Chapter 142: His Forgotten Memories

Stardust was asleep in bed, dreaming when he shouted, "No!" waking himself up. He sat up in bed rubbing his sleepy face. Just as he was about to lay back down, he felt Skyview presence.
"Here?" Stardust asked himself. "If he's after Lunarstar, I'm going to do more than head butt him."
Stardust quickly got out of bed and left his room. He followed his senses around the hall, past the stairs. Stardust stopped. His senses were the strongest at this point.
"Come out I know your there," Stardust whispered.
Just then a cloud came down from the ceiling. Skyview returned to his pony form and stood in front of Stardust.
"Just what are you doing here?"Stardust asked angrily, "You had better not be after the Princess!"

Suddenly Banner and Buster came out from around the corner while Charades and a few other soldiers came out from another hallway, trapping Stardust and Skyview.
"I thought it was you, Skyview!" Banner exclaimed, "You didn't sneak pass us this time."
"I'm here to talk to Stardust only and not you soldiers," Skyview replied.
"We are not leaving you alone with Stardust!" Banner exclaimed.
Skyview turned suddenly and listened quietly toward another hall.
"What?" Stardust asked, noticing his sudden attention towards another hallway.
Skyview didn't answer. Instead he disappeared into a cloud, hiding in the shadows.
Lunarstar walked around the corner and looked up at everyone. Her eyes were half open with her hair looking a mess. She stood and yawned several times.
"Lunarstar, what are you doing up?" Charades asked.
"I.." She paused and yawned, "Heard shouting."
"Sorry Lunarstar," Stardust replied. "We were talking."
"Oh," Lunarstar yawned again, "I can't sleep if you guys are going to talk in the hall right outside my room."
"We'll go somewhere else to talk. Why don't you go to bed?" Stardust suggested, "You don't want to miss your morning breakfast with the King and Queen."
Lunarstar smiled but still very sleepy for it to last long, "Well, goodnight everyone."
"Goodnight," they replied.
Lunarstar turned and walked back down the hall to her room.

