Chapter 144: Getting to know Stardust

Lunarstar hurried out of the throne room just as Stardust reached the bottom step. She stopped suddenly and smiled at him.
"Good morning," Stardust commented.
"Good morning Stardust," Lunarstar replied.
"Did you just eat breakfast?" Stardust asked.
"Yes I did. How about you?" Lunarstar asked.
"I had mine in my room. The servants bring my breakfast to my room every morning."
"Really?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"So what do you want to do today?" Lunarstar asked.
"Well how about Cards or board games?" Stardust asked.
"Ok," Lunarstar paused, "Do you mind if I ask a few other ponies to join us?"
"No, not at all," Stardust answered. "Who do you have in mind?"
"Buster and Charades."
"Oh, they're soldiers, I don't know if they'll be allowed to leave their duties."
Lunarstar looked up at him sadly. Stardust smiled at her. "But you could try anyways."
"Ok, I'll meet you in the library." Lunarstar turned down the hall and hurried out of the castle while Stardust headed towards the library.

Lunarstar ran down the steps and stopped. She looked around for Buster and Charades. It took her a while to find them, but she eventually found them. They were talking alone with Banner. Lunarstar winked out and appeared next to them.
"Hopefully he'll remember," Buster commented.
"Who?" Lunarstar asked.
The three of them jumped, they were startled to see Lunarstar. None of them had noticed she had winked to them.
"Lunarstar, how long were you there?" Banner asked worriedly, hoping she didn't hear them talking about Stardust.
"I just got here."
"What do you want?" Banner asked seriously.
Lunarstar looked at him, she had an uncomfortable feeling like he didn't want her there.
"Nothing, I...I just..well, wanted to say hi," Lunarstar answered, "Sorry to bother you."
She quickly turned and began leaving. Buster and Charades glared at Banner.
Banner looked at them then he turned around. "Lunarstar wait."
Lunarstar turned around.
"I'm sorry, we...were talking and I just didn't expect you there. Please tell us what it was you wanted," Banner said to Lunarstar. She turned around and walked back to them. Banner smiled at her, letting her know he wasn't mad.
"Well, I wanted to see if you guys could play with me."
"Play?" they asked.
"Yeah!" Lunarstar replied.
"I don't know, Lunarstar. We're soldiers and we have to watch the castle," Banner replied.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed sadly, she turned and looked around on the walls.
"What is it? Buster asked.
"There's a lot of soldiers on the wall."
"Yes, there is," Charades agreed.
Lunarstar turned and looked at Banner, "So would it hurt for three of them to leave the wall for a day?"
The three of them looked at each other surprisingly and then smiled.
"Well, what game do you have in mind?" Banner asked.
"Card games or board games or maybe both," Lunarstar replied. "Stardust is in the library waiting so I'll see you there. I have to go get the games."
"Ok," Charades replied.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow and suddenly she was gone leaving falling, twinkling stars in her place.
"I don't think she heard all that we were talking about," Buster commented.
"I don't think she did either," Banner agreed.
"It's a good thing. She's happy now and she'd be worried about Stardust if she knew his problem," Charades remarked.
"We have to be careful," Banner whispered to them, then he smiled. "Let's not keep our Princess waiting."

They turned and left the wall walking towards the castle. They climbed the stairs and walked through the hall to the library. When they walked in, they saw Lunarstar sitting on a couch across from Stardust who sat on the other couch with a deck of cards on the table in front of them.
Banner, Buster and Charades walked to the couches and sat down. Buster sat next to Stardust with Banner next to him and Charades sat next to Lunarstar.
"Ready?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes," they replied.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow and suddenly the deck of cards began to shuffle rapidly. When the Shuffling was done, the cards spread out, landing in front of each pony. The rest of the cards landed on the table in a pile with one card next to it.
Banner wasn't amazed but surprised to see her do it. He knew other unicorns could move objects, but he wasn't expecting Lunarstar to do it.
"You can move objects?" Banner asked.
"You didn't know?" Lunarstar asked.
"Oh," Lunarstar blushed.
Banner smiled, "Lets get on with the game."
"Who goes first?" Buster asked.
"Lunarstar can go first," Charades answered.
Lunarstar smiled as she set the first card on the table. Then Charades set his card on hers, then Banner, Buster and Stardust.

Soon they began to enjoy themselves, laughing and joking around with each other.
Near the end of their third game, Stardust was holding his last card. Everyone around him glared at him.
"Not this time!" Charades exclaimed.
Stardust laughed, "To late there's nothing you can do about it."
"Buster," Charades called to him.
"I don't have anything in my deck," Buster replied.
"I can't stop him. I'm not next to him," Banner replied.
"No!" Charades exclaimed.
Lunarstar sat and laughed.
When it was Stardust's turn he sat his last card on the table. "I'm out and won again!"
"No!" They cried.
"That's the third time in a row you won," Banner remarked.
"I'm good at games," Stardust replied, "So ready for another round?"
"Yes!" they answered.
"Lets try a board game this time. Maybe one of us will have a chance at winning," Buster suggested.
Everyone set their cards on the table and waited for Lunarstar. Her horn began to glow and the cards quickly stacked themselves in a pile. They floated off the table while a long board sat itself on the table with it's cards and pieces.
"Now, you're not going to win this time!" Charades exclaimed.
Stardust laughed, "Oh, we'll see about that."