Chapter 140: Troubled by thoughts

It was morning and Stardust was asleep in bed, dreaming. He kicked his feet and turned several times, grunting and breathing heavily. The covers were half on the floor from his constant kicking. Stardust rolled over and grunted a few more times.
Suddenly he shouted, "No!" waking himself up. He quickly sat up and looked around. Then he rubbed his face with his hoof. "When will it end?"
Stardust laid back down on the pillow and stared at the ceiling. For a second he thought he saw a something. It was an image of something he felt was important, but it was too blurry to tell what it was.
His flashing images used to come and go in an instant. Every since he had returned to moonlight castle, the images lasted longer, yet they were blurry.
The birds were chirping loudly outside his balcony. He tired to ignore them but couldn't. He sat up, yawned, got off the bed and stretched his legs. He turned and walked to the balcony and looked at the distant hills. For a few minutes he though he saw a pony flying through the sky. Stardust rubbed his eyes and looked again only there was no pony in the sky.
"I'm seeing things again," Stardust sighed and looked down at the ground. He watched the soldiers walk around the walls and going in and out of the castle.
He took a deep breath and relaxed, resting his front feet on the railing with his head on his front hooves. "I wonder what Skyview and Starfire doing?" Stardust smiled. "Probably arguing."
It was peaceful on the balcony, with the wind blowing through his mane. It was so quiet and relaxing that Stardust was ready to fall asleep. A sudden knock at the door woke him from his relaxing morning on the balcony.
Stardust turned around, "Come in!"
A red unicorn walked in with a tray. She sat it on the table and then left the room. Stardust walked to the table and took the lid off, reveling scrambled eggs and five small pancakes with a glass of orange juice.
Stardust picked up the glass and began drinking it. Then he started eating what was on his plate.

Lunarstar, King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall were in there private quarters eating breakfast together. They sat on the couch eating and looking outside at the garden while they talked.
"Princess Lunarstar, I hear you've been playing with Stardust a lot," King Sea Mist commented.
"Well, there's not much to do and Stardust is the only one who will play with me," Lunarstar paused. "I didn't have anyone to play with growing up."
"Oh, well that's understandable," Queen Snowfall replied.
"Princess, you've been with Stardust a lot haven't you?" King Sea Mist asked, as he finished his orange juice, "Have you noticed anything...odd about him?"
"Odd?" Lunarstar asked, "Not really. Why do you ask?"
"Oh, I and a few of my soldiers noticed he's...staring a lot," King Sea Mist replied.
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed, "He does do that quite a bit lately. He did it a few times before the Elves took me."
"And you don't know what's wrong with him?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"No," Lunarstar answered, "When we play games he tends to stare, mainly at me which I can't figure out why. I have to call him a few times for him to hear me," Lunarstar paused looking at her empty plate as she ate her last bite of pancakes. "I sometimes think he would rather be alone."
"Princess, maybe it's best if you let him be for today. Something seems to be bothering him and maybe he needs this time to sort it out," King Sea Mist suggested.
"What am I going to do today?" Lunarstar asked.
"You could explore the castle again or spend the day with me," Queen Snowfall suggested, "You could also go to the library and read."
"You could go and visit the soldiers. I think it's been awhile since you talked to your two friends," King Sea Mist suggested.
"Well, it has been a while since I've talked to Buster and Charades," Lunarstar smiled, "Would it be ok if I go now?"
"Sure, if your done," Queen Snowfall answered.
Lunarstar stood up and hurried out of the room. She ran across the throne room and out to the hall surprising the soldiers on guard.
She slowed down to a walk and went outside. She stood on the steps at the door looking on the walls for Buster and Charades. She saw Charades standing on the wall close to the gates but she couldn't find Buster, there were too many soldiers on the walls. Lunarstar walked down the steps and across the yard to the wall. She climbed the stares and walked over to Charades who was doing nothing but staring at the forest. He wore medal leg bands like all the other soldiers on the wall.
"Hi," Lunarstar said.
Charades turned his head and smiled, "Well hello, Lunarstar. What brings you up here?"
"Nothing?" Charades repeated. "Are you sure?"
Lunarstar blushed, "I...just wanted to see you."
"Oh, you missed me," Charades guessed with a smile.
Lunarstar stood blushing, "Yes."
"Well, I missed you too," Charades replied.
Lunarstar sat down and looked up at Charades, "What do you do up here all day?"
"Walk around the wall and watch the forest and road. When someone comes either me or Banner gives the order to open the gates."
"Why just you two?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm second in command and Banner is head of the soldiers."
"Oh," Lunarstar replied, "So what were you just looking at before I came up here?"
"I was watching the forest and animals. It's really pretty up here," Charades replied as he stared at the forest.
"Is that what you do? Spend most of the time staring at the forest?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, just sometimes," Charades turned at looked at her, "Where's Stardust. You're usually with him."
"Oh, well, something seems to be bothering him so I decided not to bother him today."
Lunarstar and Charades stood and watched the forest as they talked. The sunlight sparkled on the tree tops. Shadows danced on the ground and partly on the castle wall.
"Good morning, Lunarstar," said a familiar voice.
Lunarstar turned and smiled.
"Buster. Where were you?" Lunarstar asked, "I saw Charades but not you."
"I was down there," Buster pointed at the corner of the wall.
"Oh. Well no wonder I didn't see you, there's too many soldiers down there."
Buster and Charades laughed.
"Hi, Lunarstar," said Banner as he approached her.
"Hi," Lunarstar replied.
"What are you doing up here?" Banner asked curiously.
"I got bored."
"Lunarstar, have you noticed anything strange about Stardust?" Banner asked.
"You mean staring a lot?" Lunarstar asked.
"The King and Queen just asked me about it and I told them I don't know."
"Well, when you get a chance, could you ask Stardust?" Banner asked.

