Chapter 138: Having Second Thoughts

Skyview and Starfire ran out of the throne room and down the hall after King Star Cluster had chased them out. When they reached the end of the hall, they stopped and turned around.
"What is it with him? That's the second time he asked us about Stardust!" Starfire exclaimed. "Always wanting to know what he's doing and what made him change sides. Also, why he didn't want to come back?"
Skyview stood quietly thinking.
"Are you listening?" Starfire asked.
Skyview just glared at him without saying a word.
"Oh, you can't still be mad about your pink fur, can you?" Starfire asked.
"Yes!" Skyview yelled, "How can I not be mad? You shaved my fur and hair!"
"It grew back in seconds. That's normal, you know that. I don't see why your so mad about it. Lately you've become more than a grouch just like Stardust," Starfire pointed out.
Skyview looked at Starfire, no longer glaring angrily at him, "Have I really?"
"Yes, I like teasing you but lately it's no fun. Skyview, really, you should lighten up. Don't be so serious all the time!" Starfire exclaimed.
Skyview sighed, "I'm sorry, I guess I've been busy thinking."
"Well, you could have at least told me." Starfire looked at him curiously, "Thinking about what?"
Skyview looked around, the hallways were deserted, except for a few soldiers at the throne room door.
"Lets go to my room, and I'll tell you there," Skyview climbed the wide staircase to the first floor. Then he turned and continued to climb more stairs until he reached the fourth floor.
"If we were like Stardust, we'd never get tired of climbing stairs," Starfire remarked.
Skyview smiled and agreed. They walked down the long hall to a white door with silver and gold swirl designs on it. Skyview walked in the large room with Starfire behind him. The bed sat on the left, it looked a lot like Star Clusters with silk green covers. The carpet was light green and the walls were even lighter shade of green. Green curtains hung on the tall windows.
"So what is it that's bothering you?" Starfire asked as he shut the door.
Skyview stood and stared out of his balcony to the tiny mountain peek in the far distance. The sun shined brightly, giving a hazy look in the horizon. Starfire laid on the bed figuring it would be awhile until he got an answer.
"I've thought a lot about those questions Stardust asked me. It's been bothering me for a while," Skyview replied.
"Oh yes, those questions. I've gave it some thought. What really bothers me is that we don't know where we came from," Starfire commented.
"That too has been bothering me. Why does he want the Princess? It's not like she can just take over and rule. She has to marry a Prince for that," Skyview commented as he approached Starfire.
"Maybe he wants to marry her?" Starfire suggested.
"She's a bit too young for that."
"Oh," Starfire sat up. "You know, it's a bit strange seeing how no one ever heard of us before we took over Ponyland."
"I know," Skyview replied sitting on the floor next to his bed, "I've been wondering who the King of Ponyland is."
"Star Cluster, you know that."
"He's not the real King. He took over Ponyland, but who was the King before that?" Skyview asked.
"There wasn't any. Everyone said so," Starfire replied.
Skyview let out a sudden laugh. "That makes no sense. How can Queen Royal Heart have a baby without the father?"
Starfire didn't reply. He had not thought about it before, but he knew Skyview was right.
"Well, Maybe the father wasn't royalty and he had to be kept a secret?" Starfire guessed.
"No, that can't be. He would have to be a King. Royal Heart can not be Queen if she wasn't married to a Prince. I'm sure there was a true King of Ponyland."
"Even if there was, there's no way of finding out," Starfire replied.
"Well maybe not but if she married a Prince then what Kingdom did he come from or what Kingdom did she come from?" Skyview asked, "I simply don't know much about her. Everyone says she's nice, but that's all I know."
"Well, if it helps you any, I don't know either," Starfire replied.
"No, that was no help at all," Skyview glared at him.
"Why does Star Cluster want Stardust so badly? He's as obsessive about getting Stardust back as he was with the Princess," Starfire pointed out.
"Hummm...I haven't noticed."
"Well he is and I don't see the big deal about it either," Starfire replied. "You know, sitting here and asking questions isn't giving us any answers."
"No it sure isn't," Skyview fell silent which made Starfire nervous. He could see the look on Skyview face. He was planning something.
"Well we could ask someone in the village," Skyview suggested.
"No one is going to give us an answer. They'll most likely lie to us," Starfire replied.
"Not if they don't know it's you," Skyview answered with a smile.
Starfire stared at him suspiciously, "me? what do you mean?"
"I'll tell you tomorrow when the sun goes down. It'll give me time to fully think my plans through," Skyview answered.