Chapter 130: Running Scared

Lunarstar had ran far from the elves and her legs were hurting. She slowed down to a stop and then she sat down. She breathed heavily as she looked around the forest, all she could see were trees there wasn't anything she recognized. She was alone, there was no one in sight. She figured it was safe to change back. Her horn appeared glowing, then her wings appeared and her hair changed to white. Lunarstar was relieved to be herself again.
Suddenly her stomach growled, she missed breakfast and it should be close to dinner time. She remembered what Stardust had said when she was hungry the last time she was in the forest. She stood up and wondered around the forest looking for berries. Her stomach began to turn in knots and making loud noises. After awhile of searching she found a berry bush, she ran to the bush and quickly began eating the berries. She took hoof fulls and eat them, Lunarstar smiled at the thought of remembering Bon Bon eating like that.
Lunarstar had spent half the day eating the berries, by the time she was done there was only a few berries left. She was full and couldn't eat another berry.
She left the bush and wondered around the forest, not sure where she was going.
She came to a slight slope, at the bottom was a stream. Lunarstar hurried to the stream and began drinking the water. The refreshing cool water felt cool to her stomach.
When she was done, she felt full and tired. She had ran so far and was lost, the short time she spent in the forest wore her out. She turned around and walked to the base of the hill. She laid in the grass, folding her feet under her. She yawned and watched at the sun began to set.
before long, night had fallen and she had fell fast asleep.

The next morning Lunarstar woke up at the sounds of birds in the trees. She yawed and stood up, stretching her legs and rapidly flapping her wings to wake them up. She walked to the stream to get a drink of water, when she was done, she winked across the stream and walked up the hill wondering around the forest.
She stopped and eat a few berries then continued walking as she looked around. She hoped to see something besides trees, bushes and rocks.
She had walked for most of the morning when she heard a commotion. She was carious and cautiously followed the noise. She walked over a hill as the noise got louder. It sounded like yelling. She stopped and stared at a yellow house in the open meadow. She took a few steps closer to the edge of the forest as she listened.
She would love to go ask them for help but the yelling they were making made her decided against it.
Suddenly a light green pony with yellow and orange hair ran out of the house. He seemed to be in a hurry to get out of the house. Lunarstar stood quietly watching him. Suddenly Skyview and Starfire walked out of the house. Lunarstar stared at Skyview as his horn began to glow. She noticed a cloud quickly changing into a net catching the pony by surprise.
The light green pony skidded to a stop hitting the net, it quickly wrapped around him.
Just then a light purple Pegasus with light blue and yellow hair hurried out of the house, Lunarstar could tell her belly was wide and perfectly round.
"No, please!" The pegasus cried.
"We have orders," Starfire replied.
"You can't take him. The baby will be born soon, I can't raise the baby here alone."
"It's King Star Cluster's orders. Your husband was caught trying to turn the ponies against the King," Skyview replied.
"He won't do it again," The pegasus begged.
"Don't say anything more!" her husband yelled from in the net, "I don't want you hurt or taken."
The pegasus sighed sadly, tears began to fall down her cheeks fearing she'd never see him again.
Lunarstar stood and watched, she too felt like crying. How could they be so mean? She wanted to help the pegasus but knew she would only get caught in doing so.

Starfire looked slightly to his left, something white had caught the corner of his eye. He gasped when he saw Lunarstar peeking behind a tree.
"The Princess," Starfire exclaimed as he pointed.
Skyview looked just in time to see Lunarstar running.
"Hurry before we loose her!" Skyview yelled, his horn stopped glowing, letting the husband go.
Skyview and Starfire ran as fast as they could in the forest.

The pegasus went to her husband and hugged him, "I thought I'd lost you for good."
"Me to but we must hurry and leave."
The pegasus turned and looked into the forest, she had heard the black ponies mentioned the Princess. She too remembered seeing a white pony standing there.
"What's wrong?" The husband asked.
"Was that really the Princess?"
"I think so," he paused and looked at her sadly, "with those two at her heals...I doubt she'll get away."
They stood for a few minutes feeling sad and sorry for the Princess but there was nothing they could do.
"Come on lets go," he said to her as he turned and began walking.
"Where?" she asked walking close to him.
"To the next kingdom, We'll be safe there for a while."

Skyview and Starfire ran as fast as they could, slowly catching up to her. Lunarstar glanced back, she was scared, fearing that she'll get caught. She looked up wondering if she could fly away but there were to many trees and Starfire could easily catch her in the air. She would wink out but where would she wink to? She looked around as she ran through bushes and pass the trees. Skyview and Starfire were very close, she could feel their feet stomping the ground as they ran. Lunarstar zig zag through the trees hoping that it will slow them down but they were still on her heals. Suddenly she noticed a large bush growing next to a rock, it was a perfect place to hide.
Lunarstar's horn started to glow and suddenly she was gone leaving a trail of twinkling stars in her place. Skyview and Starfire stopped and looked around but didn't see her.
"She's around here, I can hear her," Skyview muttered to himself.
They walked around and stopped next to a tree.
"She's not in the area," Starfire commented.
Lunarstar hid behind the bush and rock watching their every move. She was scared and wanted to run but she couldn't. She had to do something to distract them. She noticed a branch that sat low, it wasn't to far from the black ponies. Lunarstar had an idea, with her horn she bent the branch back, then she picked up a small stone and threw it at the tree.
"There!" Starfire exclaimed, he was sure the noise was the Princess. Skyview and Starfire hurried to the tree and noticed the branch bent back. It was a strange sight to see.
Suddenly the branch flew forward hitting them in the face. They flew back to the ground and landed on their backs. They laid covering their faces with their front legs.
"Oh, that really smarts," Skyview exclaimed.
"Even the trees hate us," Starfire replied.
While the black ponies laid on the grass holding their painful faces, Lunarstar ran from their sight.

"It wasn't the tree," Skyview sat up with his front hoofs on the ground. His face had red marks from the twigs on the branch, "It was the Princess. She has the ability to move things."
Starfire sat up rubbing his face.
"She better hope I don't have any permeant marks," Starfire replied.
"Let me see," Skyview proposed.
Starfire removed his hooves from his face and looked at Skyview.
Skyview smiled at him trying not to laugh, "You have a red long mark across your face."
"Thanks a lot, that's just what I wanted to hear, "Starfire replied sarcastically.
"I don't think it'll be permeant. She hit me in the face many times," Skyview replied, "Lets find a lake or something to wash our faces."
"It's to painful to watch my face," Starfire replied standing up.
Skyview stood up and tuned around, "believe me water will help your face."

Lunarstar continued to run, glancing back and hoping they wouldn't try and follow her. She ran as fast and far as she could from them. When her legs got tired she sat down in the shade under a tree and rested her tired legs. She thought about what she did to Skyview and Starfire and began to laugh but then she remembered Stardust. Did he even know she was gone? Were the soldiers looking for her? Lunarstar looked around the forest, the birds were chirping and the squirrels played in the trees, a deer walked by in the distance.
She loved the beauty of the forest but she didn't want to get lost in it. She wished she was with Stardust, he always seemed to know which way to go. Lunarstar lowered her head as tears fell from her cheeks. Would she ever find her way back to Moonlight Castle? She didn't know. She thought about her parents and her friends, crying even louder.
She suddenly remembered what Stardust said, he promised to take her back through the gate. It had been so long since she last saw her parents she was starting to forget what they looked like.
After awhile she stood up and continued walking through the forest.