Chapter 134: The Fearsome Storm

The wind was blowing even harder. Her mane blew back past her legs, whipping in the air wildly. The trees branches swayed and the leaves rustled loudly which was almost deafening to her ears. Lunarstar stopped and looked around but she could hardly see anything, the black clouds had blanketed the land. Then she felt a few sprinkles hit her head. She knew she had to find a place to hide from the storm but she saw nothing. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound. Out of fear Lunarstar bolted into a run doing her best to avoid running into a tree. The sprinkles came harder as she tried to watch where she was going.
Suddenly she heard another crashing sound, it was very loud and it rang in her ears. Lunarstar was scared to death. She couldn't find a place to hide and couldn't see where she was going. Her hoof slipped on the wet grass causing her to fall a few times. The sky lit up for a few seconds and then the crash came afterwards. The rain came down harder, hitting her like needles. Soon her coat was all wet and so was her hair. She ran and didn't stop. Her heart raced as she began to panic and feeling fear at the same time. The wind blew through her coat as she shivered from the cold air.
She didn't know where she was running to or what direction. She just wanted to hide.

Lunarstar had ran for a while, falling at times and wearing herself out. She then fell and didn't get up. She was so tired of running and too cold to know what to do. She slowly stood up in the darkness. She looked around the forest catching a glimpse as the lighting bolt flickered in the clouds. She noticed a meadow, it looked larger than the one she had just left before the storm. She walked to a tree and laid up next to it with her feet folded under her. She held her head low close to her body as she shook from the cold wind. The rain came down harder, Lunarstar could no longer see the meadow from the falling rain. She didn't dare look or open her eyes, the rain hit her hard on her back and face. Lunarstar laid next to the tree and cried, she didn't know if tears were falling down her cheeks or the water from the rain.
Suddenly she heard a loud crash that was almost deafening. Lunarstar screamed jumping to her feet and bolted into a run in pure terror. Once she felt somewhat safe she turned and looked. Lunarstar couldn't see the tree she was under, but she could see the tree had caught fire from the lighting strike.

The thunder crashed scaring Lunarstar. She bolted into a run, in the rain as it hit her like sharp needles. Suddenly she hit something hard like a large rock but she was to scare to find out for certain. She turned and bolted into a run, running blindly through the heavy rain. Her feet slipped in the muddy grass and she fell, tumbling in the grass. Lightening and thunder struck all around her. Lunarstar laid in the muddy grass covering her face with her front muddy hooves and shaking from fear and cold. She cried loudly and tears began to poor out of her eyes.

She didn't know how long she was on the ground crying till she noticed the rain wasn't pounding her back. She took a peek and saw it was still raining but not on her. She was confused as to what was happening. Lunarstar put her hooves down when suddenly a drip fell on her nose. She looked up and saw something dark, darker than the sky, standing over her.
"I finally found you," said a familiar voice.
Lunarstar smiled, she knew immediately who it was.
"Stardust!" Lunarstar yelled happily.
When the lighting bolt light up the sky, Lunarstar could see his face and his blue eyes. He had his head down between his legs looking at her.

Stardust could see she was covered in mud when the sky lit up for a few seconds, he guessed she must have been running scared and had fallen down many times.
"Are you alright?" Stardust asked.
Suddenly the thunder crashed, and Lunarstar jumped and hugged his leg.
"Lets go and find shelter," Stardust suggested.
"Not under a tree," Lunarstar yelled over the noise.
"No, not under a tree. We'll find a cave. Come with me and stay close." Stardust continued walking with Lunarstar hugging his side. He could feel her jump when the thunder crashed. He quickly looked when the lighting bolt lit the sky. Stardust caught a glimpse of cliff partly covered by trees. He hoped there was a cave there. Stardust slowly walked with Lunarstar pressing against his side and her eyes closed tightly. He walked to the trees and up to the cliff. He then stood and waited for the lightning. In the light he saw a cave not far from him. Stardust turned and walked along the cliff to the cave. Lunarstar hurried inside and stood far from the entrance. Stardust walked in and sat down.
Lunarstar could see the outlines of his black coat shining each time the lightning stuck the sky. He was squeezing the water out of his mane and tail and the hair around his hooves.
"Are you ok now?" Stardust asked as he looked at her.
Lunarstar stood and looked at him, tears began to poor from her eyes. She was no longer afraid but happy to see him.
Lunarstar ran to him and hugged him as she cried. Stardust was startled, he certainly didn't expect it. What could he do now? He wasn't sure at first.
He picked her up and sat her across his legs as she curled in a ball hugging his coat and crying in the process.
He sat and quietly listened to her sobbing loudly. He felt happy and relieved to have finally found her. He was more relieved to have found her in the storm. He could only imagine what she was doing in the storm as scared as she was.

After a while the storm let up and Lunarstar cried herself to sleep.
Stardust sat her on the ground, "I'm keeping a closer eye on you for now on," Stardust looked at her for a few minutes watching her sleeping peacefully. "I promise you, this will not happen again, not as long as I'm around."
Stardust turned and curled in a ball, falling fast asleep.