Chapter 149: Dreaming Dreams

It was nighttime. The moon shined partly though the clouds with the stars twinkling around it. The moonlight shined into Stardust's room, casting shadows on the walls as he slept.
Stardust grunted in his sleep kicking the covers. He breathed heavily. His fur was damp from sweating, as he continued to toss in his sleep.

Skyview woke up hearing Stardust groaning. It wasn't loud, but Skyview could hear it. He got off his bed and left his room. He walked into Stardust room and watched as he kicked the covers off of him. Then he began to moan. Skyview knew he shouldn't wake Stardust up, but seeing him acting like that was too painful to watch. He walked up to Stardust and shook him, "Stardust."
Without any warning Stardust kicked Skyview sending him across the floor. Stardust groaned, and then he shouted, "No!'' A minute later he woke up. He rubbed his face and glanced over at Skyview, who was in the process of standing up.
"Skyview?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
Skyview walked across the room to the bed, "I was trying to wake you when you kicked me across the room."
"Oh," Stardust sighed.
"Stardust, was that the nightmare you've been having?"
"Yes," Stardust got off his bed and stood up looking at the balcony. Skyview noticed in the moonlight that his coat was a bit wet. Skyview reach and touched him to be sure it wasn't a trick of moonlight, "Stardust your wet. I don't recall you sweating in your sleep."
Stardust lowered his head. Skyview could tell something was bothering him and it had something to do with his dream.
"Stardust, what's wrong?" Skyview asked.
Stardust walked to the balcony, "I need to cool off."
Skyview followed him to the balcony. Stardust stood in his hind legs leaning on the railing. Skyview stood on his hind legs leaning on the railing and looked at Stardust worriedly.
"Stardust!" Skyview exclaimed.
Stardust looked at the soldier walking around on the wall as he felt the slight breeze. After while he broke the silence, "My dream lasted longer this time."
"What's it about?" Skyview asked.
"It starts out like it always does. I'm in the cave, I think it's a cave. The walls are rocky and the ground is dirt and rocks. There's a green and pink cloud around me. I turn and see a bright light shining in the cave. Someone is there in the light. I don't know what or who it is, but they stay in the light. Suddenly a green light shoots out through the cloud. I turned and..." Stardust stopped for a bit.
"What?" Skyview asked anxiously.
"I see you get hit by the light. You fall to the ground and turn completely green, and then Starfire. I shout no, I look at the bright light, and suddenly I get hit. I fall to the ground, but just before I fall into unconsciousness, I hear someone approaching."
"Who?" Skyview asked.
"I don't know. I woke up before I could look," Stardust replied, staring at the ground.
"That's a bit different than the last time," Skyview noticed. "I mean we are in there too."
"Yes," Stadust looked up at him, "It's so real, I can almost feel getting hit."
"And you don't know what's the dream about?"
"No, I don't remember," Stardust turned and yawned. He left the balcony and walked to his bed. He was about to climb in bed when he noticed it was a bit damp. He grabbed his pillow and laid on the floor next to his bed.
Skyview walked up to Stardust, "Goodnight."
Stardust yawned, "Goodnight."

The next morning Stardust was still sleeping. He moved his front hoof a few times then turned over.
"Think he's dreaming the dream again?" Starfire asked sitting on the floor next to Skyview.
"No, I don't think he is."
"You should have woken me up last night when Stardust had that dream."
"You wouldn't have gotten up if I tried to wake you. Besides, it's not a big deal. I told you what Stardust said last night anyway," Skyview replied.
"I would still want to be there and hear him say it."
Stardust opened his eyes and yawned. Then he turned his head and saw his two brothers sitting behind him watching.
"How long have you two been sitting there?"
"Since the sun began to rise," Starfire replied.
"You should have woken me up," Stardust exclaimed.
"You looked like you were dreaming and after last night I think you needed the sleep," Skyview replied.
"So what were you dreaming about?" Starfire asked.
Stardust sat up and smiled, "I was dreaming about us playing Rope Toss. We were little and we were playing. I think we invented the game."
"Really?" Starfire asked excitedly.
"Odd," Skyview mumbled.
"What is?" Starfire asked.
"If we don't know our past then how did we know how to play the game?" Skyview asked.
"Yeah," Starfire agreed, "and you remember after we took over Dream Castle, Star Cluster caught us playing the game."
"How could I not forget? he made us stop playing it," Skyview replied.
"I guess, we been playing the game for so long we just naturally started playing it but...," Stardust paused, something else was troubling him, "Why did it bother Star Cluster?"
Non of them knew the answer, nor could they guess why.
"So Stardust, what were we like?" Skyview asked, changing the subject.
"You two were playful as usual," Stardust paused, "Someone else was there too, but I can't...remember who."
Suddenly the servant walked in, almost dropping the tray when she saw all three black ponies sitting on the floor.
She turned towards the hall, "They're all in here!"
She walked in the room and set the tray on the table. Two more servants walked in setting their trays on the table then left the room.
"I'm starving!" Starfire exclaimed. He stood up and hurried to the table. He removed the silver lid reveling three waffles and an orange juice next to the plate. Stardust and Skyview followed him.
"Waffles!" Stardust exclaimed, "They make great waffles here."
The three of them began eating their breakfast while they sat on the floor.