Chapter 141: Unknown Voice

Skyview stood in the throne room in front of Star Cluster listening to his orders.
"I'm getting impatient with you two. I send you out to get Stardust and you come back without him."
"Sorry Sire," Skyview apologized. "He beat us up and..."
"You told me already!" Star Cluster yelled angrily. "You two could have gone after him but you didn't!"
Star Cluster passed in front of his throne, thinking about something. Skyview noticed he seemed a bit worried too. Why would he be worried about Stardust? Skyview could feel there was something about Star Cluster that wasn't right, something he was hiding.
Star Cluster stopped and looked at Skyview. "I want Stardust here. I don't care how you do it!"
"Ok, I'll get Starfire and..."
"No, I want you and only you. Starfire can patrol Ponyland."
"What about the Princess?"
"No, I want Stardust and only him," Star Cluster replied, "You can get her later. Now get out of here!"
Skyview ran out of the room and down the hall almost running into Starfire.
"Well?" Starfire asked.
"He wants me to get Stardust."
"We tried already."
"No, he wants just me to do it," Skyview replied.
"Well, what about the Princess?"
"He's only interested in Stardust at the moment," Skyview replied.
Starfire gave him a serious questioning look.
"Lets talk in my room," Skyview replied.
They hurried up the stairs and went into Skyview's room.
"Are you serious?" Starfire asked once the door was closed.
"Quite strange isn't it?" Skyview asked walking up to Starfire.
"He doesn't care about the Princess?" Starfire asked finding it hard to believe.

Starfire and Skyview were in Skyview's room talking till the sun had disappeared from the sky.
"Maybe we should leave and join Stardust?" Starfire suggested.
"Not yet. There's something not right with Star Cluster. He knows something. I'm sure he knows what's wrong with Stardust. Did you see his reaction when we first told him about Stardust's headaches?" Skyview asked.
"Sure and he didn't get mad like we thought," Starfire replied.
"He was worried and just a few minutes ago, I saw him worried over Stardust," Skyview replied, "We can't leave till I find out what Star Cluster is hiding."
Starfire sat on the floor, "So how do you plan to find out?"
"I'll have to do some spying tonight," Skyview replied.
"Spy on Star Cluster?" Starfire asked surprisingly. "You better be very careful."
"I will. Now you had better leave before he finds out we've been meeting in here."
Starfire smiled and left heading to his room.

Skyview turned off the lights and then turned himself into a cloud. He floated outside through his balcony, and then around the castle until he came upon a light.
"He must still be up," Skyview thought.
He floated to the balcony and hovered underneath it as he listened.
Star Cluster passed around his room with a worried look on his face.
"I can't let this happen! Skyview had better get Stardust or else!" Star Cluster exclaimed worriedly.
At first Skyview thought he was just talking to himself but as he listened, he found out that wasn't the case.
"You shouldn't trust him into catching Stardust," the voice replied.

Skyview was surprised. Who was in his room with him? Star Cluster doesn't let anyone in his room unless they're bringing food to him. The voice sounded deep and a bit older than Star Cluster. Skyview was deeply troubled by the voice.

"You shouldn't have trusted all three of them to go after the Princess," the voice continued, "You know how close those three are."
"I know!" cried Star Cluster, he turned walking to his balcony and stared at the top of Mooney Mountain.
Skyview changed shape, looking like the bricks on the castle.
Star Cluster turned and walked back inside.
"Once I have Stardust and the Princess, I will wipe everyone's memories of them. No one will ever remember who they were. With the Princess out of the way no one will ever regain their memories," Star Cluster remarked.
"While your at it, make sure no one remembers who the Queen was!" The voice exclaimed. "You should have done that in the first place when you wiped everyone's memories of the King."
"I couldn't at the time, you should know that. Queen Royal Heart was in the castle ruling at the time and you didn't have much power to do it again until now," Star Cluster replied angrily as he passed around his room, "If I had known sooner that the Princess was born, I would have taken care of her first and then her father."
"Do not trust Skyview to bring him to you. Have someone else do it," the voice suggested.
"Yes, your right. Skyview can go patrol with Starfire then," Star Cluster stopped and turned towards the balcony. He walked to the railing and looked around.
"What is it?" the voice asked.
"Nothing I guess," Star Cluster turned and walked inside, "I thought...well that's not possible."
"What?" the voice asked.
"I thought someone was there but no one was there," Star Cluster answered.
"Your just jumpy. You had better hope Skyview didn't notice how worried you were in the throne room," the voice replied.
"I can't help it. I'm very worried," Star Cluster went to his bed and sat down. "It's that Princess! She's ruining everything! The longer Stardust is with her, the more his memories will return."
"With those headaches of his, it won't be long until he remembers. If his two brothers join him and they get to know the Princess, it won't be long until they get headaches and remember.
It'll be the same for most ponies," The voice reminded him.
"I know!" Star Cluster yelled angrily. "That's what worries me the most! I don't need to be reminded of that!"
"Then don't just sit here. Go send someone now, but don't send anymore Elves. The ones you had sent failed to bring the Princess to you and got themselves caught. The Elves are a rather stupid bunch. You listen to me from now on and I guarantee you that everything will be ok," the voice said.
"Fine, whatever it takes to keep this Kingdom," replied Star Cluster.

Skyview came out from the wall and floated to the balcony, taking a peek through the railings. All he saw was Star Cluster leaving the room. When he was gone, Skyview floated onto the balcony and around his room. He saw no one, it was empty.
"His room is smaller than ours. I thought since he's King he would have a larger strange," Skyview thought. He quickly floated out of the room and around the castle to Starfire's room. He returned to his pony form and walked over to Starfire's bed, shaking him till he woke up.
"What?" mumbled Starfire still covered in blankets with his eyes closed.
"Wake up," whispered Skyview. "Please."
When Starfire heard that, he had to wake up. He was surprised that Skyview had said please. Was he actually pleading with him? It sounded very important.
"What's wrong?" Starfire asked worriedly.
"I've learned the most amazing news. I have to tell Stardust so I won't be here in the morning. When you meet Star Cluster and he asks where I'm at, tell him I'm out reading," Skyview whispered. "That sounds normal for me, doesn't it?"
"Normal as can be. Your always off somewhere reading." Starfire paused. "What are you telling Stardust?"
"I'll tell you tomorrow."
"Is it something you heard while spying?" Starfire asked.
"Yes, it' won't believe it," Skyview turned and looked outside. The sky was still dark.
"I have to go. I'll meet you on the hill just outside of town in the morning."
Skyview turned into a cloud and left Starfire's room. He floated straight up towards the sky.
"Be careful Skyview," Starfire whispered, he turned over in his bed and quickly fell asleep.