Chapter 132: Searching for Clues

It was early in the morning, and the sun had not yet rose in the horizon. Stardust woke up from the birds chirping and the animals running through the grass. He stood up and yawned while stretching his front legs and then his back legs. He turned from the tree he had been sleeping under and continued walking through the forest towards Dream Castle. The mist covered the grassy forest and meadows. Stardust wanted to wait till sun rise to start running. As he walked he thought about Lunarstar and the times he spent with her. He thought about the times he played with her which was pretty much most of the time. He hoped she hadn't reached Dream Castle and that he could still rescue her.
He wondered what Star Cluster plan to do with her? Why did he want her? Was it because of her strange powers? Stardust remembered what Lunarstar had told him after the attack on the Apeton Kingdom. It seemed impossible for a pony to be that strong and yet she didn't know how she did it. He remembered her eyes. It was the strangest thing he had ever seen.

The sun slowly began peeking over the distant hills. The sky was getting lighter and the stars began to disappear. The clouds turned a light shade of blue and yellow. The mist slowly began to dissolve as the sun rose higher. Stardust broke into a run, dodging between trees and jumping over fallen tree logs. Ahead he could see a berry bush. He hadn't eaten since he left Moonlight Castle and his stomach was beginning to growl. Stardust slowed down to a stop and began eating the berries. The forest was quiet except for the birds and squirrels playing among the trees. Stardust suddenly heard voices. They weren't loud, but it didn't sound natural to the forest. Stardust was curious and left the bush, following the noise.

The pegasus breathed heavily as she walked up the hill in the forest, her husband walked next to her trying not to lean on her large round belly.
"Dawn, you can rest at the top of this hill," he gently said.
"I'll," she breathed.
When they reached the top she carefully sat down while her husband stood and looked around hoping the black ponies hadn't turned and followed them.
"Are you alright?" he asked worriedly.
"Yes, I'll be fine, Wind Lock," she replied resting on the ground.
He turned and sat down next to her.
"We're almost at the next town, only a little farther to go," Wind Lock said to her.
What they didn't know was Stardust was watching them hidden in the shadows of the forest.
The husband kept glancing behind him feeling a bit worried.
"What is it?" Dawn asked noticing his constant looking.
"I'm just worried about those black ponies we left," Wind Lock answered.
"You think they'll come back for us?" Dawn asked looking back at the forest trees.
He looked at her and realize she too was getting worried, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't worry and neither should you."
She looked at him worriedly, "Do you think the Princess will be ok?"
Stardust was surprised when he heard them mention the Princess. Were they talking about Lunarstar? Stardust just had to know. He quietly walked towards them carful not to startle them.
"Are your feeling better?" Wind Lock asked.
"Yes, much better," Dawn answered.
They stood up and looked ahead, they gasped at the sight of Stardust standing in front of them. Dawn stood behind Wind Lock looking at Stardust with scared eyes.
"You can take me if you want but leave her," Wind Lock bravely said.
"What are you talking about?" Stardust asked.
"You can't take him!" Dawn exclaimed.
"I don't want him, I just want to know about the Princess you were talking about," Stardust replied.
The two looked at each other wondering if they should trust him.
"It's important that I find the Princess. She was kidnaped from Moonlight Castle, I'm here to bring her back," Stardust explained, he could tell the looks on their faces that they didn't trust him, "Please, where is she?"
They looked at him, his eyes told them he was serious about what he said.
Dawn slowly walked out from behind Wind Lock. Stardust couldn't help but stare at her, suddenly an image flashed before him. Stardust blinked a few times. What was it that he just saw? Stardust couldn't remember but he felt it was important.
"We saw her the other day," Wind Lock answered.
Stardust felt hopeful. Had she escaped the elves and if so, how?
"Where?" Stardust asked.
"At the edge of the forest close to our house," Dawn answered.
"You better hurry. Your brothers were chasing her the last time we saw her," her husband added.
"Which way did they go?" Stardust asked.
"Just head west until you find a yellow house at the edge of the forest. Once you find it, head north," Wind Lock answered.
Stardust thanked them and left running as fast as he could. The pegasus and her husband turned and gasped at the speed he was running.
"They say he's the fastest pony around but...I never thought..." Dawn paused.
"He was really that fast," Wind Lock added.

Stardust sped through the forest carefully avoiding the trees as he ran like a blur, tearing up bushes and twigs. He wanted to hurry as fast as he could, hoping his brothers hadn't caught her. Half the day went by and Stardust hadn't stopped since he met the two ponies. It wasn't long till he came across the yellow house. Stardust stopped in front of the house. He remember they said to go north. Stardust turned right and began running through the forest. He spotted something in the grass that made him stop suddenly. Stardust looked down next to a tree and notice a single black feather. He knew immediately it was Starfire. Something had happened here.

Suddenly Stardust felt something. It was very weak and hardly noticeable but still it was there. He knew it was Lunarstar. She was far ahead of him but his senses would guide him to her. Stardust bolted into a speedy run towards Lunarstar.