When Lunarstar was gone, Skyview returned to his pony form.
"We need to go somewhere quietly to talk," Stardust said the Banner.
"We are coming with you then," Banner exclaimed.
"No, I need to talk to Stardust only," Skyview exclaimed.
"You either tell us what's so important or I'm going back to bed," Stardust said sternly.
Skyview turned and looked around the corner looking out the window, the sky was still dark.
"Ok," Skyview turned around, "I'll tell you all but don't tell a soul I was here or what I'm about to say."
"Fine, lets go to a room." Banner turned and walked down several hall to a large blue room with a blue and white rug. On the rug sat a couch and three chairs. Stardust sat in a chair next to the couch while the soldiers turned on the lights.
"This is the Resting Room," Banner commented. "No one is near by to hear us."
Two soldiers stood at the door while Banner, Buster and Charades sat down.
"Sit," Stardust told Skyview who was passing on the rug. He turned and walked to the couch sitting next to Stardust.
"Now what is so urgent?" Stardust asked yawning still feeling tired.
Skyview put his front hoofs together, "Well, where should I begin?"
"How about the beginning?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, well...I thought a lot about what you told me in the dungeon. I couldn't get any answers at the castle and Starfire didn't know either so I sent him undercover to stay with a family," Skyview began to explain.
"Undercover?" Stardust asked.
Skyview smiled, "You know those pink berries I fell in? It turned me pink so I got the idea to turn Starfire completely pink except for his wings, he wore a cloak to hide them. You should have seen him. It was funny. For a while, I didn't feel like a triplet but shaving him was the fun part," Skyview stopped smiling and looked down. "It was payback for teasing me in town in front of everyone."
Stardust and the others laughed.
"Well anyway," Skyview continued when the other stopped laughing. "Starfire stayed with a family in the village until midnight, asking questions, but it turned out they're as clueless as we are."
"What questions?" Charades asked.
"Who are we? Where did we come from? Is there a King of Ponyland? Why does he want the Princess, and a lot more questions," Skyview replied.
"Well," he continued. "Today, I got orders to bring you in, Stardust. He is no longer interested in the Princess, only you."
"Me?" Stardust almost laughing, then he got serious, "Why? I thought the Princess was important to him?"
"She's not now, you are," Skyview pointed at him. Skyview paused and looked at him, "Tell me Stardust. Do you still have headaches?"
"No not anymore."
"So do you have anything? Anything that's not normal?" Skyview asked.
Stardust paused. He didn't want to tell him.
"You do, don't you?" Skyview asked detecting a worried look on his face, "tell me, Stardust."
"I'm seeing things most of the time," Stardust finally answered.
Skyview became silent which got Stardust worried. Skyview remembered what Star Cluster had said and found it hard to believe.
"Skyview?" Stardust exclaimed.
"Your not just seeing things," Skyview replied after awhile. "And those headaches you had in the other world weren't just headaches."
"What do you mean?" Stardust asked feeling worried. The other soldiers sat still listening to Skyview's every word.
"The headaches are your memories returning. The images and you seeing things are your memories," Skyview finally said.
Stardust was stunned like everyone else was.
"" Stardust tried to say.
"'t recall losing any memories," Stardust asked.
"It's not just you, we all have. Me, Starfire, all of Ponyland and I'm guessing the other kingdoms too."
"What?" Banner exclaimed. "That's not possible. I haven't forgotten anything. I know who I am and where I came from."
Skyview looked at him seriously. "But do you know who the real King of Ponyland is?"
No one answered, none of them knew.
"There was no..." Charades began to say but was quickly interrupted.
"Yes there was! There really was a King of Ponyland because heard it from Star Cluster!" Skyview cried.
"He told you?" Stardust asked.
"No, I was outside his room listening and...Stardust, someone was in there with him but when I looked I saw no one."
"Who do you think it was?" Stardust asked.
"I don't know. I've never heard a voice like this one. He is helping Star Cluster rule Ponyland. He gives suggestions and sometime orders to Star Cluster."
They all sat quietly. None of them had anything to say. They were to shocked at what Skyview had already told them.
"So who is the King of Ponyland?" Buster asked.
"There's only one pony who can answer that," Skyview turned and looked at Stardust. "You are the only one who can possibly answer that. Star Cluster is worried sick that you'll regain your memories and I suspect it's because you know who the King of Ponyland is."
"But I don't know," Stardust replied.
"No but you will eventually. You stay close to the Princess and your memories will return quickly," Skyview replied.
"Lunarstar?" Stardust asked surprisingly, "What does she have to do with this?"
"Everything. That's why Star Cluster wants her. Your memories are returning because of her," Skyview answered.
"She's done nothing to me though."
"No but you spent more time with her than anyone. Remember when you and her fell in the mine shaft? You spent two whole days with her, and shortly after that you got those headaches. You see Stardust, the more time you spend with her the more of your memories will return," Skyview explained.
Stardust fell silent as he pondered on it. He hadn't thought about it before but most of the images he was seeing happened when Lunarstar was around, but his nightmares? What about them? He began having nightmares shortly after his headaches slowed down.
"What about my nightmares?" Stardust asked.
"What nightmares?" Charades asked.
"I've been having the same nightmare every night. It started shortly after the headaches."
"I have not told Star Cluster about your nightmares," Skyview replied, "But I'm guessing your nightmares is a part of your memories."
"What memories could be so bad?" Stardust asked.
"Tell us about it," Skyview proposed.
"Well, I'm in a cave, I think...I'm surrounded by a cloud of some kind. I see a light and then...I wake up."
"You still yelling, no?" Skyview asked.
"Yes, I actually heard myself a few times, but I don't know why I yell it."
Skyview looked out the balcony. The sky was no longer dark as it once was. He could even see the clouds now. "It's getting light out. I'll have to leave soon."
"Why leave. You and Starfire can stay here?" Stardust asked.
"Not yet. I want to find out what he did with those prisoners we brought in."
"Be very careful. I don't want to lose you and Starfire."
Skyview stood up, he turned around and looked at everyone. "Promise me you guys won't speak a word of this or that I was ever here. If Star Cluster found out I was here and told you what I just said, I'll be in serious trouble."
Banner looked at the soldiers seriously, "We won't. No one will know you were ever here or about what you said."
The soldiers agreed.
Skyview smiled. "Thanks. Well, I have to go. I've got to meet up with Starfire and tell him what I just told you," Skyview sighed. "I'm going to be so tired today." With his horn glowing he disappeared in a misty cloud.

Stardust stood up and left the room silently with the soldiers behind him. Stardust went to his room and climbed in bed. He tried to get to sleep but couldn't. He couldn't get his mind off what Skyview had told him. His headaches, nightmares and seeing are just memories. How can it be possible for everyone to loose their memories? What is it about the King of Ponyland that made everyone forget? Just who is the King of Ponyland? Stardust remembered what Skyview had told him. 'There's only one pony who can answer that. You are the only one who can possibly answer that.'