They stood on the wall for most of the morning talking when Stardust walked out of the castle and down the steps. He stopped at the base of the stairs and looked at the walls.
Buster was the first to notice him.
"There he is now," Buster pointed at Stardust.
Banner, Charades and Lunarstar turned and looked.
"What's he doing?" Charades asked notice him looking around.
"Searching for someone," Banner guessed.
"Probably Lunarstar," Buster guessed.
The three of then turned and looked at her. Lunarstar smiled, "I guess I'll be going. See you guys later!" Lunarstar jumped off the wall, flapping her wings. She had forgotten what it was like to fly. She wished she could fly more often but she knew the King and the Soldiers would never allow her to. Lunarstar flew across the yard, over tree tops and landing in front of Stardust.
"Looking for me?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, when you didn't come and see me I got worried," Stardust explained.
"Oh, I was talking to Buster, Charades and Banner," Lunarstar replied.
"Do you want to play?" Lunarstar asked.
"How about the rope toss or card games?" Lunarstar asked.
"How about we just watch clouds?" Stardust asked.
"Lets go in the back where there's less soldiers watching us," Stardust suggested as he looked around the walls.
Lunarstar followed him to the back yard, past the square cut bushes.
"Can I ask you something?" Lunarstar asked.
"Well..." Lunarstar paused, she wasn't sure how to ask him.
Stardust stopped and turned towards her, "What is it?"
"Well...I was wondering. Are you alright?" Lunarstar asked.
Stardust detected she may have noticed he had been staring or holding his head, "What do you mean?"
"You don't seem with it sometimes."
"Oh," Stardust sighed, "I'm sorry was busy thinking." Stardust didn't want to tell anyone he's been seeing things and has nightmares. He didn't feel comfortable to let anyone know.
"Oh, well ok," Lunarstar continued walk to an open grassy area. She laid on the grass with Stardust next to her. For most of the day they watched the clouds. At times an image would flash before Stardust, but this time he made sure Lunarstar didn't notice.