Chapter 133: Lost and alone

Lunarstar walked through the forest with her head held low. She was completely lost and sad to the point of crying. She thought about Buster and Charades. She was sure they knew by now she wasn't at the castle. Were they looking for her or did they think she was at Dream Castle? She was certain the Queen got worried when she didn't show up for their morning breakfast.
Lunarstar felt lonely in the quiet forest, she desperately wanted to go home through the gates. She wished she had never wanted to find out where she came from. It had brought her nothing but trouble.

She had walked all morning and was feeling tired. Lunarstar stopped and rested in the cool grass. She looked around the forest hoping to see anything besides a forest. All she saw were birds chasing each other and squirrels gathering their nuts.
Lunarstar sighed sadly, "I wish Stardust or Buster or Charades were here."
After she had rested in the cool shady trees, she stood up and continued walking. She dragged her feet along the grass, her tail dragged behind her with her mane touching the grass. Lunarstar walked silently when she suddenly noticed her stomach was feeling empty. It wasn't long till it began to growl. She stopped and looked around the area, searching for a bush. She missed her pancakes she usually had in the morning and wished she had something else right now besides berries. Lunarstar saw a berry bush a few trees away in the sunlight. She walked over to the bush and started picking berries and ate them.

She finished eating although she felt too sad to finish off the bush. She turned and continued on her way. Lunarstar walked along what looked alike a clear path through the forest. She looked up from staring at the grass and noticed ahead of her was a large meadow. Lunarstar ran through the forest, getting closer to the meadow. She was so relieved to see something else beside trees. She suddenly stopped at the edge of the forest and peeked around a tree trunk looking into the meadow. There was tall grass that grew throughout the meadow. The wind blew, and the grass waved like an ocean. It was clear. There were no animals or birds. It felt strange to have no animals around.
Lunarstar dismissed the thought and ran out in the meadow. The grass reached her belly, ticking her as she ran. Lunarstar ran all over the meadow, giggling at times. She came upon a hidden spring and stopped to drink out of it. Once she had satisfied her stomach, she turned and ran forgetting all about being lost. She was having fun with the grass ticking her that she never noticed the wind beginning to blow harder.
Lunarstar stopped to rest, catching her breath. She stood and looked around, things looked different and it felt different too. Lunarstar didn't know what it was but something just didn't seem right. The sun was no longer shining and she hadn't seen an animal for quite some time. She threw her head back to get her hair out of her face, but the wind was blowing her mane wildly. It was then she realized that the wind had picked up since she walked into the meadow. She turned around, looking at the sky. She gasped at the dark clouds quickly moving her way. Lunarstar ran and jumped in the air flapping her wings, she had hoped she could go around the cloud but it was too big. Lunarstar stopped in midair looking around. There was no mountain in sight, only hills and trees.
She began to feel scared. The clouds looked dark blue and black, casting a dark shadow over the land. Lunarstar flew to the ground and ran to find a place to hide until the storm passed.

Stardust was less than a day behind Lunarstar but with his super speed he would soon catch up to her. His senses was getting stronger which told him Lunarstar was close by. At times he had to slow down to avoid a tree or a sudden drop on the hills. When he did slow down, he noticed the wind blowing harder than usual.
"No, it can't be," Stardust exclaimed. He looked up through the trees trying to see an open view of the sky. Stardust stared at the dark rolling clouds, surprisingly.
"I must hurry, that storm looks very bad," Stardust bolted into a run , slowly gaining speed with every step he took.