Chapter 14: The Concert Part 1

Late in the evening when the sun was beginning to set, Buster and Charades were walking through the forest towards town.
"There's a Concert in town tomorrow, every pony in Ponyland is going to be there," Buster commented.
"Every pony?" Charades asked.
"That's what I heard."
"I wonder if she'll be there," Charades wondered out loud.
"She's been everywhere else, I don't see why she wouldn't be there."
"You could be right."
As they talked, Starfire hid behind a tree listening to them, "So they're going to the concert. If they're right about her showing up at the concert, then I'll have to go," he thought.

The next night Lunarstar and her friends were at the concert in the auditorium talking.
"Lunarstar, have you ever been to a concert before?" Bright Eyes asked.
"There's a lot of ponies here," Clover commented.
"Just like the circus," Starlight added.
"So Melody is really going to be here?" Lunarstar asked.
"Not just her but a lot of other bands will be here," answered Bright Eyes.
Lunarstar looked at the crowds near by sitting on the bleachers, feeling a bit nervous, she didn't like crowds. She wouldn't have come if it wasn't for the fact her friends asked her to.
Clover noticed Lunarstar was looking nervous, "What's the mater?"
"Nothing,'s just that. There's a lot of ponies here."
"Concerts usually are crowded," Bright Eyes commented.
"Just wait til the bands starts playing," Bon Bon commented.
"Speaking of bands, why don't we go and say hello to Melody," Starlight suggested.
"I don't think they'll let all of us go and see her," said Sweetheart.
"Me, Patch and Lunarstar will go and see Melody. The rest of you can save our seats," Bright Eyes proposed.
"And we'll say hello to Melody for you guys," added Patch.

In the distance at the edge of the forest, Starfire stood looking over the town, thinking about what Buster and Charades had talked about.
He could see a large building in town with lights in the front, "That has to be the concert they were talking about," Starfire looked at the houses nearby, he could see a few ponies walking around and some of the houses had lights on, "I better be careful, I don't need anyone to see me especially Buster and Charades."
Starfire left the forest and flew over the houses, by the time he got to town the sky was pitch black and the stars were shining brightly. He landed in an alley and took a peak around the corner. There were a few ponies walking the streets but most of them where far down the street, he looked to his right and saw a long line of ponies in front of the large building.
"How am I going to get in?" Starfire continued to look at the crowd of ponies, "There sure are a lot of ponies."
Starfire looked up at the roof, "I wonder if there's a way in from the roof?" he flew up to the top of the building and across the top of the roofs to the tall building.
"There has to be away in, most big buildings has a door of some kind," Starfire landed and walked round looking for away in.
It wasn't long till he spotted a gray plastic hatch among the air conditioners. Starfire walked over to the hatch and opened it. He climbed down the ladder, landing on a catwalk. He walked around on the catwalk looking for away down, "This place is like a maze."
The catwalk stretched from one end of the building to the other and branching off in different directions.

The girls walk to the back stage and found Melody with her band and her 2 baby sisters.
Melody and her friends were setting up their equipment on stage with the twin's help.
"Hi, Melody," Patch exclaimed.
Melody looked behind her after setting up the drums, "Patch, Bright Eyes, Lunarstar. You guys made it!"
"The others are in the auditorium," Bright Eyes commented.
Lunarstar looked at Melody's band, there were four ponies all with long hair.
"Isn't almost time to start, could you guys watch the twins for awhile?" Melody asked.
"You should had gotten a babysitter," Bright Eyes replied.
Melody lowered her head, "I know," she turned around and looked at the band, "I forgot, we were so busy practicing."
"Practicing? mean you found your music sheet?" Patch asked.
"The Ghost found it," one the girls in the band blurted out.
"The Ghost?" Patch asked.
"She came to my window and dropped the music sheet off."
"Wow, Melody, you actually saw her?" Bright Eyes asked excitedly.
"It sure was nice of her to find your music sheet," Lunarstar commented.
"It sure was," Melody agreed.
"I don't think we could have made it here without the music sheet," one of the girls commented.
"We should get back to the others before they start to worry," Lunarstar suggested.
Bright Eyes looked around for the twins but couldn't find them, "Where is Ting-a-Ling and Jing-a-Ling?"