Chapter 137: Safly at the Castle

Stardust and Lunarstar ran out of town and up the mountain. Stardust slowed down to a stop and looked at the town below. Lunarstar caught up to him catching her breath.
"Are they following us?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, in fact they left town," Stardust replied.
Lunarstar began to giggle thinking about Skyview covered in berries. Stardust turned and looked at her, "What's so funny?"
"Did you see him?" Lunarstar laughed, "He was covered in pink berries."
"Skyview won't like that. Those berries are sticky when mashed together, they have a sticky pink ooze in them. Skyview will find it hard to get them off and will be pink for a while," Stardust replied cracking a smile.
"What did he mean I look familiar?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm not sure. Maybe he's seen you in the other world?" Stardust guessed, "Well it doesn't matter now. Why don't you change back so we can continued up the mountain?" suggested Stardust.
"Ok," Lunarstar's horn glowed, her hair turned white while her wings and horn appeared.
"Good, now let's head to Moonlight Castle," Stardust exclaimed.
They walked on the road that zig zagged up the mountain. When they got close to the castle wall, Lunarstar could hear the soldiers saying her name.
"The princess is back!" a soldier cried.
"Stardust brought Princess Lunarstar!" another yelled.
"I don't believe it!" another exclaimed.
As they walked around the wall to the gates, soldiers continued to whisper amongst themselves.

The gates opened and Stardust continued on through with Lunarstar beside him. The soldiers hurried off the wall and stood on either side of Stardust. Lunarstar was worried that they might put Stardust in the dungeon again.
"Lunarstar," Banner called.
"No, I'm not leaving!" Lunarstar stood closer to Stardust, "He's done nothing wrong!"
Charades smiled at her who stood next to Banner, "We only wanted to welcome you back."
"Oh," Lunarstar replied blushing.
Everyone laughed even Stardust.
"Princess Lunarstar is right," said King Sea Mist as he approached Stardust with Queen Snowfall at his side. "You did nothing wrong. You saved her and for that I thank you." He paused for a bit. "I apologize for not believing you. You were right, those Traders were the ones that kidnaped her. They were working for King Star Cluster. I have sent them back to their kingdom where their King will deal with them.
Stardust stood looking surprised that the King would apologize to him.
"You have earned a room in my castle. Your room is on the second floor and since you seem to be protecting her, I thought it would be best if your room was closer to her," King Sea Mist added.
"Thank you, King Sea Mist. I can't remember the last time I slept in a bed," Stardust commented.
King Sea Mist smiled. "I'll show you to your room." He turned around and began walking with Stardust following him.
Queen Snowfall smiled at Lunarstar, "Are you ok, Princess?"
"I'm fine," Lunarstar replied.
"I'm guessing you're pretty hungry," Queen Snowfall asked.
"I'm starving."
"You're just in time for dinner. You can even have dessert afterwards," Queen Snowfall kindly offered.
"I'd love that."
Queen Snowfall smiled, "Excuse me boys, I think Princess Lunarstar is dying to eat," She looked at Lunarstar, "Well, shall we go eat?"
Lunarstar smiled as her stomach growled. The boys chuckled which embarrassed her. Queen Snowfall turned around and walked back to the castle with Lunarstar beside her.

They went to the second floor and turned right, passing the hallway to Lunarstar's room. They turned right again and stopped at the first door. King Sea Mist opened the door, "This will be your room."
Stardust walked in the room. It was white with sea green carpet and light sea green curtains.
"So do you like your new room?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Yes, I do," Stardust replied.
"It's time for dinner, I'm guessing you'll want to stay in your room for awhile so I can have the servants bring your dinner to your room," King Sea Mist proposed.
"Yes, that would be great. Thank you," Stardust replied.
King Sea Mist smiled and left, shutting the door behind him.
Stardust looked around the room. His bed had a white sheet with a light sea green cover on it. The pillows were light sea green. He had a night stand on each side of the bed with a dresser on one side of the room and a table at the end of his bed. He had a balcony that was at the end of his bed. Stardust walked to the balcony, he could see the front yard and the soldiers on the wall. He could see the hills and forest in the distance. Stardust turned and looked at his bed.
"A bed of my own," he muttered.
He walked to his bed and laid on the covers. The bed was soft and his pillow was so soft his face sank in it. His body quickly relaxed on the soft bed. Stardust enjoyed every minute of it.
As he laid on the bed, he soon fell asleep.

Shortly after Stardust had fallen asleep, two servants walked in, one carried a tray while the other opened the door for her.
"Shhh, he's asleep," the yellow pony whispered.
"We need to wake him up," the white pony whispered back. "So go wake him."
The yellow pony hesitated.
"I hear he's not at mean as his brothers. I think it'll be alright to wake him," the white pony assured her.
The yellow pony lightly shook him. "Excuse me."
Stardust was still sound asleep.
She shook him again but this time a little harder. "Ummm...Stardust?"
Stardust woke up and looked up at the pony.
"Your..your dinner is here," She stuttered.
Stardust took a deep breath and then sat up in bed, "I must have dozed off. Thank you."
The two servants was surprised at how nice he was. The white pony set the tray on the table and left with the yellow pony behind her.
Stardust stood up and walked to the table and lifted the silver lid from the tray. Under the lid sat a bowl of spaghetti with a few pieces of garlic bread wrapped in napkin.
Stardust wasted no time eating the spaghetti. He quickly finished the spaghetti leaving nothing in the bowl. Then he ate the breed. When he was done, he set the silver lid back on the tray and went to bed. He climbed under the covers and rested his head on the pillow. The bed was soft and comfortable. He laid under the warm covers, smiling happily. His head sank in the pillow. The sun had set and he quickly fell asleep.