Chapter 129: The Wrong Pony

Star Cluster sat on the golden throne leaning back on the red velvet seat. He wore the golden crown on his head with the key around his next. He put his front hooves together thinking about what Skyview had told him when they had came back from chasing Stardust.
Suddenly there was hoofs sounds, Star Cluster looked up and saw Skyview and Starfire approaching him.
You asked for us?" Skyview asked, standing in front of the throne.
"Yes," Star Cluster sat up and leaned forward, "I want you to get Stardust, I already have someone getting the Princess."
"But I tried, he doesn't want to come back," Skyview replied.
"Doesn't want to?" Star Cluster yelled, "I did not send you two the first time to see if he wanted to return and yet you came back without him," he stood up and walked towards them, "Go and get him. I want him here. I don't care if he doesn't want to come back!"
Skyview and Starfire could see anger in his eyes, for a second Skyview thought he saw worry in his eyes as well.
"On your way to Moonlight Castle, I want you to stop and check out a few houses. I've been told they're trying to turn the ponies in Ponyland against me," Star Cluster said, "Now leave!"
Skyview and Starfire tuned and hurried out of the throne room as quickly as they could. Star Cluster turned and walked back to the throne, sitting down and stretching his hind legs out.
"I'm telling you it's too late, sooner or later Stardust will..."
"No!" Star Cluster snapped, "No, I will not allow it to happen!"
"Don't be stupid Star Cluster, use your head. It's too late, you heard Skyview when they returned from the Gate. I suggest you start thinking of another plan if those two fail to get him," The voice said.
"Yes, your right of course," Star Cluster replied, "I'm going to need time to think."

Just outside of Ponyland the elves drove the wagon along the bumpy, grassy path. They could see the top towers of Dream Castle in the distance over the hills.
Lunarstar woke up, she tried to move but couldn't. Her front feet were stretched out in front of her and her head was between her front legs. She couldn't lift her head or move her back legs. She tried to look around be saw only darkness. She lit her horn and tilted her head looking around with one eye. She was wrapped in a blue rug. Lunarstar could hear the elves talking.
"We're almost to Ponyland."
"Those Ponies at Moonlight Castle should know she's gone by now."
One of the elves laughed, "It's far to late for them to rescue her."
Lunarstar panic when she heard them talking about Dream Castle. She began to cry as tears fell down her cheeks. She moaned and yelled as she wiggled her body.
"You hear that?"
"I think she woke up."
"We should let her out for air so we don't suffocate her."
"Good idea, we'll blindfold her too."

Lunarstar felt the wagon stop and a minute later she was lifter off the wagon.
"Get ready to grab her."
Lunarstar knew that only thing, they were going to let her out.
"If I can make them think I'm someone else, I might have a chance to escape," Lunarstar thought, as her tears stopped flowing. While her horn was still glowing, her squished wings began to disappear then her horn. Her long tangled up white hair began to change to purple.
She had just changed when she felt herself being unwrapped in the rug. She fell out of the blue rug and hit the ground.
"What the...!" one of them exclaimed surprisingly.
The elves stood for a second staring at her. Lunarstar stood up and started to leave, one of the elves grabbed her around the neck but Lunarstar pushed on and continued running. The elf held on as he hung from her side. He tried to turn her head by her mane so she would fall but Lunarstar kept on running with the rest of the elves chasing after her. She ran by thick trees and bushes. The elf could barley hold on as she ran, he did his best not to get stepped on by her feet. Lunarstar ran by a tree suddenly, hitting the elf in the face. He let go of her and fell to the ground unconscious.
Lunarstar didn't stop or slow down. When the elf fell off, she felt lighter and began running faster. The elves had lost sight of her and stopped to check on the unconscious elf.
"He's fine," one of them said as he rolled over the elf.
"What about that pony?"
"Nothing, we can't catch her...odd, I could have sworn we put the Princess in there."
"We have to go back and get her."
"What?" They all exclaimed.
"We'll make some excuse but we have to get the Princess."
Two elves picked up the unconscious elf and carried him back to the wagon. They all climbed in the wagon and had the donkey turn it around.

Lunarstar was running scared, she wanted to get far away from the elves as possible. She stayed in her earth form for awhile till she felt safe to change back.
Trees and bushes quicky flew past her. She jumped over logs, ran over broken twigs and through a few bushes. She wasn't going to stop till her legs gave out.