Chapter 145: Star Cluster's anger

The sun was shining brightly through the drifting clouds as they cast shadows on the land. Starfire was in Skyview's room talking to him. Skyview sat on the floor beside his bed.
"Ok, now what?" Starfire asked. "We searched this whole castle from the dungeon to the roof, and there's no sign of the prisoners."
Skyview sat quietly, "I searched the throne room many times. We have never seen any prisoner leave the throne room, so what happened to them?"
"I thought they'd be in the dungeon but there was no one there."
"I'm going to check Star Cluster's room again."
"What for? They won't be in there."
"I don't know, I just think I have to go back and look to make sure I didn't miss anything," Skyview replied. "I'll go tonight when he's asleep."
"That may not be a good idea," Starfire replied. "He'll be mad if he wakes up and finds you in his room."
"I'm very quiet. I know I won't wake him up."
"What about that voice you told me?" Starfire asked.
"Oh, I see. That would be a big risk to sneak in tonight."
"Why don't you do it now while he's not in his room?" Starfire suggested.
"I could do that but I want you to keep an eye out for Star Cluster, and let me know when he comes."
"Ok," Starfire replied.
"Lets go then."
Skyview turned into a cloud while Starfire left his room.

Skyview floated out of the balcony and around the castle making sure none of the soldiers noticed him. He floated up to Star Cluster's balcony. He took a peek over the balcony to be sure it was safe. The room was empty. Star Cluster was no where in sight. Skyview floated through the railings and into the room. He returned to his pony form and quietly walked around the room.
He wasn't sure what he thought he would find. He wasn't sure what he was looking for in the room. He walked over to the night stand and looked in the drawers. Then he walked over to the other night stand and looked in the drawers but found nothing he thought would be important to him. He walked over to the dresser. On top sat a silk green pillow where the crown had sat. Skyview looked through the drawers but found nothing. He then turned and walked around the room, looking on the tables under the bed and on the walls but there was nothing, his room was empty.

Skyview sighed and sat down next to the wall staring across the room to the balcony.
"I was sure there would be something in here," Skyview thought.
As he leaned back to think, he suddenly fell through the wall, landing on his back. He looked up at the ceiling and saw a chandelier hanging. Skyview looked down at himself and stared, there was only half of him. The wall cut him off at the stomach. Skyview felt his back legs but couldn't see them. He reached up to the wall with it front hoof to touch it but it went through.
"A hologram or something...but why?" Skyview asked himself.
He turned over and looked at the rest of the room. Skyview froze and gasped. The room was large with lots of book shelves around it. Something clear as crystal twinkled in the sunlight. Stardust stood up and wondered where the sunlight was coming from. He walked to the middle of the room and turned around. It looked like a big room with no doors, only a chandelier above him, a large rug on the floor and book shelves on every wall. Skyview looked around the room close for the light, but it seemed to be coming from the wall he went through.
"Even light can go through the wall?" Skyview asked surprisingly.
Skyview walked to one of the book shelves gasped. There were small crystal balls sitting on a snowglobe-like stands in several rows on every shelf.
He noticed something inside them. He got up close to one of the balls and looks closely. His eyes widened as he gasped surprisingly. In the ball was a red pegasus. She was leaning down looking scared. Skyview touched the ball and picked it up, but she didn't move.
"This pony...I've seen her before..." Skyview thought hard as he stared at her, "She' of prisoners that me and Starfire caught."
Skyview set the ball back on the stand and continued walking along the book shelves looking at the balls. He recognized most of them. Some he was sure he had never seen before. Some he recognized were sons and daughters of a different kingdom. They all had the same look, they were scared and was staring at something.
Skyview turned around and looked at the rest of the book shelves. "Where did he get so many prisoners?"
His eyes stopped at a bookshelf on the opposite of the fake wall. There was a crystal ball but it wasn't sitting on a stand like the others. It sat on a red silk pillow on a shelf by itself. Next to it sat four other red pillows.
Skyview walked to the Crystal ball and gasped shockingly.
"Queen Royal Heart!" Skyview exclaimed.
She was standing looking scared like the others, but she had tears in her eyes. Skyview reached up and was about to pick up the ball when he heard Starfire calling his name.
Skyview turned and quickly ran out of the wall shocking Starfire and almost running into him in the process.
"What?...How?" Starfire stuttered, too shocked at seeing Skyview go through a wall.
"What is it?" Skyview asked.
"Hurry, Star Cluster is almost here."
Before they could take a step, the door opened and there stood a rather surprised Star Cluster.
"What...What are you two..." Star Cluster paused, he had figured out what was happening.
Starfire ran out of the room while Skyview thought he'd go and get the Queen but when he saw Star Cluster's staff appear. He decided to stop Star Cluster first.
"Your not getting away the easy!" Star Cluster yelled angrily at he pointed the staff at Starfire. The ball on the staff began to glow. Starfire didn't looked back he ran out to the balcony just as a purple light shot out from the staff.
Skyview rammed into him, knocking him to the floor. The beam of light shot across the side of Starfire who yelled in pain.
"Leave!" Skyview yelled.
Starfire flew from the balcony and turned to look at Skyview.
Skyview was thrown off of Star Cluster by the glowing staff.
"You rotten traitor!" yelled Star Cluster angrily.
Skyview stood up and was about wink out when suddenly a purple light shot from the staff and straight at Skyview. He was thrown back through the wall.
Star Cluster turned and pointed the staff at Starfire who gasped and quickly flew away.

Starfire flew from Dream Castle as fast as he could. He could feel pain on his side. He glanced at his side and saw a bare streak, from his rear to his shoulder. He wondered if the purple light did that to him. What would a full blast do to Skyview?
"Skyview!" Starfire cried, hoping he had somehow gotten out and was following him but he wasn't. Starfire looked very worried, he glance a round to see if a cloud saw moving fast but he saw nothing.
"Skyview!" Starfire cried again but he saw nothing. "No...this just can't be happening!"

Star Cluster turned towards the wall and began walking towards it, griping the staff tightly, "I should have gotten rid of you two when I had a chance. Looks like I still have a chance."