Chapter 148: Becoming good friends

Stardust walked down stairs while Skyview and Starfire waited outside for him. Stardust could sense Lunarstar was close by. He followed his senses to the library. He walked in and stopped. At first he didn't see her, but then he noticed white hair sticking out from the front of the couch on the floor.
"Lunarstar, it's just me."
Lunarstar looked up from the couch and smiled as soon as she saw him.
Stardust walked towards her and then stopped at the coush looking down at her. She was curled in a ball on the couch.
"I hear you've been running from my brothers."
Lunarstar sighed looking down at the couch. Stardust smiled and walked around the couch. He stood on his hind legs and with his front hooves, he scooped up Lunarstar in his arms. He left the couch and headed for the door.
"Where are you taking me?" Lunarstar asked.
"Outside to meet my brothers," Stardust answered.
"No," Lunarstar cried in fear as she tried to wiggle out of his arms but he held her firmly until she stopped.
"Lunarstar, do you trust me?" Stardust asked.
Lunarstar stopped wiggling. "Yes."
"Then trust me when I say they won't harm you or take you anywhere. They just want to play with you."
"Play?" Lunarstar asked. She had not expect them to want to play with her. She didn't know they could play at all. They didn't seem the playful type.
"You'll love playing with them, especially Starfire. That's pretty much all he wants to do is play," Stardust laughed. "You'll be doing Skyview a favor by playing with Starfire."
Lunarstar looked up at him. "What do you mean?"
"Skyview doesn't always want to play, but Starfire bugs him until he plays."
Lunarstar smiled. They didn't sound like the ponies she thought they were.

Stardust carried her outside to the water fountain where his brothers stood waiting.
Lunarstar curled in a tight ball when she saw them, her front left leg partly covered her face while she kept a watchful eye on them.
Skyview and Starfire couldn't help but smile at her.
"How cute," Starfire muttered.
Skyview and Stardust looked at him.
"Well, she is," Starfire replied.
"You see, Lunarstar. There's nothing to be afraid of," Stardust looked at Skyview and Starfire, "I want you three to play the Rope Toss game."
"Rope Toss?" Skyview asked.
"We haven't played that game in a very long time!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Oh, that game. I remember. We lost most of the time," Skyview replied.
"Lost?" Lunarstar quietly asked.
Skyview smiled at her. "Stardust always wins. We were lucky if we could get the rope from him."
"Lunarstar, I want you to play the game with them. I'll be by the castle in case you need me for any reason," Stardust sat her on the ground, "Now here's the rules. No unicorn magic, no flying, and stay in the front yard. Do not go in the castle and stay within the castle walls. I don't want you two to play too roughly with her. The water fountain is base," Stardust turned and walked away, "And have fun!" he added.

Starfire picked up the rope from the fountain and walked away from the trees to a clearing. Skyview followed him with Lunarstar tagging along behind. She stood at a distance, too afraid too get close to them. The soldiers on the wall stood and watched with fascination.
"You have to get closer in order to catch the rope," Skyview said to her.
Lunarstar took a few steps closer then stopped.
"Well that's a little better," Skyview remarked.
Starfire tossed the rope in the air and stood close to catch it. Skyview stood close to him hoping to be the first to catch the rope. When the rope approached them, Starfire and Skyview stood on their hind legs, leaning on each other to catch the rope. Lunarstar stood back watching them. They were serious about getting the rope.
The rope fell and bounce off their faces. Lunarstar jumped in the air and caught the rope, then she turned and ran.
Stardust laid in the grass next to the castle, laughing.
Lunarstar ran around the yard as the boys got closer. When they were close enough to grab the rope, Lunarstar made a sudden stop skidding in the grass. Skview and Starfire ran past her but suddenly turned around. Lunarstar whirled around and ran for the water fountain.
By the time the boys had caught up to her she was at the water fountain waiting.
"I can't believe this. We lost to a little pony," Starfire sighed.
Lunarstar smiled at his comment.
"So, Lunarstar, want to play again?" Skyview asked.
"Sure," Lunarstar replied shyly.
Skyview took the rope from the ground and walked to a clearing. Lunarstar followed them but this time she stood closer to them. Skyview threw the rope in the air and stood anxiously for the rope to come down. When the rope approched them, Skyview and Starfire stood up leaning on each other trying to get the rope. Starfire would of had the rope if Skyview hadn't knocked it away from him with his horn.
Skyview turned and caught the rope, then he ran with Starfire close behind him. They ran around the yard as Starfire tried to get the rope from him.
Skyview made a sudden turn when he saw how close Starfire was to getting the rope. while Skyview was busy keeping the rope from Starfire, Lunarstar came up beside him and grabed ahold of the rope with her mouth. Skyview held on tight as Lunarstar tugged on it.
Skyview and Lunarstar slowed down to a stop, tugging on the rope.
Starfire stood by and watched but the two obviously weren't going to give up the rope.
"I wonder if she's ticklish?" Starfire wondered out loud.
Lunarstar eyed him closely as he walked towards her. When he was close she moved away from him still holding the rope. Starfire smiled, "I think you are tickish."
"No I'm not," Lunarstar mumbled.
"Sure you are," Starfire replied with a smile.
Skyview turned around, still holding the rope as Lunarstar kept moving away from Starfire. After a while she let go and ran. Skyview ran to the water fountain and waited for the other two to catch up.
"Lunarstar, do you want to play again?" Starfire asked.
"Yeah!" Lunarstar exclaimed. She discovered playing with them wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. Maybe even becoming friends wasn't a bad idea either.

