Chapter 136: Trouble in Woodlock

Stardust and Lunarstar in her earth form, had walked for many days since they left Flutter Valley. It was in the afternoon when they finally saw Mooney Mountain. Lunarstar couldn't wait to get to Moonlight Castle and see Buster, Charades, Banner, the King, and Queen.
Stardust stopped at the edge of the forest and looked at the town in the valley over the hills.
"What?" Lunarstar asked wondering why he stopped.
He turned and looked at her. "Ready to go?"
"I've been ready since yesterday!" Lunarstar replied excitedly.
Stardust continued down the hill to the valley. They walked to the dirt road that many ponies traveled on. They followed it into town. They were many ponies around and a few strange ponies that didn't quite look like ponies. Their ears were longer and their hair was shaggy.
"Those are odd looking ponies," Lunarstar whispered.
"Those are ponies from Grayvaile, they look similar to us," Stardust whispered back.
As they walked she noticed everyone was looking at her.
"Why are they staring?" Lunarstar whispered.
"It's me there are looking at and probably wondering why you're with me," Stardust replied.
Suddenly Stardust sensed it. His brothers were close by. He looked at Lunarstar and began to worry if his brothers would figure out who she is.
"What?" Lunarstar asked noticing him staring at her.
"My brothers are here in town so what ever you do, don't run when you see them. Stay as close to me as possible, no matter what happens," Stardust replied.
Lunarstar looked at him worriedly.
"Lunarstar?" Stardust asked waiting for a reply.
"Ok," Lunarstar replied still looking around and walking closely to him.
They continued down the street passing ponies and stores. Some ponies stood and stared at him while others hurried out of his way.
Lunarstar had not realized what others were like around Stardust until now.
Stardust continued walking down the street while his senses were getting stronger. He knew his brothers were very close by but he couldn't see them. He scanned the allies but still he didn't see them.

Skyview and Starfire walked out of a store and noticed Stardust.
"Well look who it is," Starfire said standing next to Skyview.
"Lets hurry and catch up to him," Skyview suggested.
They ran off the board walk and quickly caught up to Stardust but was surprised to see he had someone else with him.
"Wait, we have to talk," Skyview exclaimed.
"You can talk as we walk," Stardust replied.
Skyview quickly stood in front of him, "No, this is important."
Stardust was mad at Skyview for standing in his way.
"Just hear me out," Skyview added.
"Alright, I'm listening."
While Skyview told Stardust about orders to take him back to Dream Castle, Starfire noticed the little pony standing on the other side of Stardust. Starfire walked behind Stardust and eyed the little earth pony.
Lunarstar stared at Starfire, she didn't dare take her eyes off of him.
"No, Skyview, I'm not going back," Stardust exclaimed.
"This is an order from King Star Cluster," Skyview replied.
The ponies around them deserted the road, hiding in the allies and stores watching the black ponies. They knew something was wrong. They could feel the tension building up in the air from Stardust.
Lunarstar rubbed her body against Stardust's coat in fear. She couldn't stand Starfire staring at her. Did he know she was the Princess? Did she accidently change back for a second? What was it that made him stare at her?
Stardust could feel her body pressing against his, he turned his head and saw Starfire standing behind him. "Stop it!"
"What? I'm not doing anything," Starfire quickly replied.
"Your scaring her to death," Stardust replied.
"I thought you usually do that, Stardust," Skyview commented. He looked around Stardust and eyed the little pony. Lunarstar looked at Skyview and then Starfire, all she wanted to do was hide.
"You two stop it or else!" Stardust yelled angrily.
"Who is she?" Skyview asked.
"None of your business.'
"If she's with you it is!" Starfire exclaimed. he looked at Lunarstar closely, "There's something familiar about her."
"I know I've seen her before," Skyview commented.
Lunarstar was so scared she was ready to cry. Stardust was angry. He didn't like the way his brothers were scaring her.
Lunarstar could feel his muscles building up. Was he going to do something or was he just angry?
It wasn't long til she got her answer.

Suddenly without any hint of a warning, Stardust bolted, ramming his head into Skyview's side. Skyview went flying a few feet away. Starfire was surprised. So surprised to see what happened next. Stardust lifted his back feet in the air and kicked him, sending him even farther than Skyview. Starfire landed a few stores away and he wasn't moving. Skyview flew across the road braking a large wooden bucket with handles on each side. Pink berries came gushing out of the bucket, covering Skyview.
Stardust turned and looked at Lunarstar, "lets go!"
Lunarstar looked up at him and then ran down the road with him.

Skyview woke up and gasped at the pink berries all over him, berries dripped down his face and mane. He stood up and looked at himself, berried slid down his back, some slid down his legs, coloring him pink.
He walked out of the pile of berries with some still dripping off him. He then noticed Starfire still laying in the street. Skyview hurried over to him and saw that he had not yet woken up. Skyview laid a hoof on him and shook him a wake.
Starfire opened his eyes and stared at Skyview.
"Don't even say it," Skyview warned him.
Starfire smiled trying hard not to laugh.
"Get up. We lost Stardust again," Skyview added.
Starfire slowly and painfully stood up. He looked at his side where the pain was and saw two hoof marks. He knew Stardust had kicked him before but not this hard.
"I think he was mad at us," Starfire guessed.
"You think?" Skyview asked almost yelling, "He most certainly was and that's the last time we make him mad."
Starfire looked up at him and cracked a smile.
"Don't you dare," Skyview exclaimed.
"," Starfire laughed loudly.
Skyview glared at him angrily.
"You know that's going to take a while to get off and until then you'll be pink. Oh, that's a good color for you," Starfire laughed. He quickly backed away when he noticed Skyview staring hard at him.
"Lighten up, once in a while," Starfire added.
Skyview walked towards him, "This is not funny. Not one bit."
Starfire turned and ran with Skyview right behind him. Starfire jumped in the air, flapping his wings in the process. It was painful to fly but it was better than being on the ground with Skyview. He turned and looked at Skyview. Starfire quickly turned and flew away when he saw Skyview changing into a cloud.
Starfire flew across the sky like a blur with a gray and pink cloud behind him.
"Sorry, I was just teasing you!" Starfire yelled, "you shouldn't be so serious all the time. Have some fun for once."
He glance back and saw the cloud was still on his tail.
"Boy, it's going to take awhile until Skyview talks to me again," Starfire muttered.