Chapter 13: Melody's Music

Lunarstar left the house carrying her bag full of food and drinks. She walked down the street saying "hi" or "good morning" to her neighbors. It was a quiet afternoon, a perfect day for a picnic which her friends are planing to have and she was in a hurry to get to the park.
Once she entered the park, she walked around for a while and found her friends near the lake. They had already laid the blanket on the grass and were getting ready to take the food out of the basket.
"Lunarstar!" cried Patch.
"Hi, everyone."
"What did you bring?" Sweetheart asked, noticing her bag.
Lunarstar put her bag on the grass and took out a bag of cookies.
"Umm...those look good," Bon Bon commented.
"My mom made them," Lunarstar took out a pack of lemonade cans, "and here's the cans she bought this morning."
"That was so nice of her," Bright Eyes commented.
The girls passed the cookies and cans while Bon Bon continued to setting food on the blanket.
Lunarstar looked around but didn't see Melody, "Where's Melody?"
"Writing her song, I think," answered Starlight.
"She writes songs?" Lunarstar asked, surprisingly.
"Yes and she has a band called The Rock `n Beats," Bright Eyes answered.
"There's a concert in a few weeks. I 'm sure Melody is planing to go," said Patch and then she took a bite out of her cookie.
"I heard only the best can enter," Bon Bon set the last plate of food on the blanket.
"She won that Battle of the Bands Contest," Starlight pointed out.
"Oh, that's right," Bon Bon took a piece of cake and set it on her plate.
Sweetheart noticed a familiar pony walking on the other side of the lake, "Isn't that Melody?"
The girls looked, Melody was carrying a guitar with a bag around her neck.
"Melody!" Yelled Patch.
Melody didn't hear her and kept walking.
"Melody!" the girls yelled.
This time Melody did hear them, she looked and saw them waving at her. She walked around the lake and saw that they were having a picnic, "Hi, everyone!"
"We haven't seen much of you in the last few days," Starlight commented.
"I was writing my song."
"For the concert?" Clover asked.
"Yes and I just finished it. Would you guys like to hear it?"

The girls spent most of the afternoon and evening in the park eating and listening to Melody sing. They had already ran out of food by the time the sun began to set. Clover noticed the wind was blowing harder and the gray clouds moved towards them, "It looks like it might rain."
"I think we better pack and head home," Starlight suggested.
The girls packed the plats and cups in the basket, then Lunarstar and Sweetheart folded the blanket.
They had just finished packing when Melody's paper slipped out of her bag, "My music sheet!"
The girls ran after the paper but couldn't catch it, all they could do was watch it fly in the sky and disappear far into the park.
"I'm sorry, Melody," said Sweetheart thoughtfully.
"I spent all day on that. What am I going to do? it's to late to make another one."
"Keep looking for it, the paper is still in the park," Lunarstar proposed.
"It'll take all day to find it and I have to get home."
None of the girls said anything, they felt sorry for Melody but they didn't know what they could do to help her. The girls left saying good-bye to each other. Melody was very sad and walked home with her head down. Bon Bon carried the big Basket and Lunarstar took her empty bag home.

Lunarstar walked in the house and upstairs to drop her bag off in her room, then she went downstairs to the livingroom. Her father was watching TV and Rosebud was in the Kitchen making dinner.
"Lunarstar, you made it home before sunset," Booster noticed.
"It was getting windy so they decided to go home early."
Rosebud came into the livingroom after hearing Lunarstar's voice, "Would you like to help me set the table for dinner?"

Later that night Lunarstar in her winged unicorn form was sitting in the livingroom with her parents and noticed how dark it was outside, then she remembered Melody's paper. She could help Melody by looking for the paper but would it still be in the park?
"Mom, Dad. Would it be ok if I go outside?"
"Tonight?" Rosebud asked.
"It's not even a full moon yet," added Booster.
"Melody lost her paper and I thought I could spend sometime tonight looking for it."
"Is it important?" Booster asked.
"To Melody it is. She had just finished writing her music for the concert and now she lost it."
"She can write music?" Rosebud asked.
"She's good at it and she can even sing."
"Writing music must be hard work," Rosebud commented.
"Ok, you can go but only for 2 hours," Booster answered.
Lunarstar smiled and jump off the couch, "I sure hope I find her paper."
"Be carful,' said Rosebud.

