Chapter 143: Flash Backs

Stardust slept peacefully after he had woken up earlier from his nightmare and talked with Skyview. Stardust felt a hoof on his shoulder, shaking him. Stardust did not want to wake up, for once he was sleeping great.
"Wake up, please," a voice begged. "Your breakfast is here."
Stardust slowly opened his eyes, staring at a red unicorn.
"Sorry to wake you but Banner said to wait and bring your breakfast later, so I did."
"What time is it?" Stardust asked.
"It's 1 pm," she replied. The unicorn then turned and left the room.
Stardust sat up in bed, he yawned a few times then he got off his bed. He stood beside his bed and stretched his legs. The sun was shining brightly on his balcony casting some light into his room.
He walked around his bed to the table and began eating.
Stardust still couldn't get over what his brother had told him. He couldn't believe this whole time he thought there was something terribly wrong with him. He never imagined it was memories and flashbacks from what he had forgotten.

Stardust finished his breakfast and walked to the balcony. He blinked a few times in the bright sunlight. He looked at the ground in the yard. He noticed Lunarstar at the water fountain with Buster. They were talking and laughing. For a minute Stardust saw something flash before his eyes. an image of someone laughing on a balcony. He couldn't remember who it was because the pony was blurry but he felt the pony was important to him.
Stardust turned and left his room. He walked around the corner to the stairs. When he reached the first floor he walked through the halls and went outside. He walked down the steps and across the yard to the water fountain where Lunarstar and Buster were.
"Stardust!" Lunarstar exclaimed excitedly when she saw him approach.
"Good morning," Stardust replied.
"Morning?" Lunarstar asked, "It's in the afternoon."
"Well, it's morning to me," Stardust replied. He looked at her big purple eyes, and suddenly he had another flashback. Lunarstar looked at him. His eyes did not blink nor did they look away from her. Was he staring again?
"Stardust!" Lunarstar called but there was no reply. Buster knew what was wrong with Stardust and wondered what he was remembering? He, Charades, Banner and the soldiers that were there still hadn't forgotten last night, but they couldn't talk to each other about it.
"Stardust!" Lunarstar cried.
Stardust blinked a few times.
"Your doing it again!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
Stardust smiled at her, "I'm sorry. I guess I can't help it."
"How are we going to play when you do that?" Lunarstar asked.
" about I just watch you play today?" Stardust suggested.
"Play what?" Lunarstar asked. about ball?" Stardust asked.
"What ball? I haven't seen one here."
"Lunarstar, go ask the King and Queen," Buster proposed.
"That sounds good. They might know," Stardust agreed.
"Ok," Lunarstar turned and hurried into the castle.
"Stardust, were you remembering a few minutes ago?" Buster asked.
"Yes but my memories are not clear. They're blurry."

After awhile Buster left, walking back to the wall while Stardust stood waiting for Lunarstar.
Suddenly Lunarstar appeared in front of him with a yellow ball under her hoof. "I got one."
"Great, I'll be over there watching you," Stardust point to a tree. He walked over to it and laid down on the grass. His back legs stretched out with his front legs under him. As he watched Lunarstar kick the ball and chase it, he began having flashbacks while he did his best to watch Lunarstar.
The soldiers on the wall turned and watch Lunarstar play ball, which she didn't stop until sunset.