Chapter 146: Plans interrupted

The sun was still shining brightly as Starfire flew across the sky feeling pain on his side. He flew as fast as he could towards Moonlight Castle. He flew like a blur across the sky.
When he was close to Mooney Mountain he slowed down, flying high over Woodlock. He dropped from the sky toward the castle which was peeking through the forest on top of the Mountain. The soldiers didn't see him at first till Starfire had flown over them. He flew around the castle till he spotted Stardust.

Stardust, Banner, Charades and King Sea Mist were at the bottom steps outside talking about plans to attack Dream Castle when Stardust suddenly sensed Starfire.
The others had noticed something flying towards them.
"It's Starfire," Stardust exclaimed.
Starfire landed on the grass, and he lowered his head in pain. Every muscles on his one side hurt. He could feel the pain in his bare streak.
"Starfire, what are you doing here?" Stardust asked, then he noticed a bare streak on his side where the fur was completely shaved off. "What happened?"
Starfire looked up at him worriedly. He didn't care about the fact everyone was staring at him.
"Is Skyview here?" Starfire asked almost yelling.
"Are you sure?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, I would know if he was around and he's not here. Starfire what happened? Where's Skyview?" Stardust asked worriedly.
Starfire turned his head, closing his eyes. He was afraid to tell Stardust, worried what Stardust would do if he told him.
"Starfire!" Stardust exclaimed worriedly.
Starfire looked up at him painfully, "Me and Skyview were in Star Cluster's room when Star Cluster suddenly walked in. He was angry with us. The key around his neck turned into a staff and I ran out of his room."
"Staff?" everyone asked. Stardust didn't care about the staff at the moment he was more worried about Skyview.
"Well," Starfire continued, "A purple light shot out from the staff. Skyview rammed into him to save me but," Starfire turned to show the bare streak on his side, "as you can see, it barely missed me." Starfire lowered his head sadly and continued. "I flew out of there but Skyview was trapped. Star Cluster turned on him and shot the same purple light at him. The last I saw of Skyview was him being thrown through a wall." Starfire looked up at him. He could tell the others were shocked. "I thought he might have winked here."
Stardust and Starfire looked at each other sadly, knowing they may never see Skyview again. Everyone was silent for a few minute.
Suddenly a cloud appeared behind Starfire. Everyone turned around watched as Skyview returned to his normal self.
When the mist had completely cleared, they stood and gasped at Skyview. From his shoulders and rear down to his legs were bar. There wasn't any fur to be seen on one side. Skyview fell to the ground, moaning in pain.
"Skyview!" cried Starfire happily, "I thought you were a goner!"
"I...came close," Skyview replied.
"What happened?" Stardust asked him.
Skyview laid on the ground moaning while keeping completely still. "I found the prisoners...I'll tell you later...Stardust make it stop. The burning is painful!"
Banner looked at his skin closely and noticed some strange, "He's not burned. he's got something on him."
Stardust reached with a hoof to touch him.
"No, anything that touches me hurts!" Skyview cried.
"I know that feeling," Starfire replied looking at his painful streak.
"Hold still," Stardust muttered to him. He reached up and lightly touched him. Skyview tried his best to bare the pain. Stardust quickly took his hoof off of him and began rubbing his hoofs together.
"What is it?" King Sea Mist asked.
"It stings," Stardust replied. He then stood on all fours and began scraping his hoof on the pavement until the stinging had stopped. "Don't anyone touch them. They covered with something and it's keeping their fur from growing. I'm guessing if the stuff was scrubbed off they'll be fine and their fur will grow back."
"What?...Scrubbed?" Starfire exclaimed.
"They can use my bath tub. It's big and can easily fit both of them," King Sea Mist offered.
"Thank you," Stardust replied he turned and looked down at Skyview, "Can you stand up?"
"I hurt to much to move," Skyview replied. "Just go, and I'll follow you." With his horn glowing he disappeared in a misty cloud.
"I'll have my servants help them. Follow me. I'll show you to my bath," King Sea Mist replied. He turned around and walked into the castle with Starfire, a cloud and Stardust behind him.
Stardust followed them upstairs. He wanted to see if his brothers will be alright.

After a few hours Stardust walked outside and saw Banner, Charades and Buster talking next to the water fountain. Stardust walked up to them.
"So how are they doing?" Buster asked.
"Painfully fine. They're being scrubbed hard. Those two cried like babies," Stardust smiled. "But don't tell them I told you that."
They began laughing.
"Starfire's done. He's just waiting on Skyview," Stardust added.
"Did you know about Star Cluster's staff?" Banner asked him.
"What staff?" Stardust asked.
"Starfire said a purple light came from his staff," Charades reminded him.
"He said the key around his neck turned into a staff," Banner added.
Stardust was puzzled.
"You didn't know?" Charades asked.
Stardust thought about it for a while. Had he seen Star Cluster's Staff? Stardust wasn't sure but it was starting to sound familiar "I think I saw it once but I'm not sure," Stardust paused and then he thought about it a little more. "A magic Staff? I've never heard of one."

Just then King Sea Mist walked outside with Starfire and Skyview behind him. Their fur had grown back, and they looked clean. Their coats shined in the sunlight.
"You two defiantly look better!" Stardust exclaimed.
"Don't even touch me, I'm so sore," Skyview quickly said, keeping his distance from everyone else.
"So Skyview, what happened to you?" Stardust asked.
"You said you found the prisoners," Banner commented.
"Yes I did. I found all of them. Even Queen Royal Heart," Skyview replied.
"Queen Royal Heart? Is she ok?" Banner asked.
"I don't know. I found them in Star Cluster's room. His room looks small at first but one side of his room has a fake wall that you can go right through it. On the other side were the prisoners, trapped in crystal ball. They were frozen and looked scared. I found Royal Heart in one of them. I was about to grab her when Starfire called me," Skyview explained.
"I'm sorry but it was urgent," Starfire replied.
"No, it's ok. We would be worse off if you hadn't called me when you did. Well Star Cluster came into the room..."
"Starfire told us that part. What happened after he left you?" Stardust asked.
"I was thrown through the wall and landed on the floor. Star Cluster walked through the wall and was about to zap me with his staff but I managed to wink out, if I hadn't that would have been the end of me. I stopped at a lake on the way here to cool off my burns but it didn't do any good."
"Ah, you had me so worried!" Starfire exclaimed.
"Sorry, but I had to stop."
King Sea Mist smiled, "Well, I guess you'll be staying with us then."
"Yes, most defiantly," Skyview replied.
"Great, then you can help us take Dream Castle back," Banner exclaimed.
"Yes we will be glad to help you," Skyview replied.