Lunarstar disappeared and reappeared in the park hiding in the bushes. The sky was dark and only a sliver of the moon was showing from behind the clouds. The sidewalk had lamps lighting the area but Lunarstar avoided the sidewalks, she didn't want to risk being seen under the lamps. She walked through the park til she found the lake, she turned around and followed the wind hoping she could find the paper. She walked and walked but no sign of the paper. Every now and then she hid behind a tree or bush when she was someone walking in the park.
She continued walking, picking up paper and trash along the way, she kept hoping it was Melody's paper but she still couldn't find it.

Meanwhile Buster and Charades were walking through the park quietly when Buster stopped suddenly and pointed away from the sidewalk into the dark park. Charades couldn't tell who it was walking in the park, he left the sidewalk and followed the pony with Buster behind him.

Lunarstar continued walking but was beginning to wonder if she will ever find it. She thought about giving up and going home but the thought of helping Melody made her keep looking. She stopped and stood under a tree, wondering where to look next. As she stood, she kept hearing a noise, she looked up in the tree, on a branch was a piece of paper. The branches had small leaves and some were starting to bloom. The paper was caught on a twig high in the tree, blowing in the wind.

Buster and Charades had caught up to the pony they were following and to their surprise, it was the ghost. They stood wondering what she was doing.

Lunarstar jumped high in the air and flew up to the paper on the twig. She reached the paper and grabbed it with her mouth then she landed on the ground and looked at the paper. It was Melody's paper with a whole in the middle where it was caught on the twig.
Suddenly she heard a noise and looked up, it was Buster and Charades walking towards her.
"Wait, we..." Charades began to say but Lunarstar suddenly disappeared, "Now I know why no one ever talked to her."

Lunarstar appeared in front of Melody's house, the lights upstairs were off but the light in the livingroom was still on. Melody wasn't in the livingroom, just her mother.
"She has to be in her room," Lunarstar whispered.
She rolled the paper and held it in her mouth then she flew to the first window on the left, she looked in but didn't see Melody. She flew to the right window and looked in but only saw 2 little ponies.
"They must be Melody's sisters," she thought.
Lunarstar flew over the house to the back window and looked in, Melody was sleeping peacefully under her covers.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow and then the window slowly slid up. Melody slowly opened her eyes and saw her curtains blowing then a figure outside her window.
She froze, afraid of the figure at her window but soon realized who it was.
Lunarstar poked her head inside dropping the paper on the floor, she smiled at Melody and quickly left the window.
Melody jumped out of bed and looked out her window but didn't see the Ghost. She closed her window and picked up the paper that the Ghost had dropped.
To her surprise and relief it was her music sheet that she wrote.
"I can't believe it but how did she know?"

Meanwhile Lunarstar flew in the sky, she wanted to fly for a while before heading home. She was enjoying the breeze when she happened to look behind her. Starfire was flying towards her.
Lunarstar thought she could out fly him but she was wrong, the longer she flew the closer he got.
Lunarstar looked behind her and saw just how close he was, he could almost touch her.
Before he knew it, Lunarstar disappeared.
She reappeared at the door in her house.
"Did you find the paper?" Rosebud asked.
"I did."
"Where did you find it?" Booster asked.
"In a tree," Lunarstar yawned, "I think I'll just go to bed. I'm really tired.
Rosebud walked up to Lunarstar and hugged her, "Good-night."
"Good- night," said Booster as Lunarstar walked up to her room.
Lunarstar closed her curtains and climbed in bed. Before she could think about what had happened, she fell asleep.