down many hallways before he found the hallway with the ladder.
Suddenly 2 baby ponies bumped into him, the baby ponies looked up at him and ran down the hallway. Starfire thought it was odd to see Baby ponies running around by themselves. Just then, Bright Eye ran around a corner and stopped suddenly trying not to bump into Starfire, "Excuse me but have you seen 2 baby ponies?"
Starfire pointed down the hallway.
"Thanks," Bright Eyes ran down the hall.
Starfire was carious as to what was going on and so were Buster and Charades.
suddenly Lunarstar ran around the corner and bumped into Starfire, she landed on her back and froze when she looked up. She couldn't believe she ran into Starfire. For a few minutes, she forgot she was in her earth pony form.
"What?" Starfire asked after noticing the scared look on her face.
Lunarstar realized he didn't recognized her, she felt relieved and slowed got on her feet, "Have...have you seen...," She was still scare and afraid to say something to Starfire, "Have you seen 2 baby ponies?"
Lunarstar felt greatly relieved, "Yes."
Starfire pointed down the hall, "They went down that hall with another pony behind them."
Lunarstar could only guess it was Bright Eyes. It couldn't be Patch, she was on the other side of the stage.
Lunarstar slowly walked around Starfire, "Thanks," Then she bolted down the hall.
Starfire was very carious and followed them, he walked down the hall to the ladder and began to climb it. As soon as he got to the catwalk he looked around, it was fairly dark except for where the lights shined below the catwalk.

The baby ponies were scared and ran to the nearest light and stopped for a rest, "We lost him," said Jing-a-Ling.
"Black pony was scary," muttered Ting-a-Ling.
They sat for a while before noticing the spotlight with moths in front of the light.
"Look, Butterflies," Ting-a-Ling announced.
They both stood up and began to climb on the spotlight to get to the moths. Below was the stage and on it was a band playing, the Twins didn't realize how high they were until they looked down.
Jing-a-Ling slipped and grabbed onto the bottom railing on the catwalk while Ting-a-Ling tried to save her but began to slip as well. Bright Eye hurried to the twins and grabbed Ting-a-Ling before she fell. Bright Eyes couldn't pull her onto the catwalk and was losing her grip.
Suddenly Jing-a-Ling slip off the rail but she didn't fall. Bright Eye stood and was shocked seeing Jing-a-Ling floating in mid air. Bright Eyes couldn't get Jing-a-Ling, she had her hoof full and was about to loose Ting-a-Ling when Buster ran up next to her and helped pull Ting-a-Ling onto the catwalk. Charades reached out to grab Jing-a-Ling but he could only get a hold of her tail, he pulled her closer, then grabbed her.
Bright Eyes and Buster stared across the catwalk. Charades noticed them staring and looked, to his amazement he saw the Ghost, her horn was lit but then it slowly dimmed.
"She must have the ability to make things float," thought Charades as he put Jing-a-Ling on the catwalk.

Just as soon as the light from Lunarstar's horn disappeared, she heard footsteps on the catwalk coming heading towards her. She looked and waited till the pony showed himself.
Starfire didn't stop, he continued to walk towards, just when he thought he was close enough to grab her, she disappeared. He looked around but no sign of her, only Buster, Charades and the three ponies that bumped into him earlier.
Starfire walked to the end of the catwalk and climbed the ladder that led to the roof.
"What was that all about?" Bright Eyes muttered.
A few minutes later Lunarstar appeared behind Buster and Charades in her Earth forum, "Bright Eyes," everyone turned around to find Lunarstar.
"Lunarstar, you missed it."
"Missed what?" Lunarstar asked, pretending not to know what she's talking about.
"You two can talk later. We have better get off the catwalk before someone finds us up here," Charades Proposed.
"How did you guys get in here and what are you doing up here?" Lunarstar asked, she had seen them earlier when she was holding the baby pony in the air.
"We came in from the back of the building. A couple of ponies said they'd let us in if we help them carry a few boxes," Buster answered.
"As for what we're doing up here, we saw you guys going to the attic and we were carious as to what was going on," Charades answered.
"Oh," said Lunarstar.

They left the catwalk and went to the auditorium to find their friends, Buster and Charades stood at the auditorium entrance and watched the band playing.
patch, Bright Eyes, Lunarstar and the twin walked up the stairs and sat down.
"What happened to you guy?" Bon Bon asked.
"We were to babysitter the twin but we lost them," Patch answered.
"Then we found them in the attic on a catwalk," Lunarstar replied.
"And the almost fell off the catwalk," added Bright Eyes.
"What?" Starlight asked.
"They would have if it wasn't for the Buster and Charades. Jing-a-Ling would have fell but didn't thanks to the Ghost," answered Bright Eyes.
"The Ghost?" They all asked?
"She was here?" Clover asked.
"I was flying!" Jing-a-Ling yelled of the ponies screaming.
"Flying?" Starlight asked.
"The Ghost made her float, just long enough for Charades to grab her."

Meanwhile Buster and Charades stood and watched as they talked.
"I can't believe she and Starfire was here," said Buster.
"Neither can I but how did she get in the building?"
"I don't know but I do know she can make things float," Buster commented.
"I noticed and she can fly."
"A flying Unicorn. That's amazing."
"We have to find her and quick. Starfire is getting close to catching her." Charades fell silent for a few minutes, "She's close by, I can almost fell her."