Starfire took the rope and walked to the clearing, then he threw the rope in the air. When it came back down. Starfire and Skyview stood on their hind legs to catch it. Skyview was going to use his horn again when Starfire pushed him out of the way. He caught the rope and ran with Skyview behind him. After awhile Starfire glanced around for Lunarstar but by the time he noticed where she was it was to late, she grabbed hold of the rope tugging on it. Starfire and Lunarstar slowed down to a stop. They stood tugging on the rope while Skyview approached Lunarstar.
Lunarstar was so busy tugging on the rope that she didn't see Skyview coming towards her until the last minute. Lunarstar suddenly moved away from him.
"Now how am I going to find your ticklish spot if you move?" Skyview asked with a smile.
Lunarstar continued to circle Starfire when she suddenly tripped over her own feet. She fell to the ground still holding the rope.
Lunarstar curled her feet under her, covering her stomach. Skyview smiled greatly, "So that's where."
He lifted his hoof to tickle her when she suddenly covered her side with one wing.
"Come on, let's hear you laugh," Skyview lifted her wing and began tickling her. Lunarstar giggled trying hard to hold the rope in her mouth. Skyview continued to tickle her till she gave in and laughed loudly. She let go of the rope, rolled on her back and laughed. She curled her front feet under her chin with her back feet stretech out kicking in the air.
Starfire took the rope to the water fountain and walked back to join Skyview.
"That looks like fun, let me help you," Starfire proposed. He sat on the other side of Lunarstar and began tickling her.
Lunarstar laughed hard, "St-op."
Skyview and Starfire continued ticking her till she could no longer talk. Skyview looked up to see if Stardust was still there which he was, but he wasn't watching. He had his hoof over his face like he was in pain.
"Starfire, look," Skyview whispered to him.
Starfire turned and looked, he too saw Stardust with his face covered.
"It's her laughing," Skyview said to Starfire, he know Stardust was remembering something. "Lets keep it up."
Lunarstar laughed harder than she ever had before. She couldn't stand it so she winked out catching Skyview and Starfire by surprise. They looked around and found her in the clearing laying in the grass catching her breath. They stood up and hurried over to her. When Lunarstar saw them coming at her she winked out. The boys stopped and looked around. They found her sitting by a tree. They turned around and walked towards her.
"You can't run from us!" Starfire exclaimed.
Lunarstar winked out. Starfire and Skyview stopped. They looked around and found her by the water fountain. "Just try and catch me!" she exclaimed.
Starfire and Skyview smiled. They took off at a run chasing her all over the yard. When they got close to her she winked out. The boys halted and turned around running after her again.
"I can play that game too!" Skyview exclaimed.
He winked out and appeared in front of Lunarstar. She skidded into him. He grabbed and began tickling her. Lunarstar fell to the ground and laughed. After a while she winked out and the two boys chased her.

Stardust looked up and watched. He stared at Lunarstar watching her laugh and teaseing his two brothers.
"There's something about her..."Stardust thought. "Something...familar."
Stardust continued watching them play until sunset. Lunarstar had learned that they were great to play with and were actually nice ponies.